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Robert Kegan  

Harvard Professor & Psychologist

Robert Kegan is a psychologist who teaches, researches, writes, and consults about adult development, adult learning, and professional development. His work explores the possibility and necessity of ongoing psychological transformation in adulthood; the fit between adult capacities and the hidden demands of modern life; and the evolution of consciousness in adulthood and its implications for supporting adult learning, professional development, and adult education. In addition to his faculty appointment at HGSE, Kegan serves as educational chair of the Institute for Management and Leadership in Education; as codirector of a joint program with the Harvard Medical School to bring principles of adult learning to the reform of medical education; and as codirector of the Change Leadership Group, a program for the training of change leadership coaches for school and district leaders. Kegan, a licensed clinical psychologist and practicing therapist, lectures widely to professional and lay audiences, and consults in the area of professional development. "I have been told," he says, "it may help to know that I am also a husband and a father; influenced by Hasidism; an airplane pilot; a poker player; and the unheralded inventor of the 'Base Average,' a more comprehensive way of gauging a baseball player's offensive contributions."

Speech Topics

Immunity to Change

The Immunity to Change™ approach is specifically designed to help individuals, work teams, and organizations make those personal and collective changes that are most important to them– but have proven resistant even to thoughtful plans and heartfelt intentions. This three day workshop is the first step in deepening your knowledge and experience with ITC. Here, you will learn how to create powerful individual ITC maps in individual coaching and group workshop settings, and uncover the hidden immune system that prevents change.

Coaching for Individuals

Discover a path to freedom through the Immunity to Change method of transformation. We’ve discovered there is a hidden, internal dynamic “protecting” you from the changes you most desire to make; we call this the “immune system.”

We offer several ways for you to start overturning your immune system today so that you can accomplish your most important change goals. From small group coaching pods to personalized 1:1 processes delivered by our world-class coaches, Minds at Work can take you from feeling stuck to being free.

Organizational Services

Deploying its acclaimed and proprietary Immunity to Change™ approach, Minds at Work ® helps organizations around the world to understand and overcome the fundamental, yet often invisible, forces that foil progress on individual and collective goals critical to success. Working with units as small as a leadership team and as large as a company’s whole culture, our Organizational Practice has, for many years, served private- and public-sector organizations of all sizes, all over the world.

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