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Business Futurist, Innovation Expert & Best-Selling Author

Robert B. Tucker is an award-winning global futurist and innovation keynote speaker whose client list includes over 200 Fortune 500 companies.

President and founder of Innovation Resource Consulting Group based in Santa Barbara, California, Tucker is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of strategic innovation. His high energy, multi-media keynote speeches lead audiences on a journey of possibility and encourage leaders to tackle even the biggest challenges they and their organizations face in a period of unprecedented and disruptive change. Through stories of both successes and messes from his travels, Tucker challenges audiences to think bigger and go bolder about their opportunity future and to master what he calls “the mindset, skillset and toolset” that enables today’s leaders to successfully face the driving forces of change, instead of being marginalized because they missed the moment.

During his 30-year career, Tucker has been invited to lecture in 54 countries and every state in the United States. Economic development groups in Singapore, Dubai, Mexico, and Morocco have turned to him for thought leadership. He has advised companies such as Microsoft, American Express, and Citibank, as well as over 400 trade and professional associations and customer groups, on how to create future-ready cultures that thrive no matter which way the wind blows.

A multi-year winner of the Top Five Speaker Hall of Fame, Tucker’s pioneering research in identifying the critical attributes of innovators became the acclaimed book "Winning the Innovation Game." Former Intel Chairman Andrew Grove described Tucker’s international bestseller "Managing the Future: 10 Driving Forces of Change" as a “lucid, practical guide to total quality in business.” In "Driving Growth Through Innovation," Tucker delved into the emerging best practices of companies pioneering radically more effective approaches to developing cultures of innovation. In his latest book, "Innovation Is Everybody’s Business: Making Yourself Indispensable in Today’s Hyper-competitive World," Tucker takes up the issue of leadership development and reveals the innovation skills essential to success in today’s hyper-change era.

Tucker was recently awarded the prestigious Brand Personality Award by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation for outstanding contributions to the field of innovation. He is a contributing columnist to Forbes and has appeared on Channel News Asia, CNBC India, PBS, CBS Radio, and was a featured guest on the CNBC series "The Business of Innovation."

Speech Topics

NAVIGATING THE FUTURE: Capitalizing on the Driving Forces of Change

In the post-pandemic world, organizations and their leaders are rising rapidly or falling fast based on their ability to anticipate and creatively respond to rapid and often disruptive change. By mastering the strategies outlined in this presentation, sudden shifts in customer requirements, technological developments, and other trends can be mitigated and turned to an advantage. This powerful session by a leading futurist and innovation expert explores the leadership skills essential during times of extreme challenge and uncertainty and will provide you and your management team powerful new tools for turning uncertainty into clarity, and clarity into innovation agility.

Seeing What’s Next: Innovation Strategies for Shaping Your Post-Pandemic Future

In this session, futurist and innovation strategist Robert Tucker focuses on the mindset, skillset and toolset that leaders need to thrive and prosper in the post-Covid era. Tucker believes that businesses and their leaders will rise or fall based on their ability to anticipate and creatively respond to rapid shifts in customer requirements, technological developments and macro driving forces of change. This powerful session shows you how to create an early warning system in your company that enables you to steer clear of disruptions and gain the edge with new technologies and innovation processes. Robert is a veteran keynote speaker (54 countries and 200 of the Fortune 500 have hired him) who focuses on the leader’s need to improve strategic foresight and drive growth through innovation. This session will provide actionable “take home” solutions to assist members in turning crisis into your firm’s opportunity. Don’t miss it!

The Intelligent Talk Show

Have you ever wished there was a way to spice up those important, but often boring, panel discussions at your big meetings? With the Intelligent Talk Show, panelists become “guests” on a “live” show and are more animated, lively and better prepared to get their message across. Guests are more willing to tackle the tough issues that create industry buzz, and the “talk show” often shows up in meeting evaluations as the highlight of the entire conference.

Innovation is Everybody’s Business

Organizations are increasingly in need of high potential managers and individual contributors with the abilities and mindset to get new projects done. While professionals with functional and technical skills are valued, those with Innovation Skills are emerging as the most sought-after talent in today’s hyper-competitive age. In this practical, inspiring and highly interactive personal development session, Tucker explores powerful tools and strategies to help you and your colleagues hone your ability to seize emerging opportunities, develop new revenue sources, add value, and create unconventional solutions.

Driving Growth Through Innovation

This dynamic, example-filled keynote will give you an overview of the important finding reported in Tucker’s ground-breaking book, Driving Growth Through Innovation. Tucker will take you and your colleagues behind the scenes inside the Innovation Vanguard companies. You’ll discover the latest methods for building innovation into a powerful source of growth, profits, and competitive advantage

Managing the Future: Capitalizing on the Driving Forces of Change

In today’s world, we’re either managing for the future… or the future is managing us! In this session, global trends futurist Robert Tucker provides a powerful framework for thriving and prospering amidst the uncertainty of the 2020s -- a world of constant change. This fast-paced, future-focused keynote provides a practical framework for leaders in all industries who want to stay ahead of the curve and avoid being blindsided by today’s rapid technological, social, and disruptive changes. Powerful strategies revealed here will show you how to anticipate emerging trends, and use them as building-blocks to greater growth. Prepare for a session that will leave you inspired, optimistic, and ready to take action to seize opportunities in this exciting time.

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