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"A keynote speaker who can help any sales organization that may have experienced a change in their sales leadership and service organizations that are struggling to achieve customer satisfaction goals"

Robert Van Arlen delivers the most engaging keynote your attendees will ever experience. He integrates specific goals of the conference into a powerful message that unites everyone. "Focused Synergy" is the title of his speech and book, and it reveals the key to developing synergy in our life, team or organizations. It is a powerful concept that sets the foundation to thread customized content for each audience.

Robert's keynote speeches can specifically help any sales organization that may have experienced a change in their sales leadership, service organizations that are struggling to achieve customer satisfaction goals, and leaders of organizations that desire to improve the overall focus of their teams.

His corporate experience includes the turnaround of various entities of CCH Legal Publishing. He reversed the division standings of the poorest performing division in the country to the top division for 3 consecutive years. In the 90's, Robert was responsible for re-engineering CCH Canadian Limited and its French Organization CCH FM. He came back to the United States completing his corporate journey as the Western Region Vice President of CCH US.

For the past 10 years, Robert has delivered hundreds of keynote speeches and training programs to improve leadership skills, increase sales and ignite service within organizations. His prestigious list of clients includes state governments, the Federal Government, Destination Resort Hotels, Proctor & Gamble, Cigna Healthcare, Verizon Wireless, Henkel Corporation, Gerber Products and many other small- and medium-sized companies and academic institutions.

Types of Clients: Sales, service, marketing, technology, academic institutions, associations and organizations that have experienced a change in leadership

Industry Expertise: Sales, service, hospitality, legal, accounting and technology

Outcomes from Keynote Speeches:

• Most memorable speech experienced by audience

• Greater alignment to a common vision

• Attendees are ignited and want to take action immediately

Top 3 Recent Highlights on Robert Van Arlen

• Is a leading speaker on the topic of Organizational Diversity in the Workplace

• Is a leading speaker to the Human Resources community in many states

• Has spoken to over 250,000 sales people world-wide

Fun things about Robert Van Arlen:

• Jazz piano player

• Hobbies include skiing, tennis and golf

• Recently tested a new hands-free repelling product by jumping out of a 4-story building

Speech Topics


Robert Van Arlen provides the insights to perception, reality and impact diversity has on growth. Organizations that are large and small can create their one diversity ecosystem, which can lead to unprecedented growth. The provides both insights and techniques to...

  • Harness the growth of a diverse employee population
  • Connect the business operations with the community
  • Broadcast through vendor-ship
  • Sincerely relate to both existing and prospective customers

Attendees will leave with the knowledge on how re-engage its teams, community and customers in a manner that builds commonality and trust.


Robert Van Arlen's Multi-dimensional Growth, the Game Changer is a new way of thinking. Just recently in Sri Lanka, over 80 C-Suite executives participated in learning how to drive the next level of growth in their organizations. This dynamic program incorporates hands-on & real world examples of the best practices from top American and European companies. Growth based on profit is measured by an up or down trajectory. Multi-dimensional growth is measured by engagement, mastery, genre of excellence and community. C-Level executives learn how to apply strategic paradigms that lead to measurable growth in people, presence, productivity, innovation, and culture. The measurement from multi-dimensional growth goes well beyond previous performance. It includes the ability to measure and capture potential, which establishes a foundation for market dominance. Multi-dimensional growth reflects inward and moves outward to create an ecosystem for success. This development series can be delivered in 3-hours or a during multi-day retreat.

  • Foundation established for leaving legacy
  • Increased market differentiation and dominance
  • "Genre of Excellence" established
  • Growth through mentoring
  • Increased discretionary effort amongst employees
  • Strategies for employees and community engagement
  • Greater ability to capture and manage new strategic opportunities
  • A culture transformation platform


Robert Van Arlen has trained thousands of mangers on the discipline behind music performance. Musicians will wait for the cue from the conductor to wholeheartedly play their section of the musical piece. They play with passion, because they understand that they are part of an orchestra, and every instrument counts towards creating a masterful performance. What would change for you as a manager, if you could lead like a conductor? In this program, managers learn how to incorporate the concepts of Melody, Harmony and Rhythm, along with the Pillars in Building and Inspirational Community as a paradigm for personal & team growth. Melody expresses the mission & vision, and how resonance impacts both internal & external stakeholders. Harmony is the facilitation of teamwork, which includes standards of performance and excellence. Rhythm illustrates the tempo of organizational performance, and the ability for leaders to execute consistency in growth. Managers learn how to effectively orchestrate excellence and change within their organization. This training session can be delivered in 3 hours or in a full day format.

  • A move from managing to orchestrating growth
  • A new goal setting technique based on growth and potential
  • A new communication paradigm for leadership excellence
  • Implementable strategies and systems for vision alignment
  • A platform for developing an inspired & winning culture

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