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Robin Crow          

Acclaimed Musician, Entrepreneur & Bestselling Author; Founder of Dark Horse Recording

Robin Crow’s journey from struggling musician, to RCA recording artist, to best-selling author and accomplished entrepreneur is an American success story. As a passionate business leader, he isEvolve or Die front cover the CEO of Dark Horse Recording, a four-studio complex he built from the ground up. It has set the gold standard for customer service and excellence in the recording community earning it a prominent place in the music industry. Now in its 20th year, Dark Horse Recording has attracted some of the most celebrated artists in the world, such as Taylor Swift, Neil Diamond, Tim McGraw, Ashley Judd, Matchbox Twenty and countless others.

When Crow started Dark Horse from scratch years ago, no one could have imagined the technological changes that have challenged so many studios around the world. But Dark Horse learned to adapt by being proactive in their approach. They researched industry trends, then executed change strategies and consistently improved their methods of operation, systems, best practices and hence their brand. They preempted change rather than reacted to it, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and relentlessly focus on their customers.

In 2010, Crow founded Dark Horse Institute, which is now considered the most comprehensive audio engineering and music production school in the country. The Institute is unlike any other where the students acquire a hands-on, real-world, full-immersion learning experience. They are now partnering with eight different Universities who offer full accreditation for the students who study there. In three short years, the Institute has expanded to a second campus in Nashville, Tennessee and has graduated almost 200 students, many of whom are already employed as sound engineers throughout the country, once again proof of Crow’s effective leadership.

As an author and speaker Crow has directly impacted the lives of millions with his best-selling books, CDs, audio programs, and public speaking Jump And The Net Will Appear front coverengagements. He has given over 2,200 presentations to a wide range of corporate and business audiences. His best-selling books include Evolve or Die, Rock Solid Leadership and Jump and the Net Will Appear. Crow divides his time living in both Tennessee and Colorado, and also serves on the board of directors of several philanthropic organizations.

Speech Topics

The Power of Service

The difference between businesses that thrive and ones that struggle to keep the doors open boils down to one thing... how well their customers are served. OK, we all know that. But the critical distinction is knowing how to expand your resources, maximize your efforts, and inspire your team to consistently put great service into practice. In this keynote, Robin presents vivid examples of how great companies (including his own, Dark Horse Recording) have applied these principles to achieve sustained success.

Evolve or Die

Objective: provide the 3 mission critical functions guaranteed to accelerate the growth and prosperity of your company.

Breakthroughs only happen when people step up and take action. That is exactly what Robin Crow will inspire your attendees to do. Robin’s keynote is a multisensory experience – it is educational, musically astounding, visually stunning and fun!

The 3 Mission Critical Functions:

  • Stimulate your creative potential
  • Re-ignite your love for customer service
  • Instill your company with a culture of enthusiasm

These 3 functions enabled Robin to take his company Dark Horse Recording from an antiquated business model on life support to one of the most successful recording destinations in the world. Rock Solid Leadership front coverAnd he has some very discerning clients like Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Ashley Judd, Matchbox Twenty, Jewel and Neil Diamond.

This program offers powerful solutions to get everyone from front-line employees to upper management focused on the importance of innovation, service and a culture of passion.

Takeaways – your attendees will:

  • Focus on the 3 mission critical functions that matter most
  • Be capable of creative and innovative solutions to setbacks and challenges
  • Re-ignite their enthusiasm for each and every customer
  • Adopt the five keys to creating a culture of passion
  • Manage their time more effectively via the 3 mission critical functions
  • Discover the mental disciplines and methods of high performers

Robin Crow will fire up your attendees AND provide specific tools that will ignite your organization to reach new heights.

Rock Solid Leadership:

It happens all the time... ordinary people with extraordinary determinations go on to become great leaders. That's because leadership has nothing to do with the title on your office door, and it’s not something that can be awarded or appointed… it must be earned. Leadership is not about ability, it’s about taking responsibility. In this keynote you will learn the ten fundamentals that are paramount to becoming an effective leader, and how they can be applied to your life in absolutely any situation. In this presentation, Robin shares the tools and strategies that he has used over the last 17 years to lead his company, Dark Horse Recording, to extraordinary sustained profitability.

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