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Medical Entrepreneur, Patient & Futurist

Robin Farmanfarmaian is a Silicon Valley based professional speaker and entrepreneur working in cutting edge tech poised to impact 100M people or more. Farmanfarmaian has been involved with over 20 early-stage biotech and healthcare startups, including working with small molecules found using AI for drug discovery to cure cancer (p53 & AhR pathways). She has also worked on medical devices including inhaled insulin and sleep apnea, and co-founded a non-profit that worked with DARPA, the DoD, and the White House to help fund scientists and create a scientific roadmap to solve cryopreservation and tissue engineering for organ transplants.

Farmanfarmaian is an advisor to multiple companies, including: Luxsonic Technologies, working on a portable and modular radiology reading room in VR; Alacrity Care, remote patient monitoring and data analytics for oncology; and ConceptVines, a VC fund and product engineering firm focused on disruptive tech. With over 180 speaking engagements in 15 countries, she educates audiences on many aspects of technology intersecting healthcare, including artificial intelligence, longevity, and the shift in healthcare delivery to the patient’s home. She has written 4 books, including “The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer" (2015) and “How AI Can Democratize Healthcare: The Rise in Digital Care” (2022).

Speech Topics

How AI Can Democratize Healthcare

AI is revolutionizing the Where, When, What, and How people access healthcare. Trained healthcare professionals and physical clinics are a limited and expensive resource. With location removed from the equation, shifting care to the point of the patient increases access and lowers the cost of delivery. The negligible incremental cost to provide an AI based software program per person makes AI infinitely scalable and accessible.

The patient experience is changing, expectations are evolving, and the major healthcare stakeholders are recognizing healthcare can be delivered in new ways that improve patient outcomes. Advancements in Vocal Biomarkers, Remote Patient Monitoring, Digital Therapeutics, Voice Recognition, Decision Support Tools, Virtual Reality, and Predictive Care are transforming the healthcare paradigm from occasional clinic visits to continuous, 24/7 care in daily life.

The Shift in Healthcare Delivery to the Home: It’s more than just telemedicine

Discover the latest trends, technological advancements, and key factors that are transforming the traditional healthcare delivery model. As the patient experience continues to evolve, and expectations for convenient and accessible care increase, healthcare stakeholders are realizing that the delivery of healthcare services can be accomplished in many ways beyond the conventional clinic or hospital visit. Stay ahead of the curve by exploring the various factors driving this shift and the emerging healthcare delivery models that are meeting the changing needs of patients and providers.

Major payers and technology companies such as UnitedHealthcare, Humana, Medicare, Walmart, CVS/Aetna, Apple, BestBuy, and Amazon are contributing to the trend of healthcare services being offered in the home. In addition, advancements in clinical-grade sensors and FDA-approved AI software are further propelling this shift. New healthcare offerings such as digital therapeutic prescription apps, health coaching, virtual care, mail-order labs, remote clinical trials, in-home IVs, in-home dialysis, hospital-at-home, and medical-grade consumer devices are also contributing to this healthcare at-home trend.

*Ideal for anyone working in healthcare or employee benefits. *

How Current Healthcare Businesses Can Keep Up with the Amazons & Apples

This talk covers the technology shift in healthcare attracting the large corporations working in technology, computing, retail and the finance industries. Consumer facing companies like Apple & Amazon have the power to change consumer behavior almost instantly. Include other giants with the power to shift consumers and businesses alike - Microsoft, Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Samsung, Alphabet (Google) and many more, it is only a matter of time before your business is impacted. These companies have made their intentions clear: the world of healthcare needs disrupting, and they are the ones to do it.

Learn where some of the shifts are happening in healthcare delivery, patient experience, and healthcare consumer spending power and trends. These shifts provide opportunities for new revenue streams and services to offer your patients and customers. Get clear action items and ideas to thrive in this new world.

Ideal for healthcare groups of all kinds: physicians, hospitals, dentists, nurses, labs, business administrators, CTOs, CEOs, CIOs, CMOs. Also relevant for payers, pharma, biotech, pharmacies, gov’t, device, consumer facing wellness or self-care companies, software, sensor tech, and other stakeholders in healthcare.

The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer

The Housecall is back, and this time, the patient is in control.

There is a massive shift happening in healthcare delivery - where the patient receives their care. This shift to the patient's home or retail pharmacy will become the norm over the next 5 years. It's not any one healthcare stakeholder, the entire healthcare industry is making this shift. The $4T Healthcare industry is integrating advancing technologies, changing everything from diagnostics to the patient experience. Robin's expertise showcases how the convergence of accelerating technology will enable the healthcare consumer to be the key decision maker and ultimately the one responsible on the healthcare team.

Technologies covered can include sensors, point-of-care diagnostics, data, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. These technologies are intersecting healthcare at an increasing rate, all fundamentally changing healthcare and allowing the patient to be in control of their own health.

Ideal for General audiences with or without healthcare backgrounds. Can be personalized for either technology and non-technology audiences, medical conferences, or non-medical corporate audiences.

Self-care & Wellness: 4 Pillars

Explore Robin’s 4 Pillars of Health: Mindset; Behavioral; Medicine & Diagnostics; and Healthcare Professionals. These are applicable whether you are an Olympic athlete, young, old, in optimal health, or a chronic disease patient. Robin dives into how following this roadmap of pillars, even as a chronic disease patient, allows her to live a fuller and more active life than someone who is in top health. Learn how this same mind shift and focus on these 4 Pillars can propel anyone to live the absolute best life possible.

This motivational keynote is ideal for all audiences interested in their health and wellness, and can stand alone as the only health component of an otherwise non-healthcare event.

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