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Robin Shea has been sharing and inspiring people with her passion and zest for life for the past seven years through her television program, speaking engagements, articles and lifestyle classes. Shea brings creative solutions to a variety of life’s cha

Born in Merryville, Louisiana, and raised in Dallas, Texas, Robin Burr-Shea is a fourth generation culinary entrepreneur, inheriting her love of food and entertaining from the masters she grew up admiring. Both her Grandmother and Great Grandmother were restaurateurs sharing a feisty can do attitude that made life an abundant bowl of opportunity. Robin's love for culinary creativity was also heavily influenced by her Mother, Doris, whose gourmet panache never went unnoticed by an aspiring young Robin. Robin was a homemaker and entrepreneur before her first guest appearance on WBKOs Midday Live. Prior to WBKO, Robin was struggling to balance her marriage, raising four young sons, while satisfying her entrepreneurial spirit.

Through an incredible story of faith, love and trust Robin not only found balance, but a system that would help thousands of families struggling with the same challenging life balance issues. A friend suggested Robin share her journey with the viewers of Midday Live. The one time guest appearance evolved into a weekly segment. Robin’s message of healing and commitment impacted thousands of viewers and remains her most important work. "I am simple, complex, generous, selfish, unattractive, beautiful, lazy and driven. " Life is a beautiful blending of the good the bad and the ugly, all working together in perfect harmony to make each of us uniquely ourselves. I have finally embraced my unique self; I feel defined by the contribution I make to the lives I come in contact with; I feel great responsibility to my four sons, in raising strong, well grounded young men; I feel blessed to share my life with my husband of 21 years; I feel lucky to have been born to wonderful parents that are there for me always; I feel fortunate to have brothers and sisters (both by blood and by choice) that keep life real; and I feel blessed to be healthy in spirit, body and mind. Remember… Life’s Delicious!!! Robin Shea, host and creator of the fastest growing lifestyle program in the country, Southern Fried Fitness, blends her passion for delicious Southern food with her unwavering commitment to a "Clean" healthy lifestyle. Each episode will take viewers on a motivating journey teaching them how to "Clean Up" classic Southern recipes so they fall in the 80% healthful category, but also how to prepare and enjoy the 20% indulgence that most of us just can't live without. The program will also deliver a powerful motivational message, practical application techniques, as well as, workout tips. Clean Eating is all the rage and Southern Fried Fitness is the first television program dedicated to this healthy eating lifestyle. Southern Fried Fitness will give viewers the tools, both tactical and motivational, to begin their journey to the 80/20 Lifestyle; which, Robin believes, is truly the only long lasting, but more importantly, sustainable health and fitness regimen available. The 80/20 Lifestyle is a whole system that begins in the mind and is delivered to the body. The body is, after all, simply the dwelling house of the spirit; therefore, real, sustainable change must first begin in the mind. The mind controls both voluntary and involuntary actions, our ultimate purpose (or goal) is to make the 80/20 Lifestyle practice move from conscious action to involuntary action (where it will remain permanently). We achieve this transformation through a process in which six parts make the whole. The 80/20 Lifestyle focuses on the mind, nutrition, fitness, expectations, support, and reward- each part is vital but non as much as the mind. Each part of this puzzle must be in place in order to achieve a complete and permanent lifestyle transformation. You CAN reprogram your mind to embrace the “you” inside. The “YOU” you deserve to be and struggle daily to become. Whether you are seeking weight loss, weight gain, fitness goals, health minded or other… The 80/20 Lifestyle will deliver the results you seek. It will empower you beyond reason and make you more fulfilled and contented than ever before. Let’s fall in love with the process and always remember… Life’s Delicious!!!

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