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Founder of Mindsteps Inc.; Expert on Helping Educators Use the Tools They Have to Build Better Schools

Dr. Robyn R. Jackson is passionate about building better educators. As the CEO of Mindsteps® Inc. she has helped thousands of k12 administrators and teachers become Master Teachers and High Performing Principals who can help any child and any school be successful.

With over 25 years in the profession, Dr. Jackson is a National Board Certified high school English teacher, an award winning middle school administrator, author, internationally recognized keynote speaker, and highly sought-after consultant in thousands of schools and districts worldwide. Her work has helped teachers and administrators develop rigorous, equitable instructional programs that provide every student with the support and motivation they need to reach or exceed the standards.

A few years ago, Dr. Jackson began to notice that even the most well-meaning, hard-working teachers and administrators struggled to reach their goals for their schools. So, she developed a simple 4-part framework called Buildership® that helps you develop a bold vision, mission, and core values—while using the resources you already have—to create a school where 100% of your students can be successful.

In 2022, Dr. Jackson opened the virtual doors to Buildership® University where she helps K-12 Principals, Superintendents, District Staff and Asst. Principals apply the Buildership® Model to their schools and districts and create alignment, build highfunctioning schools and healthy culture, create consistent and tangible teacher growth each year, and achieve their 100% visions for their students in 3 years or less.

Dr. Jackson is the best-selling author of 13 books, including the award-winning "Never Underestimate Your Teachers" and the international best-seller "Never Work Harder Than Your Students." She also hosts the popular podcast School Leadership Reimagined where each week, she offers free training on how to use Buildership® to build a bigger vision, develop a better process, and achieve a brighter future for your schools.

When she’s not traveling the world, Dr. Jackson enjoys cooking, hiking, gardening, and spending time with her Husband Charles and their Cane Corsos Nola and Massai.

Speech Topics

How to Help Every Teacher Grow One Level, in One Domain, in One Year or Less

We all know that the key to improved results for students is effective teaching, but is it really possible to help every teacher (even your most resistant or ineffective teachers) show consistent and tangible growth each year? The answer is yes and in this keynote, you'll discover how. Learn how to differentiate your support for teachers, overcome resistance, and inspire every teacher to invest in their growth and development. Plus, discover a specific system you can use to create consistent growth with EVERY teacher on your staff year over year. Whether your teachers are currently struggling, or already rock stars, discover how to create a culture where everyone continues to grow in order to ensure success for ALL of your students.

Is Success for Every Child Really Possible?

I bet when you first became an educator, you did so because you believed that every student deserved to be successful in school. But, for many of us, that belief has started to feel a little, well, naive. While we still hold onto the desire to help every child be successful, HOW to make that happen feels a little elusive. Is success for 100% of our students REALLY possible? And if so, how? In this keynote, we'll examine what it will really take to make success possible for every student you serve. We'll go beyond the general advice and platitudes and look at a very practical approach for deliberately engineering success for every child. Plus we'll dispel some persistent myths that are holding schools back from ensuring that every student is successful. You'll walk away with a framework you can use no matter what your current role so that you can turn your belief in success for 100% of your students into a reality.

The Most Powerful (and underused) Tool in an Administrator's Toolbox

If you're like most school adminstrators, you were taught to write a vision statement. Perhaps you even endured one of those excruciating "visioning" exercises and came out with a vision statement that sounded pretty, but did little to move your school or district forward or inspire your staff to commit to the work for ALL students. And that's a shame because your vision is one of the most powerful (and underestimated) tools you have to keep everyone focused on the right work, sustain their motivation over time, and ultimately ensure that every student you serve is successful. In this keynote, discover the 3 reasons most visions statements don't work, why our traditional concept of "shared vision" actually sets us up for failure, and 3 ways you can upgrade your current vision so that you can achieve for success for 100% of your students in the next 3 years.

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