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Ron Broussard    

Author, Founder & CEO of STRETCH YOURSELF

Ron Broussard is an internationally celebrated speaker and executive presentation consultant and coach whose mission is to help business leaders and people stretch their relationship capital by using their energy, influence, and resources to create positive changes in the world.

His company, Entheos Consulting Group, LLC, helps motivate and empower executives and ambitious entrepreneurs transform their businesses by stepping up, taking charge, and stretching their relationships with themselves, their teams, clients, and customers through connecting, empowering, and valuing.

In his role as a Consultant and Coach, he has helped a diverse range of clients from businesses, non-profits, actors and athletes increase their potential through STRETCHYOURSELF™. He has mentored and worked with over 6000 clients, helping them to create a relational experience with their personal lives, careers, and businesses by building teams that accomplish more with less conflict, gaining confidence in achieving their goals and, ultimately, increasing their company’s bottom line.

He is the author of three books Wanting Eyes, Footprints Of My Soul, and Stretch Yourself Create the Relationships You Deserve. He is part of the expert panel for Motivational Speakers, a RichLife Advisor, and a contributing writer with SpeakerMatch's Newsletter, Behind the Podium and Black Life Coaches. He is also a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner.

Ron’s background includes over twelve years’ experience consulting and coaching with organizations such as American Investors Network, Trump University, Nationwide Real Estate, Robert Allen Success Group and through his own coaching and consulting business with Entheos Consulting Group.

A US Army veteran of twelve years, Ron is a graduate of the University of Maryland in Legal Studies and Johnson County Community College in Hospitality Management. He is a Certified Professional Coach through Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching, and a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner through Global Sciences Foundation. Ron is a member of the International Coach Federation, International Speakers Association, and the Foundation of International Board of Certified Trainers.

When Ron isn’t coaching or consulting, he loves creating special moments with his family, connecting with friends, animals, weightlifting, traveling, writing, reading, and stretching his own personal & spiritual transformation. He is a native of Florida who follows his passion, lives life defined only on his terms, and is passionate about being in service to help others stretch their relationship capital.

Speech Topics

STRETCH YOURSELF Principles Passion & Purpose; Stretch Your Potential The Power of Relationships and Communication

Difficult people? Move over! Crazy demands? Under control! Critical conversations? No problem! Imagine what you could accomplish if you could truly understand what makes people do what they do and say what they say (including yourself!) Research shows that the #1 key to SUCCESS is the ability to GET ALONG WITH OTHER PEOPLE. Bottom line: how you CHOOSE to relate to, communicate with, be accountable to, resolve conflict with and garner respect from other people will directly impact your ability to: Lead effectively. Increase sales. Maximize productivity. Attract customers. Work as a team. Enjoy life. Stay healthy. Be happy. And… Experience SUCCESS. Understanding the POWER of relationships start with you - so YOU can ACT, rather than REACT to whatever life throws your way. Get ready to STRETCH YOURSELF for less stress and more success!

7 Secrets to Stretch Your Sales Success The Power of Accountability, Ownership & Personality

Think you’ve heard everything there is to know about SALES? Then make way for some game-changing, money-making, customer-attracting ideas that will literally blow the roof off “sales done the old way.” First step– no more excuses. If you believe that PRICE, PRODUCT, MARKETING or TERRITORY are the main reasons for not closing the deal, think again. Customers tell a different story. Ron takes you right smack inside the mind of today’s new breed of customer. Bargain-hunting. Demanding. Indecisive. Internet savvy. Overwhelmed with choices. And, very SELECTIVE about WHO they CHOOSE to do business with. With his tell-it-like-it-is delivery and humor, Ron is ready to help you sell like never before so you can sit back and watch both your business and your bank account grow and GROW!

Stretch Your Leadership Capital The Power of Influence, Persuasion and Teamwork

In a perfect world all employees would be: high achieving, self-motivated, engaging, team players who see the big picture and always strive to do their best to get the job done on time without complaining. In the real world many employees: simply “meet expectations,” lack initiative, bring their personal life to work, stress over every change and whine about having to WORK….on the job! “Enough!” Ron will take you inside the minds of even your most difficult employees so you can turn negative attitudes into positive, entitlement into accountability, complacency into productivity, complaining into solutions and “that’s not my job” into ownership. Isn’t it time to learn how to change even your worst nightmare into your star performer (or send them to your competitor as a new hire?) Now there’s an idea!

Stretch Yourself with Effective Networking How to get the MOST out of your Networking Experience

Successful people are GREAT NETWORKERS. They know how to get consensus, ownership and buy-in from the people who count–without manipulation, intimidation, sacrificing relationships, or stepping on toes. Bottom line: Getting the job done the right way hinges on your ability to “sell” yourself and your ideas in such a trusting and positive way that people will CHOOSE to CONNECT with you and: Follow your lead. Cooperate with you. Learn from you. Buy from you. Partner with you. And…support you so you can make things happen! You will learn how to negotiate differences, influence behaviors, change attitudes, overcome objections, and close the deal so you can create an amazing network of PEOPLE who have one common goal: to willingly help you GET THE JOB DONE NOW!

Stretch Your Brand Inc. ™ The Power of Brand, Innovation and Service How to STRETCH past your competition

Business as Usual? No way! Status quo? Move over? Change? Keep it Coming! Bottom line: Your future success depends on your ability to STRETCH YOURSELF past previous performances, OUT-THINK old ideas and OUT-MANEUVER anyone who says it can’t be done. Simply “meeting expectations” doesn’t cut it anymore. YOU and YOUR BRAND have to be so extraordinarily AWESOME, UNIQUE and VITAL that people will CHOOSE to do business with YOU instead of your competitor! Ready? Meet Relational expert Ron Broussard who is both refreshingly candid and wonderfully entertaining. He will definitely bring out your edgy, creative, competitive side as he takes you inside the minds of today’s savvy, but super-demanding global market and delivers some killer, powerhouse strategies that will help you increase sales, profits, good will and your customer base. Competition – watch out!

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