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Contributor, MSNBC and Journalist

Ron Reagan is an insider on the outside, and an outsider who is on the inside. He has successfully taken his unique perspective to television and radio audiences and made people think out of the box. He has his own nightly show on Air America, The Ron Reagan Show. This political season he has been busy as a frequent guest on Larry King Live on CNN. For MSNBC Reagan co-hosted a daily show called Connected: Coast to Coast where they debated the issues of the day along with nationally known guests.

Also for MSNBC, Reagan was a regular on Hardball with Chris Matthews and a guest on other shows at the network. Again for MSNBC, during the last political season, Reagan co-hosted After Hours with Joe Scarborough, and spent time as the fill-in host for Bill Press on Buchanan and Press prior to that.

Reagans range goes from hosting a few years of successful dog shows for Discoverys Animal Planet to serving as a special correspondent for ABC News 20/20. He wrote a couple of very popular articles for Esquire and He was one of the last people to be photographed by Richard Avedon for a photo essay called Democracy in The New Yorker which hit stands November 1, 2004. Reagan and his mother Nancy Reagan were featured in a double issue of TIME magazines last issue of the year as People Who Mattered in 2004.

Since his fathers death from Alzheimers in 2004, Reagan has been speaking out on the subject of stem cell research, and advocates increased research and federal funding. He spoke at the 2004 Democratic National Convention on the issue. He has made a number of appearances on the lecture circuit.

The new millennium brought Reagan, a complete skeptic about the Internet, to host a new webcast called Publishers Weekly Minutes. It was a joint venture between AENTV and Publishers Weekly magazine. The daily five-minute online streaming video program brought a worldwide Internet audience up-to-the-minute information about new book releases, reviews and interviews with best-selling authors.

Reagan is an active member of the Creative Coalition a first rights amendment group. He wrote the forward and edited a book for them entitled, If You Had Five Minutes With The President. He has moderated panels and participated in a campaign finance reform symposium.

For three years, Reagan brought his inquisitive news mind to C/Net Televisions TV.Com. There he served as host and senior correspondent. Reagan traveled the globe in search of the most intriguing news stories and celebrity interviews for the new age of the Internet. It was his skepticism about the Internet that attracted Reagan to TV.Com, and it was his insight, which made the show work so well.

In 1991, Reagan won critical acclaim for his intelligent, syndicated discussion show, The Ron Reagan Show. Each weeknights telecast delved into a single topic, with host Reagan leading the discussion among a panel of experts. Continuing his drive for topical discourse, he later served as a co-host and correspondent for Foxs prime-time news magazine Front Page.

As a special correspondent for Good Morning America, Reagan interviewed entertainment icons Elizabeth Taylor and Mikhail Baryshnikov to name a couple. He has also been on the other side of the probing questions, opposite powerhouse interviewers Johnny Carson, David Letterman and Barbara Walters.

Reagan hosted the documentary Hollywood Commandos for American Movie Classics, and produced and hosted several documentary specials for E! Entertainment Television. For years, he served as special correspondent for the BBCs quirky show, Record Breakers, which featured the new world record holders.

Reagan also has been a contributor to Newsweek, The New Yorker, Playboy, The Los Angeles Times, Esquire and Interview, to name a few, and is the author of My Father at 100 (January 2011), a loving look at the forces that shaped Ronald Reagan.


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Speech Topics

What's Happening in Washington

Armed with his renowned wit and keen insight, Ron Reagan provides your audience with an up-to-date, candid take on the headline-making political topics and today's news. An experienced journalist and television news correspondent, Reagan forecasts what's ahead for the ever-shifting political horizon, mapping out for audiences what so often gets missed as political headlines turn into spin and sound bytes.

Stem Cell Research: The Complexities and Research

Ron Reagan brings an impassioned and informed understanding of the complexities surrounding stem cell research and its accompanying controversies. Addressing the ethical, medical and economic nuances that meet at the crossroads of this hot-button issue, Reagan provides a moving and eloquent discussion of this topic, providing an overview of the latest medical research and what's on the horizon regarding disease prevention and longevity.

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