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Rosabeth Moss Kanter        

Author & Harvard University Professor Who Specializes in Strategy, Innovation and Leadership for Change

Rosabeth Moss Kanter is an innovative leader who is changing the world through her research, work, and teaching. In the many years that she has researched and studied business, Kanter has inspired cutting-edge innovation, strategy, leadership and culture across a broad spectrum of for-profit and non-profit industries, including celebrated corporations like IBM, Proctor & Gamble and Verizon. Attendees of her talks emerge with the tools to not only become more effective corporate team members and leaders, but also to apply their business know-how to tackle social change.

Named among the 50 most powerful women in the world (Times of London) and the 50 most influential business thinkers in the world (Accenture and Thinkers 50), Kanter is a distinguished social scientist, educator and writer whose strategic and practical insights guide leaders of large and small organizations worldwide. Her latest book, “MOVE: Putting America’s Infrastructure Back in the Lead” (W. W. Norton & Company, 2015), is a sweeping look across industries and technologies shaping the future of mobility and the leadership required for transformation. Kanter’s most highly regarded presentation themes – on the leadership of turnarounds and mastering change in turbulent times – are particularly relevant in today’s economic environment. Other popular lectures describe how to “load for growth,” outline the enduring skills of change leaders and explain why surprises are the new normal and resilience is the new skill.

Kanter holds the Ernest L. Arbuckle Professorship at Harvard Business School, where she specializes in strategy, innovation and leadership for change. She is also the chair and director of the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI), an innovation that helps successful leaders at the top of their professions apply their skills to national and global challenges in their next life stage. A collaboration across all of Harvard, ALI aims to build a new leadership force for the world. In addition, through Goodmeasure Inc., the consulting group Kanter co-founded, she advises numerous CEOs and has partnered with IBM on applying her leadership tools from business to other sectors. She is a senior advisor for IBM’s Global Citizenship portfolio.

Kanter is the author or co-author of 19 books. “SuperCorp: How Vanguard Companies Create Innovation, Profits, Growth, and Social Good” (Crown Business, 2009), a manifesto for leadership of sustainable enterprises, was named one of the 10 Best Business Books of 2009 by Kanter’s “Confidence: How Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks Begin and End” (Crown Business, 2004) was a New York Times best-seller and rated #1 by Businessweek. She is also one of the top business bloggers for Harvard Business Review, providing of-the-moment commentary on newsworthy items in relation to corporate social responsibility, leadership and innovation.

Kanter has received 24 honorary doctoral degrees, as well as numerous leadership awards and prizes. These include the Academy of Management’s Distinguished Career Award for her scholarly contributions to management knowledge; the World Teleport Association’s “Intelligent Community Visionary of the Year” award; the International Leadership Award from the Association of Leadership Professionals, and the Warren Bennis Award for Leadership Excellence. Kanter has served on numerous business and non-profit boards, including City Year – the urban “Peace Corps” now focused on addressing the school dropout crisis – and on a variety of national or regional commissions including the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors.

Speech Topics

Leadership in a Networked World

In today’s highly networked world, has the meaning of leadership changed? Competition is increasing – and increasingly global. Technology is transforming work – and how and where we do it – with exponential speed and rapid innovation. Ideas are coming from all directions and unexpected places including emerging markets, more diverse partners and self-organizing employees. Rosabeth Moss Kanter answers the leadership question and eloquently identifies the new leadership imperatives. By learning to embrace them, leaders will harness the knowledge, capability and confidence – in us, our teams and our organizations – to produce the momentum of success.

The Big Change: Forces Reshaping Business

You might have survived the downturn, but disruptions continue – and seeking growth, let alone long-term survival, requires thinking differently. Diverse forces – from technology and demography to climate change and shifting social values – challenge once-dominant financial assumptions and require change-adept organizations to better connect to surrounding society. Big challenges can become attractive opportunities if companies see the strategic, organizational and cultural transformations ahead. Rosabeth Moss Kanter asserts that preparing for, responding to and thriving in business’ new normal requires a new focus on institution-building. She discusses the six facets of organizational logic that are radically altering leadership and corporate behavior, and are the building blocks of a more sustainable competitive advantage, even in industries under siege. She draws compelling examples from great companies worldwide that are leading the way to creating innovation, profits, growth and social good. She also provides practical insights about how to make the change

Innovation: The Classic Traps and The Key Accelerators

To successfully compete in today’s global economy, innovation is imperative. It’s the big prize; finding it is framed as almost a sacred quest for the big hit solution that will create growth and open new eras of prosperity and well-being. Yet, for all the talk about the great need and value of innovation, there are leaders in every sector who actively stifle it – unwittingly or not. Is your organization stuck in an innovation trap or are you accelerating change through new ideas? Rosabeth Moss Kanter identifies nine anti-innovation practices to eliminate and discusses actions necessary to allow innovation to flourish, including using the “innovation pyramid” to guide both small wins and bold ventures. Create a culture that embraces – and propels – innovation of all kinds. The health and sustainability of your business depend on it.

Leadership to Reinvent Transportation and Infrastructure

The sorry state of American infrastructure affects businesses and everyday lives: commuters stuck in traffic congestion; delayed goods at higher cost; human suffering from collapsing bridges or train derailments; public transit that fails in severe weather or fails to connect poor neighborhoods to jobs; and other weaknesses compared to international competitors. Drawing from her just-published book, “MOVE: Putting America's Infrastructure Back in the Lead,” Rosabeth Moss Kanter takes a sweeping look across modes of transportation and changing industries to illuminate the roots of the current system mess and where the leadership will come from to initiate dramatic improvement. Among the important players are visionary civic leaders, app-creating technology entrepreneurs, established companies getting on the Big Data bus, and investors seeing the potential of sector change. Professor Kanter believes bringing infrastructure into the 21st century can net "quintuple wins" in health/safety, efficiency/cost-saving, productivity, cleaner air and economic growth opportunities, but it will require combining innovation with collaboration – in short, leadership.


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