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Rosemary Altea was born after the Second World War, in the city of Leicester, England, to Lilian and William Edwards.

William Edwards was a professional soldier who joined the army at age 13 1/2 years, and apart from a short break in his early 20s, he remained in the army until his retirement.

Altea has two brothers and three sisters, all but her eldest brother (who lives in Zimbabwe) live in the U.K. Her father died of a heart attack in 1976. Altea is divorced and has one daughter, born in 1970, who lives in the U.K. and who is successfully pursuing her career as a merchandiser.

Due to family circumstances and difficulties in her home life, Altea 's formal education ended when she was 16 years old and she went to work for an auctioning company. She was married at 19 years and moved away from Leicester and became involved, with her husband, in business in the retail industry.

From the first time she can remember, Altea has “seen” faces and “heard” voices from those in the spirit world. As a child she presumed that everyone had this same insight. But Altea very quickly learnt that her ability to “see” and to “hear” was something she must hide, that it was not considered to be “normal.”

Growing up, Altea had to live with the constant threat from her mother that "she would end up in a mental hospital like her Grandmother" if she wasn't careful.

Altea's Grandmother, Eliza Masters, “heard” voices. Everyone, including Masters, knew that she was “crazy.” When the voices became too much, Masters would admit herself voluntarily into a psychiatric hospital for treatment. After a while, when the “voices” would subside, Grandma Masters would be

discharged to continue her “normal” life -- until the next time.

Altea 's mother was not only convinced that her mother Eliza was crazy, she also was certain that her daughter was a little crazy too.

It was only after her marriage of fourteen years broke down and Altea was on her own that the “faces” and “voices” of those people in the spirit world, always there, became stronger and more persistent.

It has to be said that without a doubt, had it not been for the intervention of Paul Denham, a spiritual healer for more than 30 years, and a meeting between him and Altea, a meeting of coincidence, Altea would have ended up in a psychiatric hospital, as her mother predicted, and would probably have been labeled schizophrenic.

As a Medium and Healer, Altea is well traveled and her reputation internationally is first class. Having spent some time working in the Far East, Altea is now turning her attention to the U.S., where she has many clients and patients.

In 1986, Altea opened her first spiritual healing centre, and one year later the Rosemary Altea Association of Healers was formed. Altea and her team now have seven successful centres in the north of England and many patients not only in the U.K. but also around the world. Her dedication to her healing work and to

her organization ranks her amongst the best in her field.

When she was just 20 years old Altea became very seriously ill. After extensive investigation it was discovered that her left kidney was deformed, something she had had from birth. After two major operations, and a near death experience, Altea knows not only what it is like to undergo serious and life threatening surgery, she also knows what it is like to face, and to fear death.

This experience alone is one that she considers to be very valuable. Not only does she have a truly remarkable understanding and sympathy for her patients, many of whom are dying, she also has a great compassion and empathy.

Altea 's abilities as a medium are, to say the least, extraordinary. Her first and most major responsibility is to those “faceless beings,” those “lost souls,” or as Altea would say, those people, ordinary people, who have crossed that void which separates the two worlds. People who we on the earth plane recognize as

“dead,” Altea would say are living. Maybe in a different way than we perhaps, with our limited vision and understanding, can comprehend, but nevertheless, living.

People who desperately need someone like Altea as a channel, a link, to form a communication with those on the earth plane, those they love who are blind to their existence, and therefore seemingly lost to them.

Altea brings together “The Dead” and the living, or, the living and the living. Her compassion and gentleness, her strength and purposeful determination, combined with her incredible wit and humor, break down the barriers, and bring the two worlds together.

Her achievements and experiences make her a fascinating and well sought after speaker worldwide, and she maintains a popular lecture series.

Rosemary Altea is a dedicated and successful lady with a fierce passion, born of her total conviction of the after life, for the work that she does. With her spirit guide, Gray Eagle, an Apache Chief, who is her best friend and mentor, she leads the way towards the light, forward to a better understanding of the joy of the universe and of another world. A world where light streams in through every window, a world where God's light shines.


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