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Rosie Hunter, PhD    

Psychologist, Army Veteran & Expert in Anxiety, Leadership, and Performance Under Pressure

Dr. Rosie Hunter is a nationally-recognized psychologist, decorated Army Veteran, and mission-driven entrepreneur with 15+ years expertise in anxiety and performance under pressure. She was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for her combat deployment with the 101st Airborne Division. She is a sought after speaker, presenter, and facilitator because of her expertise as a behavioral scientist, her incredible personal biography, and her distinctly authentic, engaging speaking style. As a consulting business psychologist, Hunter’s experience includes executive assessment and selection and leadership coaching. She is recognized for her work with leaders at Fortune 100 companies, including Lockheed Martin and Texas Instruments, and with foundations, family offices, and startups, in private equity, asset and investment management, healthcare, technology, and other industries.

Hunter is the founder and CEO of Test Wolf, a tech-enabled startup that provides scalable, evidence based solutions for test anxiety. Test Wolf represents a continuation of a career-long effort to transform moments of adversity into an opportunity to build the mindset and behaviors required for a more confident, courageous future.

Hunter received a BA in psychology from Emory University and an MS and PhD in clinical psychology from Florida State University. Hunter is a former White House Intern and an alumnus of the Presidential Leadership Scholars, a program conceived by Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to bring together bold and principled leaders committed to facing critical challenges at home and around the world. Hunter is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, and the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology. Hunter shares her home in McKinney, Texas with her husband, daughter, and Richard Nixon, a beloved Siamese cat.

Speech Topics

What every leader needs to know about anxiety

Anxiety challenges people, families, organizations, and communities like never before. But what do you actually know about the science of anxiety? This session provides an evidence-based understanding of anxiety so you can become your own expert. The cognitive model and behavior therapy can help you prevent and manage your own anxiety. You will also learn to apply the direct, actionable implications of the science of anxiety in your role as a community or business leader. How can you recognize anxiety-driven performance issues and support your team? What policies and resources actually increase anxiety? Can you transform adversity to foster a more confident, courageous future? This session disseminates tenants that need to be shared broadly to effectively manage the epidemic of anxiety.

Burnout & Resilience in Healthcare

Working in healthcare is relentless. The system is on the brink and too often our teams are too. This session is structured to be inclusive and engaging in order to both validate your providers, leaders, and support team and empower them with knowledge and strategies they can use by acknowledging the relentlessly demanding nature of modern healthcare. Participants will learn to distinguish between constructs like burnout, operational stress, and moral injury not just by definitions, but through real stories. The second half of the session is supported by individual companion resources to allow participants to experience success using evidence-based strategies. Participants will walk away with the recognition that the ideas and skills transferred in this conversation are more durable than those shared by motivational speakers or a Friday off for a back massage! Participants gain the confidence to let go of cynicism and fear and to embrace uncertainty and support of one another.

When the Stakes are High: Evidence-Based Strategies to Help You Execute with Confidence when it Matters Most

This highly interactive keynote workshop is designed to help every individual on your team facing a foreseeable high stakes performance or evaluation situation. Participants will learn evidence-based cognitive behavioral strategies curated to your unique culture and organization.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify components of anxiety in individuals and teams.
  • "Talk back" to thoughts related to procrastination and avoidance, fears of failure, and perfectionism.
  • Recognize team anxiety and problem solve anxiety-driven decision making and behavior.

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