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Ruth Herman Wells, M.S.      

Director & Founder, Youth Change Professional Development Workshops; Author & Workshop Instructor

Author, Speaker and Workshop Instructor Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. is the Director and Founder of Youth Change Professional Development Workshops. Wells is the author of dozens of books and articles, and is the creator of the Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop and book series.

In 2011, Wells was named a Top Ten Education Speaker by several organizations. She is an adjunct professor for two universities, a featured columnist for SEEN Magazine, and her unusual classroom management posters have been heavily featured in the media, and can be seen on many North American TV shows and movies including in the two Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies.

Wells and Youth Change Workshops have won many awards, and been included on many “Top 10 Speakers” and “Best of” lists on many mental health, counseling, education, classroom management, special ed, speaker and career education sites. She is the creator of School Skills Training, the practical classroom management approach that actually teaches kids the exact skills that they need to become successful, motivated students. She provides live, online, distance, and on-site professional development workshops, and breakout classes. She is also a popular K-12 education speaker and keynote presenter for both educators and mental health professionals.

Speech Topics

Classroom Management Problems Stop Here

If your students have become more and more unmanageable and nothing seems to work to rein them in, then this classroom behavior management workshop has the immediate solutions you need to manage even the most out-of-control, defiant, difficult and disrespectful K12 students. Just one of the huge assortment of "improve-it-now" behavior management workshops we can bring to your school or conference. See more details here:

Teach Kids to Be Prepared, Motivated, Prepared Students

Discover how you can transform untrained, unprepared, uninterested K12 students into more motivated, interested, involved successful students. Learn hundreds of use-now behavior and attitude management methods that work much better than the strategies you're using now. Learn more about the varied topics we have have to turnaround problem students:

Control the Uncontrollable Student Workshop

This workshop can change your life if you are struggling to manage unmanageable students in your classroom or school. Learn hundreds of ready-to-use, more effective strategies that are designed to work when conventional behavior management methods fail. See details on this class or others here:

Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Students

200 innovative ready-to-use strategies to improve behavior problems like bullying, work refusal, defiance, depression, poor attitudes, school failure, disrespect, family issues and more.

See details here:

Maximum-Strength Motivational Strategies for K12 Students

Learn hundreds of innovative strategies to motivate the most unmotivated students; strategies that work when conventional approaches fail.

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