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"The Positivity Pro," Professional Motivational Keynote & TEDx Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Author

Ryan C. Lowe, author of Get Off Your Attitude, is a highly sought-after professional Motivational Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Author whose expertise specializes in positive attitude, leadership & sales. Ryan inspires thousands of people across the country in his keynote presentations through his passion, energy, and contagious positivity. He believes your attitude determines your success, and how you respond to life’s challenges can play a crucial role in the narrative of that journey. Being no stranger to adversity, Ryan learned this vital lesson. He experienced growing opportunities such as overcoming terminal illness, being shot, losing a business, and having to rebuild his personal and professional life again from the bottom up.

Ryan’s engaging, unique storytelling and lighthearted delivery make his positive message very beneficial and relatable to every audience. They will experience a renewed sense of purpose and a restored vision inspired to believe in themselves. They will also gain powerful action items that can be adopted and implemented immediately. The purpose-driven principles he shares will help them improve their attitude, take massive action, overcome fear, and achieve both: professional and personal goals. More importantly, they will walk away with a want to & can-do attitude!

Apart from being a recognized speaker, he is widely known for his customized training and one-on-one coaching. Ryan’s passion is to help leaders and their teams find solutions for a variety of challenges. He has created programs to help organizations reach peak performance by sharing successful principles on how to create a positive culture, higher productivity, developing winning mindsets, self-development strategies, and increase profits through proven sales techniques.

Ryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Southeastern Louisiana University and is a proud member of the National Speakers Association. In the early stages of his career, he performed as a top sales trainer with Brian Tracy Programs. Ryan also successfully served as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for two major corporations. Ryan has a featured Tedx Talk: The Psychology of a Smile; and has had the honor to be on the cover of Success Profiles Magazine. He also had the opportunity to showcase his gift as a speaker in the movie The Big Short.

Speech Topics

We're All Selling Something... But How Do You Get Them to Buy?

Believe it or not we're all in sales. For some reason some of us don't want to admit it. We're all selling something, such as our products, ideas, beliefs, organizational culture and even ourselves. But the number one question that we are all trying to figure out is how do we get them to buy what we are selling? In Ryan's keynote, he will share relatable stories and experiences in his own career that have helped him get from a starving salesperson to be a sales executive for two major corporations, a sales trainer for Brian Tracy, and now a professional speaker, trainer and author. His passionate and lighthearted delivery will help attendees learn and implement his positive and unique selling techniques that will inspire the confidence needed to achieve personal and organizational success. His ideas are proven and will help get "them" to buy.

Transformative Leadership: Inspiring a Culture of Personal Responsibility

Managing and leading today can have its challenges. An uncertain economy, customer expectations, competition, employee concerns, regulatory issues and doing more with less, can take their toll. In response, many organizations are implementing a culture of transformative leadership, in order to inspire their teams to world class service, continuous improvement, increased sales, having a positive attitude and taking personal responsibility at work. This will be a highly engaging, content filled and fun presentation that will assist both organizations and professionals in the transformation of their leadership culture.

If You're Like Me... It's Always "Somethin'!"

Wouldn't you agree we're all faced with so many "somethins" both in our personal and work life. At home, it could be a family member, friend, out health or money. At work, it could be a co-worker, a customer, a client or workload. In both cases we deal with these "somethins" day in and day out, and these "somethins" affect our attitude and performance. In his fun interactive keynote, Ryan will share his relatable stories and experience, such as his own personal losses and a near death experience. An experience he now calls an opportunity. He will also demonstrate how to implement his positive attitude performance techniques in order to respond to all the "somethins" in life. Attendees will leave feeling positive and equipped to handle anything that life shares.

Get off Your Attitude & "Make it Happen"

Have you ever noticed how quickly an environment can turn negative and how easy it is for others to follow? While we can't control everything that happens around us we can take personal responsibility for our own attitude and help inspire others to do the same. In this content filled and lighthearted presentation attendees will learn how to achieve the success they've envisioned. They will also discover the advantages of having a "winning" attitude and how to use it in their personal and professional lives. Ryan will share principals from his popular and successful book entitled "Get off Your Attitude." His positive & passionate presentation is one that the audience will be able to identify with and his simple strategy will be able to use immediately.

Choices, Chances & Consequences: Keys to Personal and Organizational Success

During these tough economic times we are all faced with challenges, obstacles and adversity. Unfortunately, if not handled the right way it will take a toll on our personal and professional lives. In Ryan's keynote, he will share the importance of a positive attitude & how we must use it on a daily basis as a tool to help us respond to any person, circumstance or situation. Attendees will also learn how to take responsibility for the choices they make, the chances they get and the consequences that are affecting them. He will accomplish this by sharing his relative experiences and stories, such as his own person losses and a near death experience. His passionate and light hearted delivery will help attendees learn and implement his positive and unique performance techniques on how to get out of their comfort zone and achieve both personal and organization success.

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