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Ryan DeSiato (Deh-See-auto) is a Multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist from Austin, Texas.

Ryan DeSiato, simply put, makes music for people who give a damn. Armed with smart lyrics and a strong infusion of pop melody, this progressive singer-songwriter has taken his music into every kind of venue imaginable, and whether its with his remarkable backing band or just his acoustic guitar and his commanding voice, he engages the audience with experience and excellence. This is music with a message, one that isn't lost on audiences and listeners.

Musicians who feel what they perform are easy to come by; musicians who write meaningful lyrics and captivating hooks are rare, writes Doyle Osburn, former DJ for Austin station KLBJ, of Ryans music. With a sound that cross-breeds organic rock with current day production qualities, Ryan has an instinctive talent for introducing listeners to new styles and sounds without abandoning the straight-up rock melodies that brought them there in the first place.

Through a voice that evokes a range of singers from Chris Isaak to Chris Cornell, Ryan speaks to his listeners with every lyric. Answers just repeat the questions, and reason is so hard to find, Answers just repeat the questions, and reason cannot find the rhyme, he writes in This Is It. Its about the elevation of the songs, really, Ryan explains. The songs are the show. And in a live setting, its important that the song fits the venue, so that every person in the room can connect with it.

Over the course of the last five years, Ryan has recorded a catalogue of music that showcases his diversity, including two self-produced albums of acoustic material in ranging from Spanish sonatas to folk music as well as the studio albums In the Land of the Deaf and I Am.

Alongside his work with other bands, including a two-year stint as the frontman of the popular San Antonio alt-rock group Dharma, Ryan has bridged the gap between rock, flamenco, folk, and classical, while still maintaining the common thread that makes his music instantly identifiable to the casual listener.

The message is clear: Ryan DeSiato makes music for the masses. The fact that he does it without underestimating their capacity for music of real substance is what will keep the masses listening


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