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Entrepreneur, Leadership Speaker, Author, Start-up Veteran, Millennial, Marketing Consultant

Ryan Vet was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. As a young boy, Ryan dabbled in various entrepreneurship ventures ranging from the typical lemonade stand to a line of trading cards and a neighborhood newspaper.

At age 15, Vet opened Digi Tech Studio (DTS) in 2005. DTS is a marketing company providing marketing and advertising services, social media management, graphic design, web design and programming, and video production services. The task of juggling a wide-range of leadership positions in school, at church and as a teenage CEO has given Vet many real-life experiences that he desires to share with others with a passion to lead.

Five years later, while attending Elon University and running DTS, Ryan launched a software company, uCondition. Most recently, Ryan launched The Oak House, a coffeehouse, wine and craft beer lounge in the heart of downtown Elon, NC all in addition to many other projects and consulting.

As a Millennial (a member of Generation Y), Ryan Vet offers great insight into managing the upcoming generation. "We [Millennials] are the future. In just a few short years, we will be the ones sitting in the corner offices," Vet says. "My generation has a lot to learn from the previous generations, but we have a problemtheres an ever-increasing language barrier. My goal is to help bridge the major communication gap between my generation and previous generations."

One of the big divisions between Millennials and previous generations is social media and the rapidly advancing technological world. Ryan Vet has taken a great interest into the evolving world of Social Media. He offers practical advice to businesspeople that are not as accustomed to dealing with members of Generation Y. Ryan speaks freely of the differences between the generations as well as offers solutions on how to manage and motivate Millennials in the workplace.

"A good leader impacts those around him or her. A great leader influences people they have never met by leaving a lasting legacy that trickles-down over the span of time. This talk deals with living the life of a leader and having integrity that will ultimately allow a leader to leave a lasting impression on this world."

Vet attended Elon University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Specifically focusing on Business Marketing and Professional Selling. Ryan also loves to travel the world. He has been to hundreds of cities around the world including countries in five out of the seven continents. Some of these countries include: Kosovo, Austria, Mexico, Togo (West Africa), Ghana, Bangladesh, Kuwait, China, Canada, Brazil, England and South Africa.

Speech Topics

Social Media Keynote Speaker

After working with major international social media accounts such as Bing, Samsung and Warner Brothers, Ryan Vet brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as he presents how to fully utilize social media in both traditional and internet-based marketing. This talk is filled with real-life experiences, both failures and successes as well as a simple strategy that has been the driving force behind some of the worlds most successful social media marketing campaigns.

Motivational Leadership Keynote Speaker

Leadership is an ongoing journey that at times can be filled with breathtaking sights and at times be barricaded with obstacles. Ryan's leadership keynotes are designed to motivate leaders to enjoy the journey of leadership as well as be willing to grow and be stretched and challenged. Leadership is not a journey to be traveled alone, it is a pathway full of interacting with other people on your journey. This talk addresses how to fully utilize your relationships to make you the best leader that you can be. Young leaders should feel inspired and equipped to face the challenges of leadership as an opportunity to learn.

Start-up Founder Keynote Presentation

In recent years, start-up companies have been making headlines across the globe. Everyone is eager to jump in with both feet, leave the corporate suits behind and throw on their jeans and t-shirts and work at their local start-up incubator. While there is glamour in start-ups, there is also great mountains that are climbed. Ryan shares his own experiences in multiple start-ups including failed attempts and successful victories of great acquisitions.

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