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Samuel Cord Stier  

Director of The Center for Learning with Nature

Samuel Cord Stier started a revolution in youth education through his work bringing the fascinating field of Nature-inspired invention into schools everywhere. Founding Director of The Center for Learning with Nature, Sam regularly delights and enthralls audiences with the latest developments in innovation inspired by Nature, how the world outside our windows can teach humankind to thrive on Earth over the long term, and ways in which teachers can use Nature to spark students’ interest in STEM/STEAM.

“Sam Stier’s insight into how nature can change the way we look at STEM and more importantly how we teach and do STEM is truly inspiring. His ideas and thoughts on how educators can inject excitement and passion into their teaching by applying what nature has already figured out was incredible. One of the best keynote speakers we have ever had.” – Dr. Tamara Goetz, Director, Utah STEM Action Center, Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development

An expert in the history and methodology of Nature-inspired technology, Sam has served as an innovation consultant to some of the largest companies in the world. In addition to directing The Center for Learning with Nature, Sam teaches science and sustainable innovation at Otis College of Art and Design, the 6th ranked college in the U.S. in terms of enhancing earning potential (just after Harvard).


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Speech Topics

Transformative STEM Education: A Nature-inspired Approach to Engaging the Next Generation

Perhaps ironically, the natural world has turned out to be the most powerful instrument for captivating young people about subjects like technology, engineering, and science. That’s because scientists and engineers today are studying everything from ants, butterflies, and evolution itself to improve how we design video games, movies, cell phones, and more. Discover how you can use Nature to captivate your students and explore STEM/STEAM subjects, align your teaching with the 21st century, and inspire tomorrow’s inventors to create a better world.

The Spectacular Now: The Unexpected Role of Nature in Driving Today’s Astonishing Technological Breakthroughs

Inventors increasingly look to Nature for innovative technological ideas, and the results are nothing short of stunning. Find out why NASA scientists study how leaves unfold, what Costa Rican butterflies have to do with design of the next I-phone, why viruses just may save your life, and how the brain cells you’re using to read this right now have started a revolution in artificial intelligence.

A Future Worth Inventing: How Nature Inspires Modern Approaches to Sustainable Design

Humankind now faces unprecedented challenges resulting from our negative impact on the environment. At the same time, help comes from an unlikely ally: Nature. Come learn how today’s technologists are drawing inspiration from the only example of a sustainable world we have – the natural world – to invent solutions to resource scarcity, pollution, climate change, and more.

How Nature Made Us Modern: A Fresh Take on Humankind’s Extraordinary History of Technological Progress

Humankind’s most distinctive quality is our extraordinary technological capacity. But where do our inventive abilities come from? Come learn how humankind’s stunning technological achievements, like agriculture, airplanes, antibiotics, and much more, all came from a surprising source, and what it means for technological progress going forward.

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