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Sandra A. Shelton  

Founder and President of The StrengthBank® Companies, Sandra offers professional presentations that make a lasting difference!

Founder and President of The StrengthBank® Companies, Sandra offers professional presentations that make a lasting difference!  Her zest, enthusiasm, and high commitment are contagious as she brings organizations to new levels of achievement and individuals to greater personal impact. Beginning as an educator, Sandra moved into corporate environs as a team leader, supervisor, and manager in the insurance, food service, real estate sales, and manufacturing industries before becoming an entrepreneur, business coach and consultant, trainer, international speaker and founder of a nonprofit organization. 

She consistently focuses organizations on improving the quality of what is happening among its people – the real bottom line. Sandra's corporate insights come from understanding that every business issue is personal; every business decision is ultimately made by one person; and, inevitably, every success begins with one conversation. 

Her specialty, StrengthBank® - each person's unique way to successfully contribute in life and work – has been developed and refined from thousands of corporate and media audience responses in 15 countries over a span of more than 20 years as a business professional. Making an enduring and positive difference, her StrengthBank® people strategies ultimately create and facilitate better teams, higher productivity, less stress, fewer problem people, and better personal relationships to bring home from work. 

StrengthBank® seminars, keynotes, and dramatic learning events build a platform for better, long lasting high performance which ultimately shows up in a consistent, healthy bottom line. StrengthBank® coaching and consulting extends these success strategies to individuals, project teams and executive think tanks.

One of her favorite sayings is: “An organization becomes what it allows, more than that, encourages and supports its members to achieve individually. It can offer service equal only to its least effective employee.”

Participants consistently share that, not only did they learn key innovative strategies to use immediately at work and at home, but they were also entertained and inspired in the process. Sandra continually stretches minds and encourages people to raise the bar of their influence and contribution as well as challenging organizations to sharpen and refine their bank of talents, their decision-making, and their corporate strategies in pursuit of reaching their full potential. With her unforgettable presence that gets the message across, Sandra promotes lasting change through her dynamic personal interactions.

Additionally, through her non-profit organization, StrengthBank Inc., Sandra extends her expertise in relationship and communication skills as well as her passion for mentoring into the high school and college arenas. She serves as a fulcrum linking local business leaders with students within her community through “talk groups” with the ends of:

    * bridging the gap between today’s and tomorrow’s workforce

    * connecting emerging adults with the wisdom and experience of seasoned professionals

    * nurturing the giftedness and harnessing the vitality of the next generation

    * supplying students with the necessary relationship skills for working well with others as they enter the workplace

    * weaving Strength into the fabric of communities. 

Sandra Shelton is a riveting international speaker, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, author, and frequent media guest


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What we have here is a failure to communicate!

For Effective Discourse, Engagement, and On-target Decision Making – StrengthBank® COMMUNICATION WorkOuts® Relationships form the backdrop of success not only for each person but for the entirety of what an organization has to offer those it serves. The workplace that disregards the particular, individual focus for each of its employees and its customers, will fail and fall into the ignominy of being just another workforce of ill-prepared or disengaged workers. No level of the organization is exempt. However, with each person's unique plan or bank of strengths (StrengthBank®) in place and called upon and allowed to function at its highest success in inevitable. The StrengthBank® strategy in itself will prosper the individual and the organization, generate no insurmountable harm, and will give self-renewing hope and a future one by one and for the organization as a whole. With StrengthBank® COMMUNICATION WorkOuts® in play life and organizations can go forward "on plan." For the individual Each of us has a bank of strengths and the ability to communicate for healthy relationships. That bank of strengths used as designed with its original "equipment" (COMMUNICATION WorkOuts®) becomes a productive workout for human relationships/connections/conversations. The design in place produces a readily accessible tool that benchmarks and guides each one's StrengthBank® to its efficient and effective best use. For the organization When StrengthBank® COMMUNICATION WorkOuts® are used consistently to work out circumstances and arrange life with others, negative “people issues,” half-baked plans, and frenzied "busyness" behaviors dim in the light of higher productivity, creativity, and "on task" engagement. Without this bigger StrengthBank® vision of each life's purpose, one can easily lose interest and give up. Without this constant guide to encouragement and improvement, the focus on every day life becomes a cacophony of seemingly end

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