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Saori Okada    

Founder of Mogami Wellness, Japanese Wellness Expert & Author of "Until the Death of Me: A 15-year Eating Disorder Recovery Journey"

A New Yorker's mind with a Japanese soul on a mission to empower your holistic wellbeing. Saori Okada's passion for health and wellness started at a young age, coming from a family of healthcare professionals. After overcoming her own "unhealthy obsession to be healthy", which Okada transparently shares in her narrative memoir, "Until the Death of Me: A 15-year Eating Disorder Recovery Journey", Okada realized that one's health went beyond their body.

Her interest led her to pursue holistic wellness, where she studied to become a Certified Transformation Nutrition Coach (CTNC) from the Institute of Transformational Nutrition (ITN) in the U.S. She has since combined her cultural upbringing of Japanese wellness with her professional background to launch Mogami Ltd. in London, UK.

Okada believes that nothing is more important than our health and well-being. Her approach focuses on decluttering one's lifestyle and simplifying wellness. Mogami focuses on everyday lifestyle design based on five Japanese cultural concepts that will empower individuals for longevity. Okada holds a B.S. in Commerce from the McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia (USA). Her previous work history includes 7+ years working in the marketing & media analytics industry in New York City, USA and Toronto, Canada. She served as the Director of Customer Success and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Speech Topics

Ikigai Decoded: Unveiling Your True Purpose Beyond the Misinterpreted Venn Diagram

Trace the origins of the mistranslated Venn diagram and unearth the genuine essence of ikigai. Explore the subtle threads woven into this concept that point to a more profound understanding of purpose. Beyond the surface, discover how ikigai aligns your actions with your authentic self.

Gain actionable insights to catalyze this transformation today. Join our speaker to unravel the enigma of Japanese wisdom and depart equipped with practical steps to navigate your path with purpose and authenticity.

Embracing Imperfect Perfection: Unveiling the Power of Wabi-Sabi Authenticity in Wellness

Immerse yourself in the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, where nature becomes our guide to living authentically. This exploration transcends the confines of perfectionism, empowering you to thrive in various aspects of life.

Delve into the three core wabi-sabi principles, designed to shatter limiting self-beliefs and foster self-growth. Discover how this wisdom enriches your roles as a partner, professional, leader, and more. Join us to cultivate mindfulness, embrace imperfections, and ignite a holistic transformation that amplifies your authenticity across every facet of life.

Brushstrokes of Mindfulness: Exploring the Power of the Present through Japanese Calligraphy

Immerse yourself in "Brushstrokes of Mindfulness: Exploring the Power of the Present through Japanese Calligraphy". Embark on a journey through this ancient 2000-year-old art, where ink meets intention and mindfulness.

Discover how the very principles of calligraphy intertwine with our well-being, offering a meditative path to the present moment. Delve deeper into the transformative concept of mushin, the "mind of no mind" and how it holds the key to unlocking well-being through the gift of presence. Join our speaker for an illuminating exploration that merges tradition and mindfulness, guiding you to wield the brushstrokes of your own well-being masterpiece.

Reclaiming Holistic Wellness: My Journey from Eating Disorder Struggles to Healing and WholenessReclaiming Holistic Wellness: My Journey from Eating Disorder Struggles to Healing and Wholeness

Embark on an inspiring voyage of resilience with our speaker, who unveils her profound odyssey in "Reclaiming Holistic Wellness: My Journey from Eating Disorder Struggles to Healing and Wholeness".

With a decade-long battle encompassing anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and restricted eating, her transformative account delves into the depths of these struggles. A raw, honest narrative exposes vulnerabilities while shining a light on the path to wholeness. This narrative isn't just about recovery; it's about inspiring awareness of eating disorders and offering a guiding light for those seeking holistic wellness. Join us for a candid exploration that will empower, educate, and elevate your understanding of true well-being.

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