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Scott Greenberg    

Former Award-Wining Edible Arrangements Franchisee

Meet franchise expert Scott Greenberg: one-part business gamechanger, one-part motivational leader. As a multi-unit, award-winning Edible Arrangements franchise owner whose operation won international recognition: “Best Customer Service” and “Manager of the Year,” Greenberg wrote the book on what it takes to transform businesses from average to extraordinary. Greenberg delves into the HUMAN factors of business that directly impact how well people work that will help grow your bottom line.

Greenberg helps leaders THINK at a higher level with a peak performance mindset that keeps emotions in check and yields the clearest, most productive perspective possible.

He helps them LEAD more effectively so they can develop their teams into a high-performance workforce. Then he helps them SERVE customers better than anyone and create emotionally satisfying experiences customers remember, talk about, and want to repeat. Improving business from the inside out, he co-created an innovative management diagnostic and leadership tool, 30-Second Leadership™, that enhances employee mindset, skill-set and performance.

Powerful live and virtual presentations that are engaging, high-energy and customized to your organization. Greenberg will get your franchise owners excited about their business goals and help make them a reality. As a sought-after international speaker, Greenberg ignites audiences with engaging, high-energy and customized programs that leave audience members with proven strategies and long-lasting inspiration. From McDonalds, YPO, Great Clips, the U.S. Air Force, RE/MAX, Allstate, Wyndham Hotel Group to many other organizations worldwide, one thing is for sure, Greenberg is the expert organizations call on to boost performance and elevate their business.

Greenberg is author of "The Wealthy Franchisee: Game-Changing Steps to Becoming a Thriving Franchise Superstar", published by Entrepreneur Magazine. He is a VIP contributor to and a frequent columnist for Nation’s Restaurant News, Global Franchise Magazine, QSR Magazine and Contact Greenberg now to discuss how he can help you take your organization to the NEXT LEVEL.

Speech Topics


Game-Changing Steps to Grow Your Business and Become a Wealthier (and Healthier) Franchisee

KEYNOTE FOCUS: Business Growth, Mindset, Motivation, Peak Performance

Get ready to achieve breakthrough performance and growth! In Scott’s signature and most-requested keynote, he will share with you how to transform your business from average to extraordinary. Scott helps franchisees think, lead and serve at a higher level. With over 10 years as an award-winning, multiunit franchisee and coach for countless brands, he will show you HOW top franchisees achieve consistent, profitable results (beyond doing more marketing and finding better employees).

In this engaging, practical keynote program, Scott will show you how to:

THINK like a high performer. Take control of your brain to ensure your mindset is an asset to the organization, not a detriment.

LEAD in a way that promotes both the skill set and mindset of individual team members while also uniting them into a proud, loyal, and collaborative workforce that genuinely wants the best for the organization and the people it serves.

SERVE customers and the community by creating emotionally satisfying experiences that will quickly produce referrals and loyal repeat business. Get out of your head and get into your business so you can:

  • Increase productivity, efficiency and streamline operations
  • Build MORE WEALTH from the operation you already have
  • Make smarter business decisions with more strategy and less emotion
  • Inspire employees and delight customers
  • Reduce stress, maintain a healthier lifestyle and have more fun running your business


Creating Joyful Workplaces that Attract, Retain and Elevate Performance

KEYNOTE FOCUS: Leadership, Employee Retention, Team Building, Corporate Culture

In today’s marketplace, employers are competing as much for employees as they are customers. But recruiting team members means very little if you can’t keep them, or if you can’t get them to perform. By creating a best-in-class workplace, you’ll naturally attract, retain, and boost talent, and ultimately grow your organization. In other words, to grow a high-profit business, you first need to grow a highperformance culture. That means going beyond ping pong tables, candy bowls, and gift cards and getting to the core of what really motivates people and unites them to the team.

In this program, Scott with teach your group how to:

  • Create high-performing teams that collaborate, WOW customers, and improve company culture
  • Become a talent magnet without increasing labor costs
  • Retain employees who solve problems instead of creating them
  • Spend less time recruiting and more time growing your franchise
  • Enjoy the PEACE OF MIND knowing your business is in good hands


How to Create Customer Experiences People Remember, Talk About & Want to Repeat


What Every Manager Needs to Know to Retain Employees, Coach Them to Greatness and Keep Them Engaged

The Simple Coaching Method for Making Employees Great

PROGRAM FOCUS: Team Building, Leadership, Cultural Transformation, Employee Engagement

Do you want to spend more time growing your business and less time putting out fires? Do you want to build employee skills without losing their enthusiasm? Are you ready to go from “My employees don’t care” to “I couldn’t do it without them”?

Discover Scott’s proven, field-tested management methodology that has leaders raving! Rooted in realworld experience, this simple, hard-skills coaching system will show you how to quickly diagnose an employee’s needs for given situation and prescribe the best corresponding coaching method to boost their performance. Regardless of your title or responsibility, if you manage other people, 30-Second Leadership will make your life a whole lot easier and their work a whole lot better.

Whether you are a small business owner or a front-runner in a large corporation, if you manage other people, 30-Second Leadership will provide you with immediate, powerful and lasting results.

A fantastic follow-up workshop to any of Scott’s keynotes! Get ready to see immediate, powerful results that will:

  • Empower your managers with simple, proven steps to engage and INSPIRE their employees
  • Create a common language among management for evaluating employee performance
  • Ensure top employees stay great, feel challenged and elevate others
  • Re-engage employees who may be bored, burnt out or slipping
  • Transform your employees into leaders who will help you grow your business


PROGRAM FOCUS: Motivation, Success, Culture, Mindset, Peak Performance, Overcoming Adversity, Change

This uplifting, content-rich program inspires attendees to embrace change, upgrade workplace performance and offers practical takeaways that immediately translate into actionable results.

Scott will teach your organization the three factors that determine outcome in any business situation. He’ll outline the difference between problem-solving and resiliency, and share five strategies for living and working with more strength and courage. Finally, he’ll explain how your group can create a culture of support and inclusiveness, so organizations thrive as a whole. This program is filled with actionable strategies, impactful stories and practical life lessons that will give your team lasting strength and inspiration.

Available as a keynote, breakout or half-day session, this customized program is perfect for leadership and management teams, front-line employees and is also a popular choice for all-hands meetings.

Audience members will learn how to:

  • Navigate more effectively through market change, burn-out and setbacks
  • Identify the three factors that impact results and focus on the areas where you have the most
  • control
  • Make smarter business decisions with more strategy, less emotion
  • Discover the most common mental blockers that sabotage business performance and how to
  • avoid them
  • Create a work culture that everyone can get behind and how to regularly reinforce it to promote
  • seamless teamwork and high-performance
  • Elevate the individual and group performance of your team

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