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Enterprise Social Technology Expert, Start-Up Pioneer & Partner in Future Point of View

Tech expert and author Scott Klososky is one of the most innovative, forward thinking technology and start-up pioneers of the information age. The former CEO of three successful tech start-up companies, and principal of Future Point of View, Klososky engages clients on a range of the technological issues of today, from IT support to social media technology. He focuses his efforts on helping organizations understand the broad scope of today's important enterprise social technologies and how they can implement effective socially facilitated selling.

Currently, Klososky is working to develop a website that provides users with a new publishing model. He is also a founder and part owner of Alkami Technology, a second generation online banking platform that provides users with expanded banking options.

Few people know the impact of technology better than Klososky. As a leader in digital and online tools, he shares a uniquely new, but seasoned view of the trends and topics that are changing how we do business, helping businesses and employees implement and apply the latest and greatest tech trends.

Speech Topics

Social Technologies (Social Media, Social Networking, and Social Relevance

SocialTech is the hottest trend in technology at the moment. Leaders are trying to figure out how to harness this powerful new suite of tools. In this presentation, Scott Klososky gives a top to bottom tutorial on the best practices for implementing a SocialTech strategy with impact.

Trends, Technology, and Taking the Lead

Technology is simply a tool, but in the right hands, it can be almost be magical in its ability to give us new capabilities. For this reason, it is critical to understand how technology can be fully leveraged in order to drive top-line revenues, or lower bottom-line costs. This is a talk that is both thought provoking and practical.

The Technology Integration of Man

The impact of technology over the next 50 years and how it will integrate into our lives and even in our bodies will be staggering. This presentation examines ten steps in which technology will integrate into our lives. Executives will be able to take the futuristic views and apply them to their current strategies.

A Technology Infused Leader

There are thousands of leadership books out on the market, and what all of them seem to be missing is any discussion of what a leader now needs to know about technology in order to be effective going forward. This talk is a very practical discussion of a handful of new concepts and ideas for what a leader must now be able to do well in order to lead effectively in the information age.


What risk professionals need to know about 3D printing

For every exciting possibility, opportunity, and grandiose promise of 3D printing technology, there lies the flip side of associated risks, instability, and potential liabilities. To help risk professionals navigate this tricky landscape, Scott Klososky, former CEO of three successful tech startups and partner at consulting firm Future Point of View, recently weighed in.

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