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Serena Washington  

Accountability Coach, International Radio Talk Show Host, Founder & President of 2 Covenant Mogul Publishing LLC

Dr. Serena Chukwuenye (Washington) is an established writer and devoutly religious woman. In 2012 she founded PCYSuccess Publishing University a service dedicated to helping new and accredited writers publish their works while educating in promotion and distribution. Dr. Washington has suffered through a great deal and has managed to thrive despite these setbacks through her unique ability to tap into her inner-self. She hopes to enlighten readers and help them through their struggles as she did for her own.

The experiment consistent of a tool they use to harass citizens and elected officials called voice to skull. Ryan Temple Jacksonville police officers in Arkansas forcefully arrested Dr. Serena Washington on her way to church on May 2011. She was also, subjected to an illegal experiment for years prior to this event, which led to the arrest in Jacksonville Arkansas and she was mentally threatened that her brother would be framed and sent to prison by a devise called voice to skull. Authority threaten her children using the same tactics. Dr. Washington struggles consist of a device called brain to skull used to threaten her if she doesn’t stop trying to expose the illegal experiment that so many people around the world is experiencing pain and suffering from.

The police who arrested me and the scientist who was experimenting on me tried to run over my children and turned my credit card off while I tried to purchase items for my children. I have police reports for both of these incidents that wasn’t used in court for my trial and I know if the report numbers would have been summited I would have won. In court my lawyer asked the police why he cut his microphone off before he got out of the police car. The police later cut the microphone back on after he harassed Dr. Serena Washington to make it look like she was fussing with him.

Second Covenant Mogul publishing/coaching with the power of Yahweh and following his teachings, the 2 Covenant Mogul publishing house aims at empowering everyone with success in life. The 2 Covenant Mogul publishing house aims at bringing forth the leadership skills amongst everyone. Their firm belief is that such success and leadership can be brought forth by the power of books and by a special process, which they call Supernatural Coaching.

The Second Covenant Mogul publishing/Coaching Company is a company which specializes in supernatural coaching techniques. The Coaches here are specially trained and are highly experienced at the jobs they do.

They believe in the power of supernatural coaching and thus help people of all ages and color, out of their problems. Everyone has a purpose in life. But most of the people are uncertain, for the longer part of their lives, as to what the purpose of their life is.

The coaches at the Second Covenant Mogul publishing/Coaching Company are specially trained and have special experience to help people recognize their purpose in life, and also help them find and follow the path which leads to the fulfillment of their purpose.


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Speech Topics

Seminar Topics

  • Abandonment and Abuse
  • Preparations for the Warrior Foe's
  • Ordered Footsteps / 1996 Restoration of the World
  • Supernatural Abilities to Survive
  • Unseen Enemy's Organized Wicked Rulers
  • Warrior Foe's Organized Leaders of Christ
  • Kingdom Living in 2012/Destiny


Woman tased by Jacksonville police settles lawsuit

JACKSONVILLE, AR - A woman who accused a Jacksonville police officer of excessive force and civil rights violations after she was tased in front of her children while walking to church has settled her lawsuit against the city of Jacksonville and one of its police officers.

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