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Shari Duddy    

Expert on Elementary Education

Shari Duddy is one of the best special education teachers in New Jersey. She has dedicated her life and career in making sure that children with special needs are given the education that they deserve. Ms Duddy has an experience of over 3 decades working for the betterment of special education in New Jersey and has established herself as an expert in this field. Ms Duddy holds a Masters of Education in Instruction, Curriculum and Administration degree from Kean University. She also holds a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consult Certification from William Paterson University of New Jersey and has recently completed her Supervisory certification. Ms Duddy’s career started as teacher for third grade pupils. Nowadays, she is a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant in New Jersey. She spent almost two decades of her career working on breakthroughs in special education methods and processes. She worked to bridge the gap between the kinds of education that special education children needed from those who were general education children. Ms Duddy is also a member of the Interventional and Referral Services team, where she played a crucial role in applying strategies in differentiating instructions for different kinds of special children’s needs. Ms Duddy has also worked on creating an effective curriculum for special children in subjects such as mathematics, social studies, and language arts. Her tireless efforts and work for the betterment of special education has caught the attention of the media. Ms Duddy’s work was highlighted in ‘What’s Right in American Education’. She has also been published on many newspaper and magazine articles, citing the work that she does—unique teaching techniques for special children. One of her career highlights was being able to join general education children and special education children in one classroom. It was a culmination of all her hard work and research. Her classes focused on each of the children’s needs and abilities instead of their disabilities. During this period, Ms Duddy was able to implement and test out her various teaching methods, strategies and techniques. Apart from her work as an innovator in the special education sector, Ms Duddy has also served as a case manager for learning disabled students wherein she worked to diagnose their learning issues and created programs that would suit their needs. She has also trained teachers from various school districts. Ms Duddy has also worked to involve the parents of children with special education needs by establishing ‘Coaching Parents for Special Education’. This group was made to help parents understand the needs of their children, how to ensure that they do not feel left out in the society or among their peers and how exactly does their disability affect their learning process. This group educates parents and empowers them with knowledge essential to make the right educational choices for their children with special education needs. Ms Duddy by recognising the importance that people, especially parents and educators need to put in understanding the needs of special education children aims to make more people understand these important issues. Her work speaks for itself and her dedication is remarkable. For Ms Duddy, there should never be a gap or a barrier between children with learning disabilities and success.


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