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CEO & Founder of SB Global; Expert in the Realm of Space Exploration and Innovation

Shelli Brunswick is an eminent figure in the realm of space exploration and innovation. With a wealth of experience spanning across a dynamic career, Brunswick's profound insights and visionary perspective have established her as a guiding force within the global space community.

Having embarked on a remarkable journey from distinguished roles within the U.S. Air Force to her current position as the CEO & Founder of SB Global, Brunswick's leadership acumen is nothing short of exceptional. Her leadership over diverse organizations reflects a deep understanding of the intricate tapestry that constitutes the global space ecosystem.

Championing key values nurtured during her military service, Brunswick is a fervent advocate for space technology innovation, diversity, and inclusion. Her collaborations worldwide, uniting the commercial, governmental, and educational sectors, underscore her commitment to fostering a harmonious and progressive space landscape.

A prolific author and sought-after keynote speaker, Brunswick's impact is truly global. She has delivered over 100 speeches and presentations in a single year, addressing audiences across continents on themes of career success, leadership, and workforce development. Her role as a thought leader and her engagement with esteemed think tanks such as the Hudson Institute and the Wilson Center, as well as being the BIED Society Executive Director for the Center for International Space Studies, illuminate her capacity to shape conversations around innovation and technology.

Notably, Brunswick's influence extends to the future as well. She has contributed her expertise to research initiatives for NASA and ESA, shaping our understanding of the evolving global space paradigm. As a stalwart advocate for women in space, her accolades- Top 100 Women of the Future in Emerging Technology, the Chief in Tech Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and more -aptly reflect her impactful presence. As a global champion, she was selected as one of the 100 Voices for Our Planet by the United Nations, demonstrating her impact across a diversity of stakeholders and economic sectors.

Beyond her professional achievements, Brunswick's leadership spans international organizations, further amplifying her reach. Her involvement with entities like the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs Space4Women Mentoring Program, WomenTech Network, World Business Angeles Investment Forum, and G100 Global Chair for Space Technology and Aviation underscores her dedication to nurturing talent and fostering global collaboration.

In the ever-expanding cosmos of space exploration, Brunswick stands as a beacon of inspiration, blazing trails and propelling us toward a boundless future. Join us as we delve into the profound wisdom and expertise that she brings to the forefront of space exploration and innovation.

Speech Topics

What's Space Got to Do With It? Unlocking Earth's Hidden Potential

  • Go beyond the stars: Discover how space technologies are revolutionizing everyday life, from farming to medicine, security to sustainability. Learn how space holds the key to a brighter future on Earth.
  • From Mars to Main Street: Explore the practical applications of space exploration, and see how innovations developed for the cosmos are improving lives right here on planet Earth.
  • Future-proof your organization: Gain insights into leadership, innovation, and diversity in the space industry, applicable to any field. Spark creativity and problem-solving with an interstellar perspective.

Interstellar Guide to Success: Lessons Learned from 25 Years in Space

  • Embrace the unknown: Learn how to navigate uncertainty and capitalize on unexpected opportunities, drawing on Shelli's experiences in the dynamic world of space exploration.
  • Dare to try: Discover the power of resilience and perseverance, even when facing seemingly insurmountable challenges. Let Shelli's "try anyways" approach ignite your own ambition.
  • Awareness, Access, Action: Build an empowering framework for personal and professional development. Unlock your potential with Shelli's interstellar guide to success.

Lead Like a Star: Become an Inspirational, Authentic, and Grateful Leader

  • Inspire through authenticity: Learn how to lead with transparency, vulnerability, and passion, forging genuine connections with your team.
  • Grateful leadership: Discover the power of gratitude in building a positive and productive work environment. Cultivate a culture of appreciation and motivate your team to reach for the stars.
  • Beyond titles: Embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn how to lead from within, regardless of your position in the organizational hierarchy.

Why Space Should Be Critical Infrastructure: Reconsidering What Matters

  • Space for essential services: Learn about how space provides the essential data and connectivity necessary for modern countries, industries, and communities to run. It also plays a vital role in national security as well as enabling our financial systems to run. Without space, systems we rely on every day would no longer work.
  • The frontier of innovation: Space technologies may be considered something reserved for space missions, but in reality, space innovation is applicable to the betterment of life on Earth. Explore how space technologies are adapted and applied for commercial use, as well as how tech companies are taking advantage of new opportunities building for the space industry.
  • Awareness equals funding future success: Awaken a new understanding of the role space plays in everyday life. Seeing space as critical infrastructure unlocks new possibilities for funding and protections that enable the industry to protect citizens and improve their lives in immeasurable ways.

Shifting Alliances: The Role of Space in the New World Order

  • Is there such a thing as safe space: As geopolitical lines are drawn and redrawn with alarming speed, explore the role of space technologies, such as satellites and drones, amid rising conflicts. With the invaluable information these technologies provide, space could represent a new battleground.
  • Space as a global commons: Still, no one owns space; common rules and understandings have existed for decades. Learn about the history of space treaties and why new frameworks are necessary to ensure fruitful, ongoing collaboration even amid challenging times.
  • Diplomacy works: Find out how diplomacy in space have led to some of the greatest scientific discoveries of our time. From the International Space Station, to India‚Äôs moon landing, to many successful international collaborations along the way, space has always been a uniter. With dozens of countries signing on to the Artemis Accords, new possibilities abound.

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