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Sheri Fitts    

Founder of ShoeFitts Marketing, Consultant & Creator

In the current disruptive sea change that's happening across the financial services industry, every interaction with clients and prospects is taking on new urgency, whether conducted in person or virtually. Sheri Fitts is a financial services marketing, sales and brand solutions expert who's challenging the way that financial services and fintech firms think about how they sell. An internationally recognized speaker, success coach, social media strategy author (Deconstructing Digital), and pioneering developer of digital emotional intelligence (digitalEQ™), she's helped financial services and fintech firms build brands, deepen client relationships, and drive sales and revenue growth.

From Utah to the UK, Fitts has shared her expertise as an enterprise-level marketer and small business owner with enthusiastic and engaged audiences. She's always passionate about exploring new ways to help industry leaders broaden their sales reach and marketing effectiveness. Going beyond talking-head delivery, Fitts consults industry leaders and their teams on how to radically shift their approaches to attracting best-fit clients and drive sales and retention goals.

Firmly believing that leading with the heart instead of the head is the best path to sustainability and growth, her firm, Sheri Fitts & Co, is once again innovating financial services sales and marketing with digitalEQ™, a turnkey virtual sales and marketing solution that offers financial professionals the digital tools and technical command they need to evolve towards more empathetic and personalized client engagement.

Speech Topics


If emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to discern, comprehend and manage our own emotions as well those of others, digitalEQ is the ability to evolve and apply EQ through digital channels. With attendance limited to 50 or fewer participants, the hands-on digitalEQ™ Workshop offers a deep dive into the digitalEQ playbook, ultimately culminating with each attendee crafting a personalized action plan. With facilitated discussions and exercises in how to foster EQ in digital as well as real-life meetings.

Key benefits:

  • Close more business by fusing technology, empathy, marketing strategy and brand equity with emotional intelligence
  • Increase your team's productivity during a time of client transitions by communicating EQ in every interaction
  • Empower your team to deepen relationships by leveraging EQ-even in a fast-paced business environment
  • Discover how empathy and patience lead to more constructive conversations, making clients happier and relationships potentially more profitable


Think of today's great consumer brands - Apple, Starbucks, Zappos. These companies have profoundly shifted their focus from commodities (cell phones, coffee, shoes) to the customer for long-term sustainable competitive advantage. The "secret sauce" these companies are bottling is simple: they get personal and connect at a human level. They create fierce brand loyalty, and those ecstatic fans willingly refer new customers.

By focusing on exceeding expectations and "out-caring" the competition, attendees can drive new relationships and growth for their firms. To be successful, organizations must deliver a customer-centric brand experience that leads to referrals and a competitive advantage for their practice. Out Care Your Competition attendees will discover the essential elements that can turn customer-centric businesses into referrals and new growth for their practice.

Key benefits:

  • Align product and service delivery with a client-centric strategy
  • Identify brand touchpoint opportunities
  • Creating a winning customer experience
  • Provide a memorable experience for all humans that engage with thier brand
  • Build word-of-mouth into their brand


New financial services regulation has flattened the competitive landscape. Soon, every advisor will be a fiduciary and levelized comp the norm. Fees will be compressed as the robo-onslaught continues. This session will show you how to change the conversation by rethinking the power and value of brand.

Key benefits:

  • Build brand equity by framing your value proposition in terms that elicit an emotional response to your brand in client interactions
  • Improve your close rate by finding more best-fit clients, uncovering true needs and validating the connection between those needs and how you want to spend your time
  • Deepen client relationships in ways that increase client satisfaction and helps earn you new business
  • Infuse passion into your brand, making it the cornerstone of your sales, client onboarding and service activities


Are you ready to be purposeful about your camera confidence? Can you bring that confidence into your delivery and interactions - when there are zero social clues available in a virtual conversation?

Are you ready to use this time of change to step up your game and challenge yourself to Own Your Impact; intentionally, powerfully, purposefully.

Get ready to do just that! Join us for a different kind of virtual event. One specifically created for women. Of course, you'll learn the technology and techniques. And then we'll go further - lights, camera angle, makeup, posture, voice inflection and more.

You'll learn:

  • Simple ways to punch up your on-camera performance - from voice modulation to breathing and posture
  • Free and freemium technology to help you create and construct beautiful presentations that engage and enlighten
  • Powerful tips for owning your voice, bringing others into the conversation and creating connections across the virtual chasm
  • Multiple ways to increase your camera confidence and own your impact!

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