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Silouan Green  

Former US Marine, PTSD Activist, Founder of Everon LLC

A tragic jet crash while serving as a US Marine followed by a whole host of complications and medical conditions descended Silouan into the hell of post traumatic stress disorder (or PTSD), depression, suicidal impulses, long-term pain, and a completely shattered life. It was here, staring into the abyss, that he was given a choice, continue down the same devastating path, or live free. He chose to live free.

It began by buying a motorcycle and guitar after selling everything else he owned. As he learned to play the guitar and write songs he became more adept at riding the motorcycle and on the day he was disability discharged from the US Marine Corps he took off on an epic two-year trek. He road for over 30,000 miles and packed a lifetime of adventure into just 24 months.

He met his wife on that trip and she joined him for almost 8,000 miles of the journey! Camping on the rim on the Grand Canyon, pitching a tent in Yellowstone surrounded by Buffalo and Elk, they trailblazed over mountain passes and many more incredibly vistas. Since then, they’ve been married 17 years and have eight children whom they home school! The adventure continues as they raise their children with a spirit that life was meant to be lived with meaning and purpose, each day an opportunity for something amazing. He is living proof God created us to live with purpose, and whatever the circumstances, we can use our brokenness as fuel to live free.

But it’s not just his own life and that of his family that Silouan’s journey has impacted. He has traveled over half a million miles the last decade helping thousands begin their own amazing journeys even when they were living in the darkest of places. Whether through his speaking, music, books, or workshops, his message is a flaming arrow of hope, direction, and practical advice.

Inspired by his own journey, Silouan created The Ladder UPP life skills program based on his own recovery and it has helped give people around the world hope and a plan to truly make the most of life’s trials and transitions. With The Ladder UPP, Silouan has worked at Walter Reed, with the US Marines, the Army, the National Guard, Willow Creek Community Church and various other groups, organizations and mental health professionals. He also speaks to police and other first responders around the country as a national lecturer for the Public Agency Training Council. The United States #1 public training agency.

He has the tools to help you make the most of your life. If you are living in a dark place, he can help get you out. Or if you are just tired of muddling, a new journey can begin today. Even if it seems overwhelming, every moment is a chance to take a step towards a life that matters. It could be picking up a guitar, volunteering, taking a long walk, stepping foot in that church down the street from your home. You are not alone, we all know what it is like to face our demons and feel like we are alone. But you are not alone, none of us are. You can prove that to yourself by reaching out to help someone just like you.

Speech Topics

Understanding and Responding to PTSD

Overcoming Adversity

Helping At-Need Veterans Come Home

Peer Support and Resiliency for Law Enforcement

Pro-Active Leadership Principles

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