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Simon Silva  

Creativity Crusader, Artist & Author

Simón Silva was born in Mexicali, Mexico in 1961 and came to the United States when he was just over a year old. He worked as a migrant field worker to earn money to pay for his college tuition and graduated from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in California with his Bachelor’s degree in art.

Simón Silva has been a creativity crusader (artist), author and speaker for more than 20 years, with clients and collectors from all over the world. He knows firsthand the importance of education, as he is the only person in his family to have graduated from both high school and college. One of eleven children in a family of migrants, he grew up as a migrant student and relied heavily on his artistic skills and interest to cope with what was at times, a difficult childhood.

He has been married for 33 years and is a father to three sons: Josué, Francisco, and Emilio. He grew up tri-lingual, communicating in: English, Spanish, and through Art. Simón wants to help create a society of critical thinkers and problem solvers, which will bring change to our world. Simón Silva is bringing creativity back!


Speech Topics

The Creativity Advantage: Creating Equity For All Students

“In the world today, there is renewed interest in the term, “creativity.” It is no longer a word reserved exclusively for artists, musicians, or scientists. Ushering in a new era in education, the word "creativity" is being heralded as an essential 21st century skill.” – Simón Silva

In recent months since the arrival of Covid 19, individuals have lost jobs and struggled to find ways to stay relevant in the 21st century job market. Most individuals have only focused on one of their many abilities/talents and thus leaving themselves susceptible to the 21st job market. Is there a way to use the arts to nurture all of our student’s abilities/talents and make them indispensable in the 21st Century Job market? Is there a way to use the Arts as a foundation to enhance individuality and confidence? How can the Arts enhance everyone’s 21st Century Skills?

Simón provides educators a clearer understanding of the visual arts and practical projects to enhance everyone’s creativity and help individuals succeed in the 21st Century Job Market.

The Importance of Creativity In Leadership

In global survey of 1,500 CEO’s, IBM found that creativity was considered to be the number 1 leadership trait for the future:

"more than rigor, management discipline, integrity or even vision - successfully navigating an increasingly complex world will require creativity."

Why? Leaders will need to be creative (solve problems in new and useful ways) to stay abreast of rapid change. Further, they will need to orchestrate and encourage creativity across all the levels for which creativity is important. They will need to identify and develop creativity in individuals, build and nurture creativity in teams and set the culture and align processes to promulgate creativity throughout the whole organisation.

Simón has conducted keynote presentations numerous community colleges, universities and conferences around the country.

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