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Somto Okeke Charles is a vibrant & innovative young entrepreneur whose strong abilities which includes concept and strategy development. Somto Okeke Charles served as a leader Coach in life empowerment organizations,As a keynote speaker for Speakers Den

Somto Okeke Charles,As a speaker who speaks on Entrepreneurship 21st century Education,life skill,personal development and my mandate to raise a new generation

Our Vision:-To make positive impact needed globally. Our Mission:-To help people discover thier passion in other to attain success. Our Motto:-"We GROW as you GROW."

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The Game Of Choice By Somto Okeke Charles


Choice according to Encarta dictionary “act of choosing something or somebody: a decision to choose one thing, person, or course of action in preference to other.

Life is a game of choice! It depends on your win or loss rate. It can only be visualized through the thought of your mind. Life gives chance to failure and success but uprightness to those that are diligent at work which starts from the mindset. Great men acquired success because they tried, which depends on their success or failure rate, for their success does not depend on the change recognised but impart seen. If you don’t try to get out of life what it has for you, life can’t get back to you what it has in stock for you unless you try. ‘’gaining success is being bold, filled with desire accompanied with faith.’’ By-Somto Charles Okeke

?••So be decisive when choosing your

1) FRIENDS A common adage says ‘’ show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.’’ Positive friends attract positive gain. Therefore be decisive on the kind of friends you make . So get attracted to the friends that are reliable, passionate to run with your vision, advisers (not competitors) and accurate with information. But ‘’do you know that both good and bad friends show love!’’ but depends on the way in which one shows his or her love. So be decisive when you are chosen a friend.

2) LOCATION A place were positive or negative impacts are seen and displayed are liable to affect, amend, position, educate or corrupt the life style of an individual living in such area or vicinity. ‘’poor people are liable to think and act like the poor, rich people are liable to think and act like the rich.’’ Therefore what differentiates the rich from the poor is challenges, ability to try something new and their mindset. So living in a location of the rich craves your mindset to think of ideas in other to become rich which makes you exposed to their lifestyle of success . So change your location to an appropriate one that will suit your purpose in life. ‘’a wrong location would amount to a wrong position.’’ never accept a FATE as a defeat but as a STATE to pull your drive for SUCCESS . -By Somto Charles Okeke..

3) APPEARANCE Your appearance depicts your image which tells more about your value. ‘’appearance according to the encarter dictionary means ‘’an outward aspect of something or somebody that creates a particular impression’’. Appearance plus competence gives an impression to your audience of your worth. Justify your appearance by a well defined competence.


• Choice of learning is a process, seeking platform is an act.

• Persistence without procrastination makes great impact.

• Creations are foreseen thoughts of the mind.

• success depends on focus, failure depends on lack of concentration.

• Failure is not a predominant entity, but it a tool for success .

• In ALL things put God first

Written, Composed & Compiled By-Somto Charles Okeke


Independence Day (Nigeria) - The Emergence of a New Country @55
Nigeria a country of greatness filled with natural resources and greater possibilities, but we lack 3 important factors: ? INTEGRITY ? PURPOSE & ? ECONOMIC BREAK DOWN Due to the previous administration. This has changed the orientation of most youth, leading to youthful lust which attracts corruption, theft and cyber crimes. Nigeria an abled state, blessed in wealth and natural resources has its wealth and resources allocated to the majority/elites of which such are meant to be used in the development of the country, of which it paints an image of a democratic government seems to be practicing a system of oligarchy or plutocracy . The minority looks for fraudulent/proper way to success, of which it occurs most to the youth exposed to the trend/influence of their society, environment and friends. The economy from its century was never like this from the emergence of an authoritarian head of state, known as the "Militants" who were not also above corruption but stood for their right as militants. But we civilians want it the crooked way in other to satisfy pleasure and overcome all way of challenges to get to the top. We should imbibe ? INTEGRITY ? TRUST & ? RIGHTFUL PURPOSE To acquire a great height of a new government. The government Nigeria was established, and gained independence on purpose at which those purpose can be fulfilled only if change can start from one person. It starts from you and I, change is constant of which it starts from us, which has to do with a changed mindset and uphold what we stand for. In life exposure is key. Government cant give us all we want but with your motive for change, you can change the world and the whole of Africa, of which I perceive that should be your dream also. Written and Composed By Somto Okeke Charles Passion Coach

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