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Stephanie Jiroch    

Women's Lifestyle Coach, Writer + Founder at Flirt With Life

I am the founder and creator of Flirt With Life, a premier lifestyle coaching company.

As a womens empowerment coach, I help women break free from the constraints of their past so that they can live a life with ease, confidence, courage and without regret.

I have a passion for great health, fabulous relationships, inspirational writing, world travel, and living life to the fullest. I believe life is most enjoyed with a positive mindset and aim to never settle for just average.Like most young women Ive lived inside someone elses expectations and dreams. Ive been the target of whats best for you opinions. I grew up at the mercy of my familys growing law firm with the expectations of joining the family legacy. My dreams my goals were of little importance to the overall good of the familys reputation.

And then the unthinkable happened. Within 10 years I lost nearly every single family member that mattered to me. For the first time in life I was able to make the decisions that best worked for me. I was able to pick where I lived, how I lived, who I loved, how I made money and even {as simple as this sounds} what my favorite color was {its pink if you couldnt guess}.

Dont get me wrong, my family was just as warm, generous and loving as the next. They cared for humanity, gave to charities and shared laughs over homemade apple pie. But their opinions mattered the world to me and in the end, were leading me down a path that {if continued} would have led me farther and farther from my dreams.

I wouldnt wish the death of close family members upon anyone but the silver lining through the multiple storms was my own identity, its evolution and the strength to reach for dreams that were once before frowned upon.

As of today Ive traveled to over 13 countries {and Ive lived in 3}; learned Mandarin, French and Spanish; became my own boss; ran with the bulls in Pamplona; dated men ranging from chefs to CEOs, bartenders to surgeons; and have lived, laughed and loved on my terms.

I may not write for Cosmo (yet) and I am no licensed couples counselor but I do know what its like to be in-love, heartbroken, the heart-breaker, single, coupled-up, healthy, sick, overweight, underweight and stressed out. I am a friend, a writer and a lover. Ive traveled all over the world, been engaged (and un-engaged), had breakdowns, and dated some of the most interesting men in the world.

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