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Stephanie Marston  

Work & Life Balance Expert

Stephanie Marston is a productivity, stress and work-life balance expert, a dynamic motivational speaker and bestselling author. She is dedicated to providing people with the tools that reduce stress, increase productivity and improve their health and well-being. Stephanie is the creator of the Unique Online Stress/Work-Life Course, 30 Days to Sanity™.

Marston is the bestselling author of 30 Days to Sanity: Strategies to Reduce Stress and Live a Meaning-Driven Life; Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Life Lessons for Women: 7 Essential Ingredients for a Balanced Life; and If Not Now, When? Reclaiming Ourselves at Midlife.

One of the most sought-after stress, resiliency and productivity experts in the country, Marston has conducted national and international seminars for more than 100,000 employees, corporate executives and women. Fortune 500 companies, global corporations, women’s and healthcare organizations and professional associations have sought her expertise to assist them in reducing stress, increasing productivity and creating a culture of satisfaction and well-being for their employees.

Stephanie Marston has appeared on numerous radio and television programs such as Oprah, The Today Show, The Early Show, CNN Headline News, and Women to Women. She also contributes regularly to publications such as Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, Reader's Digest, Better Homes & Gardens, PTA Today, Woman's World, New Woman, and Working Mother.

Stephanie Marston is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with more than 30 years’ experience in stress management, productivity and work-life issues. She delivers programs to corporations, professional conferences, healthcare and women’s organizations, associations, and the general public.

Speech Topics

If Not Now, When?: Reclaiming Ourselves at Midlife

Life Lessons for Women: 7 Essential Ingredients for a Balanced Life

Life Lessons for Busy People: Bust Stress, Boost Success – Sanity Saving Solutions for a Balanced Life

30 Days Taking Care of Yourself

Most healthcare providers didn't choose their careers because of the great hours, pay, and working conditions. They chose it out of dedication, devotion, and compassion to their fellow human beings. Caregivers make countless sacrifices each day - but how do they balance the ever-challenging demands of their profession with their own real needs? The reality is that your staff cannot persevere and practice to their full potential if they are physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually exhausted.

Speaker Stephanie Marston teaches easy-to-implement techniques and self-care tools that will rejuvenate, renew, and revitalize your staff and reinvigorate their commitment. This program will teach participants how to take care of themselves so they can care for others more effectively. They will learn easy-to-apply yet highly effective tools and techniques that will have a significant impact both professionally and personally. These proven techniques offer hope, health, and healing for your staff, which translate to improved patient care, satisfaction scores, and your bottom line.

30 Days Working Smarter

Are you working 60-80 hours a week? Would you like to learn how to be more productive at work so you can achieve the same results in less time? The reality is that the way we're working isn't working. Only 20 percent of us - one out of every five people - are fully engaged at work. Forty percent are actively disengaged. And according to the US Bureau of Labor, stress costs US business more than $400 billion annually. Employers who ignore stress will take a hit in higher costs and lower productivity.

In this program, speaker Stephanie Marston teaches participants practical strategies they can apply to immediately improve their work performance, boost their value as an individual contributor and teammate, increase resiliency and job satisfaction, and find a healthier work-life balance. "30 Days" helps people recover at least 60 minutes of productivity per day, currently lost to inefficient work habits.

30 Days to Sanity

30 Days to Sanity™ is a unique, highly interactive on-line stress/work-life program created and presented by Stephanie Marston. The program provides the guided support over time that promotes lasting behavioral change with the intimacy and dynamism of personal coaching. 30 Days to Sanity™ takes people through a step-by-step process where they will learn easy to use, yet highly effective strategies and best practices that will make a significant differencein both their professional and personal lives.

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