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Steve helps organizations get ReTooled and ReFueled so they can fast-forward their sales and improve the skills and performance of their workforce.

Speaking over 150 times a year...STEVE DIGGS is a one of America's most sought after keynote speakers, corporate/leadership trainers, seminar leaders and motivators.

Book Steve at or [email protected] or 615.300.8263.

     Always fresh, on message, and up to the minute, Steve has shared his insights over **3,000 times on five continents**.** A national bestselling author of ten books and 100's of articles,** Steve is an award winning marketing and communications expert who inspires his audiences with wit, storytelling, and an encyclopedic knowledge of branding, marketing, leadership strategies, ethics in the workplace, & life skills.

    ** CNN has called Steve a "public relations expert."**

     Steve isn't a comedian...he's a humorist who communicates with lots of audience interaction and eye-candy. Steve delivers what he calls **The 5 E's: Educate, Entertain, Enrich, Encourage, and Enthuse™ **as he helps his audiences get beyond the noise, so they can enjoy the symphony of their lives.

     In addition to corporate/professional events, conventions, universities, keynotes, non-profits, cruise ships, and numerous local firms; Steve has shared his insights with some of America's best known brands like **American Airlines, McDonalds, Wal-Mart, FedEx, BMW, CBS Radio, US Airways, CNN, Princess Cruises, Mercedes-Benz, H&R Block, Ethan Allen, Furniture, Hampton Inns, Colonial Insurance, CBS Radio, and Celebrity Cruise Line.**

     When Steve steps onto the platform, he brings years of experience in the advertising, communication, broadcast, real estate, and entertainment businesses. You may have seen him on CNN, or CBS Radio, or if in Nashville, as Fox TV's "Resident Money & Life-Skills Coach."

     Currently, ***The Big Picture with Steve Diggs™ ***is airing nationally on public television and is heard around the world on radio.

     And when it comes to leadership strategies and business ethics, Steve knows his stuff! His concepts are built on decades of real-world experience. In academia, Steve taught college. Professionally, he became a renowned private investor.

     In the business world, Steve founded 5 companies including a record label, two publishing companies, and a broadcast production firm. But the crown jewel was his wildly successful 25-year career as head of the Franklin Group, Steve's internationally award-winning advertising agency.

     In the late 1990's, ***Steve launched Coast to Coast Gold™ ***– a nationally syndicated radio show where he shared his knowledge of the music from the 1950's and 1960's, and interviewed stars like Pat Boone, Bobby Vinton, Martha Reeves, and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

      In 2000, Steve sold The Franklin Group, Inc. and began a full-time speaking career. Today he speaks, on average, more than 150 times each year to audiences around the world. He remains a busy writer and business owner.

      Steve and Bonnie were married in 1976. But their love story actually began in February 1972 when, on their first date, Steve told Bonnie that he was going to marry her. Steve says, "So far, so good...she's been picking my option up every year!" Their top priority is serving Jesus and reflecting Him to others. The couple has four grown children and four grandchildren. Home is in Brentwood, Tennessee (a Nashville suburb) where the couple can be seen traveling the road on their motorcycle.

Reach Steve at [email protected] or 615.300.8263.

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This unique presentation is designed for everyone on your team! It will take your employees by the hand and teach them 3 vital skills:

1) How to Relate and Communicate More Effectively with Management.

2) How to Play Better in the Sandbox with Their Co-Workers

3) How to Better Serve and Communicate with Your Customers

Brand YOU: How to Build Your Personal Brand and Get Noticed™

Based on his nationally acclaimed book, Putting Your Best Foot Forward, and built on Steve's 25 years as CEO of a leading advertising agency and broadcast production firm...this is a life-changer!

Your audience will learn how to brand themselves so they can effectively communicate their life messages in clear, persuasive, and memorable ways.

Confessions of an Ad Man: A Funny Romp...Filled with Vital Insights™

For 25 years, Steve was CEO of a major regional advertising agency in Nashville. Today, he shares his intriguing insights in Confessions of an Ad Man. This is a fun romp as Steve explains how marketers sell us stuff...then he goes deeper showing his audiences how to truly communicate so others will "hear." This is a one- of-a-kind presentation...funny, poignant, and eye opening.

The Leadership Summit: The Heart, Mind, and Attitude of a Leader™

The Principles of Principled Leaders™

The Leadership Summit is where Steve inspires your team in 3 sessions: The Heart of a Leader, the Mind of a Leader, and The Attitude of a Leader. Eye-Opening!

POP Goes the Music! A Fun Romp Thru the First Two Decades of RnR™

In the 1990's, Steve hosted Coast to Coast Gold...his national radio show where he interviewed the biggest stars from the early rock n' roll era. Today, Steve takes his audiences backstage with funny and poignant stories about the famous people he's known and worked with...and the life-lessons he learned through those experiences in his popular presentation, POP Goes the Music! AND...Yes, Steve will tell you about his time with ELVIS, too!

Successful Conflict Resolution: Going from Compromise to Consensus™

Drawn from the pages of Steve's popular book, Stop Running on Empty, this very special presentation is where Steve applies his 25 years in the marketing business and teaches the audience how to brand themselves so they can effectively communicate their life messages in clear, persuasive, and memorable ways.

We all have an "Essential Target Market" or "ETM." Whether your ETM is a prospective customer, your spouse, your employer, or your kids-without effective personal branding your "life message" will get lost in the "clutter."

Fun...and inspiring!

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Snooze Alarms are for Losers!™ (And 6 Others Time Management Techniques)

We each get 24 hours...1440 minutes...86,400 seconds per day. The only remaining question: "How are we using that time?"

This is where pulls out all the stops...and shows his audience a fistful of easy things that will add hours to every day.

You'll especially enjoy Steve's "6 Deadly Time Thieves...and How to Make Them Vanish!"

NexGen Selling, Closing & Negotiating: The Ultimate Selling Event™

"Get-It-Done" Bottom-Line Focused Selling!

A legendary salesman himself, this is where Steve puts a jetpack on each member of your team...with takeaways they can begin using tommow.

For over four decades Steve has distinguished himself as both a star salesman and sales trainer. As always, Steve is funny-but this is the button-down, take-no-prisoners, get-it-done presentation your people will never forget!

Designed for both novice and veteran salespeople alike, this is the presentation where Steve shares The 3 P's of "Get-It-Done" Selling!™

Your people will have eye-opening moments as Steve shares The 12 Crowbar Truths of Killer Selling, Closing, & Negotiating.™ Filled with real-life examples and illustrations, your audience will be inspired and motivated to stop accepting the status quo-and go for the gold!

Finally, Steve will trace his career as a recording artist who eventually built a nationally successful radio and television production/marketing company based on the principle of Alternative Success.™ No matter how long your team has sold-this will open their eyes to possibility-selling like never before!

No Debt No Sweat: The Personal Money Management Seminar™

Based on Steve's bestselling book by the same name, this is Steve's most popular event...presented over 500! With 70% of Americans struggling with their money...thoughtful employers, churches and non-profits call Steve in to present this funny and life-changing personal money management seminar. This is where your team will learn to Beat the Debt Cycle, Teach Their Kids, Improve Their Marriages, Pay for College, Buy Cars and Insurance the Correct Way, and Prepare for a Dignified Retirement.

Bottom Line: This is where people learn to GET IT. GROW IT. GIVE IT.

The Art of Effective Negotiation: Going from "No" to Yes"™

For 40 years Steve has distinguished himself as one of America's most capable negotiators.

This is the presentaion where Steve will train your audience to use his 15 Secrets of the Best Negotiators Who've Ever Sucked Air™

How to Have a Marriage That Lasts... and Kids Who Don't! ™

Perfect for Conference Breakouts, Retreats...Profits & Non-Profits!

This humorous, fast-paced, upbeat presentation is for any parent-whether the kids are two or twenty-two. Based in part on material from his nationally acclaimed books, this is the presentation where Steve will share the 6 principles for having a successful, passionate marriage...and raising outward-focused, self-reliant children. He will share the things that he and Bonnie did right (and, wrong) as they prepared their four children to be real-world, take-no-prisoners adults.

How to Speak Like a Super Hero! (Professional Tips for the Not-So-Professional Speaker)™

Based on Steve's popular book by the same name, this is the fun presentation where Steve will take your audience by the hand and teach them the techniques Steve has used, taught-and, in some cases, developed! These are professional tips for the Not-So-Professional Speaker. Whether you're called on to make the occasional presentation at work, need to do a killer toast, teach a class, or speak at a club meeting-you'll love this material!

Free to Succeed™

Based on his nationally acclaimed book by the same name, this is where Steve confronts the counterfeit of easy success. The pop culture tells us that to be successful and happy we have to have more of 3 things: stuff, sex, and money. Of course if that were true, it would stand to reason that the happiest families would all be in Hollywood! This is the presentation where Steve challenges such a worldview. Free To Succeed explores the road less traveled and explodes some of the most revered myths about success and achievement.


Based on his Top 10 National Bestseller of the same name, this is Steve's popular presentation where he equips your audience with a totally new set of skills: 1) How to rethink and refine success. 2) How to overcome the stuff that separates us...3 keys for effective conflict resolution. 3) The 6 Traits of the Great Mentors. 4) How to Build "BRAND YOU" 4) How to See Less Tunnel...and More Light.

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