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Health Activist, Writer, Wellness Coach, Inspiration

He was born in Palm Beach County in Florida. He attended Barton Elementary, Alexander D. Henderson University School, Santaluces High School and Palm Beach State College respectively.

His weight gain started early and not for the normal reasons. He would eventually and finally come to the realization that glands and hormones would play a part. By high school his weight had become a hindrance and humiliation but being associated with the Choral groups and state award winning Santaluces High School Marching Chiefs band gave him a group of peers to relate and to befriend. But depression started here and also his twenty year plus addiction to alcohol and nicotine. By high school's end he was playing in bands and continued to do so after graduation and also in his new resident state of North Carolina.

Music has always been his passion and he continued it as his vocation for most of his adult life. He is well versed in the many standard genres of the field and has also played ethnic music including German, Latin and various others. The lifestyle and poor life decisions only fueled his depression and the alcoholism continued to increase. He thought that the only way out of his predicament was to slowly but steadily drink himself to death. His weight gain had exploded along with the associated, weight-related issues including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, severe arthritis, back pain, etc.

In 1997 he experienced his first real brush with death, having a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in lungs) and was attended to at Baptist Medical Center in Winston Salem, NC. Despite doctors warnings he continued to smoke and drink and quite frankly, disregard most recommendations regarding his health. It was here he was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism (slow thyroid function) and given medication. Soon with his tolerance for booze increased, he would consume over a fifth a day of 100 proof vodka and a half gallon of orange juice EVERY evening, trying to numb his deepening depression and suicidal thoughts. After the turn of the century he started experiencing tingling in his feet and toes. This progressed into which he would later find out to be peripheral neuropathy. The numbness and excruciating pain made his balance an issue and walking became extremely painful. Regular falls would begin to occur and several able-bodied medics and rescue personnel would have to be summoned to get him up again. This continued at regular intervals until his final fall in July 2009.

After acting upon worry from his family he admitted himself into Lake Norman Regional Medical Center to receive treatment. It was here that he met Dr. Mahdi Ajjan MD. A resident there he convinced Steve that it was time to try and initiate some kind of weight loss plan. After agreeing that the best way for him to do that would be the natural one, he was treated for COPD, neuropathy and arthritis and sent to Brain Center Rehabilitation also in Mooresville. After a two month stay and working with physical therapists to strengthen his legs and arms, he left the facility on 24hr oxygen and in a wheelchair. Once home he continued his internet research and began acquiring the information that would invariably save his life.

Using trusted websites and sources from learned doctors like Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Daniel Amen Dr Joel Fuhrman and others, he constructed a new nutritional life plan. Then researching exercises and tweaking them to his limitations and using nothing more than a few barbells and some ankle/wrist weights he literally began dancing in his recliner to his favorite music. Before long he was standing with his walker and marching in place. After four months his first initial weight loss was 156lbs ! This affirmation was all he needed to cement his will and determination and with fiery tenacity, he began pushing himself mentally and physically beyond his comfort zone.

Knowing now that there was no place to go but further and faster down his road to health, he began to exceed his wildest dreams of recovery, shedding pounds and medications one by one. He found that by using nutritional medicine and vigorous exercise, he has eradicated and reversed almost all of his previous conditions to date.

Alas, though most of his ailments have lessened and even disappeared, the skin and tissue that will remain once he has met his goal weight, will unfortunately not. He has also sadly but truly gone completely broke while attempting this Herculean feat of determination. Please find it in your heart to donate whatever you see fit, to help Steven reclaim his life and be able to go on to do wonderful and inspirational things in the future. His dream now is to found and create a non-profit organization (NPO) that would try and immediately help those desperate souls just like him, that still need care, support and initiative from people that actually know how to get them the help they will need to have and LIVE normal lives.

He then appeared on the Charlotte Today Show which focused on his attempt at reaching out to others through his Facebook Group ~ Steve's Massive Weight Loss Fan Page:

and his personal webite Steve Nicander Health Page - Healthful Hope

On September 22nd 2011, Jeff Campbell of Charlotte, NC WCNC News36, aired an interview of Steven's story on the morning show. Since then it has appeared on NBC, ABC, CNN, HLN, CBS, MSNBC, FOX and many more

It has now been posted on YouTube

and is getting worldwide attention!

He recently appeared on Oprah's Final Season Weight Loss Finale Show on May 10th, 2011 being hand picked as a part of 100 most loyal watchers who lost over at least one hundred pounds !!

Steve has received messages and emails from all over the country and beyond. Europeans and others have been talking about this inspirational story that shows us that whatever you want to change in life, you must only trust in yourself and keep focused on your path and eventually you will be able to overcome.

Thank You For Visiting tell friends and family, collegues and peers this heart-warming story of steadfast Willpower,Inspiration, Determination and PERSISTENCE ... after all ... IT IS THE KEY !!!!

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