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Young Adult Author & Youth Activist; Speaks on Topics Such as Suicide, Child Abuse, Runaways & Bullying

Steve Simpson has been called as an expert speaker on CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and many talk shows such as Geraldo Rivera, Montel Williams, Sally Jessy Raphael, Ricki Lake and The Joe Franklin Show. Many newspapers and magazines have featured articles about him or published his own works, such as the New York Daily News, Newsday, Beverly Hills Times Magazine and Fostering Families Today. Steve has also appeared on a multitude of radio programs throughout the country. Steve has been ranked as one of the top speakers on Suicide prevention by Speakerpedia and his books have been listed in the school curriculum by the National Runaway Safeline.

An author of 4 young adult books, Steve has made a unique tool by writing extremely entertaining and action packed fiction novels that grab the attention of young readers. While the characters in his books go through all the excitement in the story they simultaneously deal with the very real problems that teenagers and young adults deal with today which primes the young reader to be ready when they get to the insert, The Teenage and Young Adult Survival Handbook which are in all of Steve’s books. This makes for a camouflage for a young person to go on the premise of asking for the fiction novel but having access to the nonfiction insert, to help deal with their many issues or allows for a concerned professional to discreetly offer help without putting a young person on the spot about their problems.

Just like The Teenage and Young Adult Survival Handbook Steve speaks to his audiences about suicide, self-esteem and depression, running away, children of alcoholics, bullying, child abuse as well as verbal abuse and the long term effects it has and surviving back to school syndrome. He even covers surviving the holidays in a dysfunctional home. Steve covers all of these issues in a very entertaining way, discussing his own childhood and how he survived through them.

Steve grew up in an alcoholic home with child abuse, both physical and verbal. He was suicidal from the age of 11 on and was running away from home by the age of 12. He eventually ended up in foster care because of all the dysfunction and abuse. Steve didn’t just have low self-esteem, he had no self-esteem. At his first years in school he was as he called himself a “Z Student”, the opposite of an A Student. Steve not only survived all of these things but gained self-esteem and actually became an A Student. He is now a very successful businessman and highly publicized writer and public speaker. Because Steve speaks from a personal perspective his listeners are put at ease and pay more attention to what he is saying. Aside from mentioning the issues, Steve gives many suggestions of how to deal with them and resources of where to go to get help. He doesn’t just mention statistics, but he gives hope to those at his speaking engagements


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