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Steven Hausman  

Expert speaker on emerging technologies and the future.

Dr. Steven Hausman can provide you with a glimpse of the future and an understanding of emerging technologies that include 3D printing, nanotechnology, robotics, bionics and human enhancement, aging research, brain-machine interactions, Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) and much more. Steve, with over thirty-one years experience as a researcher, administrator and senior executive at the world's premier biomedical research organization, the National Institutes of Health, can provide an exciting glimpse of the future to your group. He is as comfortable presenting to scientific meetings and plenary sessions in large auditoriums as he is talking to venture capitalists and corporate directors in small conference rooms.

Steve has a talent for describing complex concepts in science and technology (and their social and ethical implications) in an entertaining and easy-going manner using humor, personal experiences and clear and understandable language while drawing from his large repertoire of movies, images, and news articles.

As a client said, "Your mastery of the information coupled with the exciting visuals made this a totally engaging experience..." and "You opened a door to the future that is truly exhilarating."


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Speech Topics

Nanotechnology: The Very Small Looms Very Large

An overview of the rapidly-growing area of nanotechnology which entails working with materials in the 1-100 nanometer range (for example, a sheet of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick and a human fingernail grows about one nanometer in a second). This presentation discusses the latest engineering and medical applications of nanotechnology illustrated by graphics and videos.

Home of the Future: No Need to Wait

Much has been said about the revolution in new technologies that will lead to the home of the future. But there is no need to wait. Many elements of this are available now, including home automation, alternative energy and zero-energy houses.

3D Printing: The Next Disruptive Technology

3D printing is a manufacturing process that involves adding materials to create the desired finished product. This is in contrast to traditional methods of manufacturing that are "subtractive" and involve drilling, cutting and the like. 3D printing is applicable not only to inanimate objects but can also be used to create living structures like organs.

Due Diligence and Emerging Technologies

It is the role of Boards of Directors to oversee a company's risk management activities. This, however, is becoming increasingly more difficult when board members may lack the expertise to deal with issues raised by emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, 3D printing, robotics and bionics. They may not know the significance of the information that has been presented to them by management, know what questions to ask to determine its validity or don't realize that outside expertise may be needed. This presentation discusses how boards can reconcile their oversight responsibilities with the newest technologies.

Emerging Technologies: Where Will You Be Skating?

A discussion of the latest developments in technologies that include nanotechnology, robotics, bionics, 3D printing, display technologies and medicine illustrated with graphics and videos.

The Coming Storm: Consequences of Climate Change

It is now very clear that the earth’s climate, at least in the short term, is changing. Overall ocean temperatures are increasing, the sea level is rising, glaciers and Arctic sea ice coverage are shrinking, vegetation distribution is being altered, and precipitation patterns are shifting. This presentation discusses the many potential causes of climate change and the consequences that it will have for humans.

Wearable Technology: You are the Computer

Wearable technology (sometimes called mobile computing) is considered to be electronic devices that can be either incorporated into clothing, worn as external devices or implanted into the body. These devices include digital eyewear (such as Google Glass), electronic tattoos, smartwatches, sleeve-mounted touchscreens, clothing incorporating medical monitoring devices, and so much more. Learn all about them in this presentation.

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