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Sue Hershkowitz-Coore  

High-Energy Motivator on the Topics of Customer-Service Excellence, Change and Communication

A successful entrepreneur and professional speaker, Sue Hershkowitz has presented to more than half a million people during the past 16 years. Sue founded her own speaking and training company in 1978. She has authored "Power Sales Writing: What Every Sales Person Must Know to Turn Prospects into Buyers!" and has participated in anthologies with top experts in the fields of communication, success and customer service.

Appointed as a liaison to Meeting Planners International's Women's Leadership Initiative Committee, and a two-term Board member and officer of the National Speakers Association, Sue has built her reputation one presentation at a time. A dynamic speaker, Sue mixes practical business applications, constant research, and life experiences, to make a difference in the way your attendees think, communicate and perform.

With a foundation in education, a graduate degree in counseling, and a UC Berkeley fellowship, Sue knows how to connect with your audience, head to head, and heart to heart. As an entrepreneur, an author, and a sought after speaker, she provides "meat and potato" strategies that can be immediately applied to give you, and your attendees, the ROI you require. She is known for her content-rich presentations, fresh perspective and her energetic, enthusiastic and entertaining speaking style. The information she provides is practical, immediately usable and focused on empowering attendees to reach their professional and personal potential. The strategies, techniques, and ideas generated during Sue's presentations offer associations and corporate groups the tools for increased profitability, productivity, and enhanced professionalism.

Most Requested Topics:

*Critical Communications: Making Your Point When Strangling Isn't a Choice!: What we say and how we say it, whether to colleagues, clients or even to ourselves, determines how successful we are. You'll leave this session with at least six actionable strategies to build better, stronger working relationships by communicating with greater clarity and power. Laugh while you learn how best performers listen to points of agreement (and ignore the rest), have clear motives, and communicate with positive, professional words tracks to generate confidence and trust. A great team building program--without the ropes!


*Play to Your Strengths: Booking More Business With Your Sales Message: This program is recommended for sales professionals who need to differentiate their service or product in a saturated marketplace. If your sales message kinda sorta sounds like your competition's message, if you are the company everyone benchmarks themselves by, or if your people need a realistic shot in the arm to sell, not tell, this 45-90 minute session is perfect for you. Principles covered: How to Think differently--specifically + realistically how to focus on outcomes and better results. How to Play to Your Own Strengths--Stop trying to be everything to everybody; Cancel negative thinking, sell what you can do not what you can't). How to Create Wow--"Be distinct or extinct." Selling what matters to your buyer.


*From Success to Significance: Moving from Indistinguishable to Indispensable: This is a terrific program for managers, executives and other leaders who have "been there, done that." They already are successful and want to have a greater impact, and get even better results. They've heard plenty of speakers in their lifetime and want something fresher and more lasting than rah rah kum-by-ya! This 45-90 minute session is an excellent choice to satisfy this group and challenge them to look beyond the way they do things now for a second right answer. Principles covered: How to Change the Rules--Don't break it if it ain't broken, but don't do it the same way if it isn't yielding the results you want. Vivid examples and clear application of changing rules that no longer work. How to Powerfully Use the Principle of Reciprocity--Sustain success and significance by helping others achieve more. How to use Respect/Love as a point of differentiation--Motivate people to do what you want by valuing them on their terms.


*Communicating With Your Customer: You Thought I Said What? This program is the perfect choice for professional service providers, customer service teams, operations and sales professionals whose message or intent has ever been misunderstood. You'll give them the confidence they need to communicate more powerfully, more persuasively, and more profitably when you select this fun, practical and motivational session. Best used as a 45-90 minute general session or luncheon program. Principles covered: How to Use Positive, Professional Word Tracks to generate confidence and trust--Words to never use; words that get the point across. How to Listen for points they can agree with and build upon--Using an easy strategy to revolutionize the way they listen and respond. How to Communicate like a Professional--Being happy rather than right; stepping back to move forward with integrity and satisfaction.


*Professionalism, Productivity and Profits: You Can Have It All! This one gets standing ovations every time because Sue speaks the truth to your attendees. She tells them they can't have it all; that they can be or do anything they want, just not everything they want. Where are they focusing their energy? What are their goals? What do they want to achieve professionally and personally? This realistic "shot in the arm" reminds your group that even in today's marketplace, they can create greater success. Principles covered: How to Effectively Manage Expectations--Build customer/client loyalty + to avoid managing the nightmare!). How to Pay Attention to the Details--that distinguish between doing and doing what matters. How to Value Your Own Strengths--Focus on what you do well and learn how to do it better.


*Women's Leadership Skills Training Programs: Collaboration, Consensus and Cooperation: Doing What Women Do Best! As an appointed member of the prestigious Women's Leadership Initiative Committee, funded by the MPI Foundation and Wyndham Hotels, Sue is a strong advocate for women's education. Her experiences juggling and trying to balance life as a single mother while building a business and traveling out of town lend credibility and humanity to the battle so many women face. Sue's motivational presentation helps women enjoy greater control and confidence as they move forward in the world of work. Your group will laugh and cry (even the men!) as they relate to Sue's stories. They'll leave with new ideas to be and feel more successful in every facet of their lives.


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