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Susan Young    

Change Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Leadership Development Trainer

Susan is the Founder and CEO of Susan C Young International, LLC, a speaking and training firm. Her motivational keynotes and workshops inspire organizations to create POSITIVE CHANGE to BOOST POSITIVITY, ENGAGEMENT, and COMMUNICATION so they can make a POSITIVE IMPACT in life and business.

For more than two decades, she has empowered audiences with HIGH-IMPACT Strategies to: embrace change, engage teams, lead more effectively, increase sales, foster positivity, improve performance, attract and nurture customers, communicate on deeper levels, and lead healthier lives to achieve their highest potential. As a result of her work, clients share how energized, synergized, and inspired they are to kick it into gear and create POSITIVE CHANGE.

Her previous experience as a Fortune 300 Business Consultant, Top-Producing REALTOR, State-Wide Talk-Show Hostess, Newspaper Columnist, and Leadership Development Trainer for the United States Air Force (AFRL) bring depth and RELEVANCE to her dynamic and powerful programs. In addition . . .

-Susan earned a Master’s Degree in Human Performance Technology, graduating Suma Cum Laude. HPT is a specialty which focuses on how to get the best out of people, processes, and the workplace. This insight gives her a unique ability to assess what’s working, identify what’s not, and then propose solutions to help you create the changes needed to achieve your goals and ultimately . . . make a POSITIVE IMPACT!

-With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Susan profoundly understands that your best marketing is built on delivering QUALITY SERVICE and healthy communication with your customers, your team, and your leadership. She brings fresh insights to help transform your relationship results so that everyone on board can project the best of your people, the best of your brand, and the BEST of your organization.

-Susan is a bonafide, card-carrying member of MENSA, the International Society for High IQs and serves as the President-Elect for the Wisconsin Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

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Speech Topics


CONNECTIVITY is EVERYTHING in today’s competitive world. With every new encounter, impressions are made. Opinions are formed—about you, your service, your company, your appearance, and your personality—all within a few short seconds. Those “seconds” can be the make-or-break or yes-or-no basis for your success. Should you really leave them to chance?

Gleaned from motivational keynote speaker Susan C Young’s book, The Art of First Impressions for Positive Impact . . . 8 Ways to Shine Bright to Transform Relationship Results, this powerful topic delivers the tools and strategies to help audience members prevent social mishaps, lost business, rejection, low self-esteem, failure, career complacency, and lifelong frustration. With high energy and easy relatability, Susan teaches how to build and strengthen long-term mutually beneficial relationships, lead with confidence, communicate with courage, and ensure their impressions—from the first to the last—are positive and substantial.

Your Audience Will Learn How To . . .

  • Apply Susan’s simple 8 Arts Model to optimize relationship results
  • Stand in truth and become more grounded in their authenticity
  • Master the mindsets that build confidence and courage
  • Develop timely and connective communication skills
  • Live and work more FULLY PRESENT & ENGAGED
  • Build POSITIVE RAPPORT by asking (and answering) the RIGHT questions
  • Turn a positive first impression into a positive lasting one

There’s never been a better time to master these important impression skills. Give your team the tools and strategies they need to truly lead, compete, and connect in powerful ways. Call Susan today!


In our world, too many people are living a current reality that is drastically different from the life they desire. We are running at breakneck speeds—too often, out of balance. We are expected to do more with less and have more tasks to complete than we have hours in the day. How do you help your team get OFF the treadmill, calm the chaos and greet change from a position of strength and positivity? It all starts with a SHIFT.

Based on her upcoming book, SHIFT, SHED, & SHINE . . . Your Go-To Guide for Resilience in Times of Change, motivational keynote speaker Susan C. Young shares the strategies and mental shifts necessary to get “UNSTUCK” from those habits and thought processes that sabotage success. With humor, heart, and tremendous passion, Susan helps audience members to create the clarity and vision that will allow them to move more swiftly and confidently in the direction of their dreams.

Your Audience Will Learn How To . . .

  • Navigate uncertainty with optimism and possibility
  • SHIFT your mindset to embrace change rather than resist it
  • SHED limiting beliefs, habits, and hang-ups that hold you back
  • SHINE with ways to transform your life, loves, and business for the better
  • Engage “Emotional Intelligence” to boost the energy in your workplace

It’s time for a SHIFT. A change of perspective. A challenge to change. Give your team the tools they need to shine in their position and in their lives. It’s a win-win that will create a ripple effect throughout your entire organization.


Are you ever irritated, frustrated or stressed out by poor communication? Does your team play well together or is reaching agreement always a struggle? Does your culture provide a positive environment for your customers, staff, and YOU? Is it sometimes easier to avoid confrontation than to bravely dive into a healthy dialogue? Do you resist customer service issues or see them as an opportunity to improve performance?

Whether you are seeking powerful ways to unify your people, create a more positive workplace, deepen your level of collaboration, or deliver world-class customer service—great COMMUNICATION SKILLS are essential for your success. Cohesiveness, performance, momentum, and bottom-line productivity and profitability all start by building AUTHENTIC relationships forged in trust, cooperation, and respect.

How can you avoid communication roadblocks that stand in the way of your goals? How can you get your message across CLEARLY to be more effective and understood? Whether it’s a face-to-face conversation, a telephone call, or a written e-mail, a meaningful message can make or break your success.

In this powerful and insightful keynote, motivational keynote speaker Susan C. Young will share the real-world, how-to communication skill solutions for connecting with confidence—personally and professionally.

Your Audience Will Learn How To:

  • Create positive changes in the way they walk, talk, connect, and engage
  • Apply the 5 Love Languages to transform relationship results
  • Use BODY LANGUAGE to positively influence how messages are received
  • Develop a culture of psychological safety in which your team can strive and thrive
  • Understand 4 distinct PERSONALITY STYLES to connect with others on their terms
  • Use healthy communication as your best marketing and customer service strategy
  • Show APPRECIATION in the workplace to build a unified, engaged, and caring team Communication is the root of your business success. Teaching your team to be leaders in their conversations and connectors for clients, customers, and colleagues is a game changer. Ready to make a difference for your organization? Invite Susan to speak at your next event. Call Susan today!


In today’s world? CHANGE isn’t going anywhere. Life comes at us all at lightning speed. How we react? Keep up? Leverage it to grow our businesses, improve our relationships, and design a happier, healthier life? It’s all about CHOICE. And that’s where motivational keynote speaker Susan C. Young’s empowering keynote Release the Power of Re3 delivers.

In this timely topic, based on her book Release the Power of Re 3. . . Review, Redo & Renew for Positive Change & Transformation, Susan shares her 3-step model for moving audience members from transition to transformation. With delightful energy and captivating connectivity, she inspires people to rethink old habits and mindsets. To reinvent themselves. To renew their passion for what they do and adapt to change for the adventure that it can bring. When that happens? They can handle anything life throws their way with agility, insight, and clarity. That’s a win-win-win for everyone.

Your Audience Will Learn How To . . .

  • REVIEW what works and what doesn’t to create the kind of clarity that powers positive momentum
  • REDO their personal and business action plans to adopt strategies that allow them to thrive and prosper
  • RENEW their energy and re-ignite their excitement for embracing new adventures and living at an extraordinary level

Get ready to give your team the tools they need to take change on an empowering ride towards a better life. Invite Susan to speak at your next event today. Call Susan today!

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