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Svetlana Kim      

Speaker, Radio Talk Show Host, Author, Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), and "Vibrational Meditation" Instructor.

Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, a columnist for ALIST magazine and PERREAULT Global Digital magazine; Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), Consultant, and Community Advocate. Svetlana is a host of the Live Radio Talk Show called "To The Stars Through Adversity."

Svetlana is featured in the documentary film One Red Lipstick.

Svetlana Kim is the author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, which chronicles her journey from Russia to the United States, where she arrived with only one dollar in her pocket and not a single word of English at her disposal; today, she is a leader among her peers in the business world, and has been honored with numerous awards citing her commitment, skill, and integrity.

Svetlana Kim's remarkable story opens in Leningrad, Russia, on a frigid winter afternoon. Standing in the bread line for the third day in a row, she listens as her neighbors discuss the impending fall of the Berlin Wall. Life as a student in a crumbling country offered few possibilities for the ambitious young woman, so when a former classmate offers her a plane ticket to the US., she jumps at the opportunity.

She arrives in New York speaking no English, with only a dollar in her pocket. With the help of a Good Samaritan, she travels by bus to California, hoping to connect with an acquaintance from home. Yet when she mistakenly disembarks in San Francisco instead of Sacramento, she finds herself penniless and alone. What unfolds is a miraculous story of survival as Svetlana encounters kind strangers while she struggles to cobble together a meager existence working as a cleaning lady. Determined to succeed, she lands a job selling cosmetics. Within a few years, her hard work carries her up the corporate ladder. She earns American citizenship after living ten years as a political refugee on August 18, 2001.

Through it all, when her nerve threatens to fail her, she returns to memories of her grandmother, White Pearl, whose parents immigrated to Russia from Korea. As a girl, White Pearl was among 200,000 Soviet Koreans deported to central Asia by Joseph Stalin, who feared they would spy on behalf of the Japanese. Svetlana reflects often on her grandmother's tales of that hard time, drawing on the strength of her beloved babushka to enable her to make the very best of her own life. White Pearl and I is a modern and uplifting account of Svetlana's tireless search for the American dream. Svetlana’s workshops and seminars to help your organization achieve the ultimate results; love and trust all of who you are, and live happy and fulfilled life. Now she has impacted the lives of thousands people from all walks of life with her memoir, public speaking, and workshops. A signature program and personalized system developed by Svetlana. She is an inspirational force incorporating the study of Hypnosis with master hypnotherapy Randal Churchill at Hypnotherapy Training Institute, one of the leading licensed hypnotherapy schools in the world, meditation, compassion, and her own life experience. Svetlana has been studying “Vibrational Meditation” under the guidance of Spiritual Guru Manjulanand (Dr. Manjul Kant Dwivedi).

Svetlana believes that productivity and happiness has a high correlation. The happier you are, the more productive you are.
Svetlana Kim was selected to be a Spokesperson for the 2011 Macy's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. She was honored for her tremendous accomplishments and outstanding contribution to the community with the 2012 Asian American Women of High Achievements Award by the National Association of Professional Asian American Women (NAPAW). For more than a century, Asians have overcome obstacles to make significant contributions in both the United States and Canada. Their contributions have added tremendously to the success and prosperity of North America. The National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) is a leadership development organization that provides a broad range of professional and educational services. Svetlana Kim is also a recipient of the NAAAP 100 Award and was honored in 2010 with the Orphan International Worldwide Global Citizenship Award for her contribution to saving the lives of children in Haiti.

Kim's stellar leadership, ethical business practices, and community service was recognized when the Euro-American Women's Council bestowed her with the Goddess Artemis Award. The EAWC brings together women of diverse backgrounds and accomplishments to work together toward the advancement of women's access to positions of leadership and to pave the way for the next generation of leaders.

On May 11, 2009, Svetlana was recognized with the the Daily Point of Light Award (Award Number: 3983) by Points of Light Institute created by the administration of President George H.B. Bush to honor individuals creating meaningful change in communities across America.

In 2009, the International Leadership Foundation paid tribute to Kim with its Leadership Award, selecting her from among a group of potential honorees including congress members, presidential cabinet secretaries, and other high-ranking officials.

In 2008, Kim became an Asian Academy Hall of Fame inductee. She shares this acclaimed honor with Norman Mineta, the former Secretary of Transportation, and with the nation's 24th Secretary of Labor, Elaine L. Chao.

Having left the communist world behind, Kim has fully embraced the freedoms of the American political and social system, and has actively been involved in the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee; the Hillary for President presidential campaign; the Women's Campaign Forum; the Women's National Democratic Club; AARP Women's Leadership Circle; and Calvary Women's Services. She has held committee positions with the Junior League of Washington.

Kim has been featured and profiled in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, MSN Money, MSNBC, Women's Life magazine in Seoul, Korea; the Asian Fortune; Networking Times; NASDAQ's Closing Bell; and The Gazette, a publication of the Library of Congress.

Svetlana's story has been profiled in a book called "Go-Givers Sell More" (Chapter 8, People), International Bestseller by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

Svetlana's life story will be featured in the upcoming book called "A Second Start: How Women Across Cultures Make It in America and Shape America's DNA" by Dr. Fiona Citkin.

Kim shares her business acumen and managerial experience by serving on several boards of directors, including: the Asian Division Friends Society of the Library of Congress (Board member since 2007, Board Vice President, 2010-2013, Chair of Finance Committee, 2013-present); the Global Advisory Board of the Euro-American Women's Council (2007-present); the National Council of Asian American Business Associations (East Coast president, 2009 – present); the Pacific Coast Immigration Museum (Board member, 2009-present); Boardroom Bound (Board member, 2013-present), the National Association of Professional Asian American Women (Board member, 2012-present), and the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council (2013-present).

Committed to giving back to her local and worldwide community, Kim has donated over 180 hours to the Calvary Women's Services in Chinatown in Washington, D.C.

Additionally, she volunteered at the Office of Presidential Correspondence in the White House.

  1. Michael Kelleher, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Correspondence wrote about Svetlana Kim: "Your time and conscientious attention to every American who contacts our President is inspiring. Thank you for your hard work and your commitment to our office, to our President, and to our Nation."

Svetlana is married and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband.

** RECOGNITIONS: Letter from President Barack Obama Letter from the First Lady Michelle Obama Letter from Sec. of State Hillary Clinton Letter from F. Michael Kelleher, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Correspondence NAPAW, 2012 Asian American Woman of High Achievements Award, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, May 30, 2012 NAAAP 100, 25th NAAAP Annual Convention and Job Fair, Boston, August 13, 2011, Boston, MA, USA "Above and Beyond Junior League of Washington" Award, Junior League of Washington, May, 2010, Washington, DC, USA Orphan International Worldwide 2010 Global Citizenship Award for Leadership in Helping Humanity, February 28, 2010, New York, NY, USA ILF (International Leadership Foundation) Award, July 23, 2009, Washington, DC, USA EAWC (Euro-American Women’s Council) “Goddess Artemis” Award, July 23, 2009, Athens, Greece Award from the Mayor of Athens, July 22, 2009, Athens, Greece President's Volunteer Service Award, Daily Point of Light Honoree, Number: 3983, Points of Light Institute, created by the Administration of President George H. W. Bush, May 11, 2009, USA Asian Academy Hall of Fame, February 4, 2008, Beijing, China UBS PaineWebber Excellence Award, 2002, New York City, NY, USA Lancôme President’s Circle Award, April 1996, San Francisco, USA


Threshold, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology's Literary Arts magazine, Judge, Writing Competition, 2013

The New Living Expo, workshop, San Francisco, CA, April 2013

National Association of Professional Asian American Women (NAPAW) 21st National Leadership Training and Conference hosted by the U.S. Department of Health&Human Services, Washington, D.C., May 16, 2013

National Association of Professional Asian American Women (NAPAW) 20th National Leadership and Training Workshop hosted by the U.S. Department of Health&Human Services, Washington, D.C., May, 2012

Memorial Concert in “Honor of Susie Kim,” Remarks, The Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C., October 2012

National Association of Professional Asian American Women (NAPAW) 20th National Training and Small Business Conference, Keynote Speaker, May 2012

Motivational Boom Conference, Speaker, Baltimore, October 2011

National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP), Keynote Speaker, Boston, August 2011

MACY’S Celebrates APA Heritage Month, Spokesperson, May 2011

National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP), Workshop, San Francisco, August 2010

Korean American Students Conference (KASCON XXV), Lecturer, Yale University, March 2010

Diplomats, Leaders, and Next Generation Sharing and Strengthening An International Network of Women at the State Department, Special Guest Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, invited, Washington, D.C., February, 2010

Orphans International presentation of Global Award at Webster Hall's Hall, Award Honoree, February 9, 2010, NYC, NY

Women's for Carolyn, Chairs Hon. Geraldine Ferraro and Gloria Steinem, Supporter, New York, NY., February 1, 2010

Long Island City Post Office dedication ceremony "Geraldine A. Ferraro Post Office" ceremony, Guest, August 26, 2010

The White House Reception in celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, guest, May 24, 2010

The White House Small Business event, representing NCAABA, May 25, 2010

Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee 80th Birthday Celebration, Event Committee, Cannon Caucus Room, U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., September 30, 2010

Women’s Leadership Empowerment Conference, Speaker, Greensboro, October 2009

The Library of Congress, Asian Pacific American History Month, Keynote Speaker, May 2009

The White House Briefing in celebration of the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month, Guest, May 28, 2009

Euro-American Women's Council Artemis Awards and Gala under the Auspices of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture of the Hellenic Republic, Award Honoree and Remarks, Zappeion Megaron, Athens, Greece, June 15, 2009

White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, Book Display on Soviet Korean Literature at the Asian Division. Reading Room (Jefferson Building, LJ -150), 2010

Koryo-saram: The Unreliable People movie screening, directed by David Chung, at the Library of Congress, Welcome Remarks, October 9, 2009

The Winter Summit with Senator Hillary Clinton, Supporter, December 13, 2007

United Nations Correspondence Association, Guest of Honor H.E.Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Guest, December 7, 2007, New York, NY

Gala Dinner Honoring H.E. Michelle Bachelet, President of the Republic of Chile, Guest, June 8, 2006, New York, NY

Diversity Best Practices and Business Women's Network, an iVillage Company, Remarks, July 12, 2006, Washington, D.C.

Diversity and Women's Leadership Summit, Panelist, November 16-17, 2005, Washington, D.C.

What People Are Saying

"Congratulations on releasing your recent memoir; you have my best wishes for a successful publication. Please know I remain grateful for your commitment to community service and businesswomen’s mentorship. I appreciate of your offer of assistance and will share your interest with my staff. It is my hope you will continue to stay involved in your community and look forward for every opportunity to help fellow women business leaders find their way to success.

~Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

"This institution of the Presidency is larger than any one person, and I am proud of the staff and volunteers for all the hard work you have put in as a volunteer at the White House."

~President Barack Obama

"Plant the seeds of greatness today and always."  ~My Grandfather Alexander Kim, Agriculturist (1905-1986) 

"It requires more than soaring prose writing to produce a wonder such as White Pearl and I. Svetlana Kim and her book are one and the same. The passion, willpower, resilience, humor and abiding faith expressed on the pages are the same qualities found in Ms. Kim. Here is a book to remind us all of the powerful call of America across the oceans and to be better people and not take all that we have for granted. I'm a better person because of fellow writer Svetlana Kim." 

-Ron Powers, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of Mark Twain: A Life. With James Bradley, he co-wrote the 2000 #1 New York Times Bestseller Flags of Our Fathers Senator Edward M. Kennedy collaborated with Ron Powers to complete a cherished and more personal project --his memoir True Compass: A Memoir. 

"A political refugee who escaped communism and came to America with just a dollar in her pocket and not a word of English in her vocabulary, Svetlana Kim will take away your excuse for not making the most of your potential. Follow her basic roadmap; the willingness to give of yourself and focus on providing value to others, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by friends who love you and a huge increase in income." 

- Bob Burg, Bestselling co-author of The Go-Giver and Go-Givers Sell More

"Enlightening and entertaining... All at the same time! Svetlana writes with vivid emotion, humor, and hard-hitting and uplifting messages. White Pearl and I is a story of love, perseverance, persistence, and happiness as well as meaning and a sense of purpose.

- Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, American Tae Kwon Doe Founding Father and Martial Arts Instructor for Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali

 "Profound. Provocative. Moving. Prepare to be inspired as you read this page-turning story that showcases what can happen when you face life with initiative, determination and above all, a commitment to excel and serve others. Read it and reap."                       

- Sam Horn, Author of Tongue Fu! and POP! and Create the Perfect Pitch, Title and Tagline for Anything

"Told with honest simplicity and delightfully innocent humor, the plot of White Pearl and I reads a bit like a fairy tale. There is a sort of ogre, a few white knights and fairy godmothers, as well as a heroine who, armed with little more than great courage, good luck and a protective aura from her ancestors, triumphs. But this ogre, these knights and magic-makers, and most of all, this heroine surpass their fictional counterparts because they are real. All of it actually happened, which not only makes the author, Svetlana Kim, worth reading, but also worth knowing. "And like the wondrous fairy tales we were fed as children, this one, too, has a deeper meaning. It is not only an amazing memoir about a penniless Korean-Russian immigrant making her way in America, it is also a testament to what is great and noble about this country. It shows us at our best - a place and a people willing to embrace and empower someone who works hard to educate herself, find meaning for herself and take advantage of the opportunities offered her. And for me, that's a whole lot better than happily ever after."

- Simon T. Bailey, Author of Release Your Brilliance

"The book is inspiring and interesting as an historical document as well as an autobiography. We have read many immigrant stories coming from Europe but never one from the Soviet Union and never from a Korean perspective. Svetlana's strength--and, at the same time, sentimental attachment to her grandmother's memory-- is a reminder of the need of family support and identity. It should be very meaningful to all the Korean refugees as well as for all of us building a new identity in our new country." 

 -Philanthropist Eva Haller, with Oprah Winfrey, on the Schools Initiative and Free the Children

"This is a book in which a reader can live in America and travel to Russia... It reads like a novel. It grabs your attention from the very first sentence."

- Dame Loula Loi Alafoyiannis, founder, Euro-American Women's Council 

"As a diplomat for Korea, I have shared many of my countrymen's experiences and journeys they have taken and their hardships and successes when I served my country in the US, Middle East, South America and Asia. Svetlana and her babushka's tale that enfolds in the White Pearl and I profoundly illustrates the essence of the Korean people's character - persistence, hard working, 'never say never' attitude, willpower, strong family values and living for the next generation - surviving and flourishing in places you least expect. I have often shared with my children and family my amazement when I encounter Koreans in the remotest part of the world and how they all seemed to have managed in their own way to better their lives and establish a strong foundation for the generations to come. In this ever-growing global world, I am glad that stories such as White Pearl and I are being told and shared both with Koreans, both in Korea and abroad, and others in the global community because I believe we as global citizens have more in common than differences as we continue our life's journey."

- Ambassador Chong-Yul Moon

"This is Svetlana Kim's masterpiece... the book is a masterpiece and so is her extraordinary life! Kim exhibits respect for her past brought forward with contemporary overlays. If you want to know about perseverance and courage culminating in success and happiness, then read this. Kim embraces a richness of culture without forgetting the price of a rich personal history."

- Phebe Phillips, Creatrice of exquisite soft toys and author of Kitty Pink Pink "A World of Change" (released August 2009) 

"Dare to dream - that is what Svetlana Kim teaches us in her book. White Pearl and I is full of inspiring stories and cultural history. This book is an important account of Soviet-Korean history, never before told from a first person perspective. Kim has artfully woven this important, but relatively unknown, part of history intoher tale of hope and determination for a better life."

-Dr. Eileen R. Borris, Author of Finding Forgiveness  with a Foreword written by His Holiness The Dalai Lama

"A laugh-and-cry true story... Kim's memory of returning to the values of her Russian-Korean babushka, White Pearl, is heartbreaking and inspiring. I hope that everyone will read this extraordinary book."

- Quinn Dalton, Author of Bulletproof Girl and Stories from the Afterlife 

"An extraordinary, personal account about an unknown history of people displaced by the great political events of the twentieth century. Svetlana Kim's White Pearl and I is a true human drama which adds greatly to our understanding of the legacy of forced migration and cultural birth."

- Y. David Chung, Film director, and co-producer of Koryo Saram: The Unreliable People  Winner Best Documentary National Film Board of Canada

LANA KIM's persona and carriage belie the experiences of dislocation and struggles that she went through as a Soviet refugee arriving in America. Today, in the bustle of the nation's capital, Lana projects the strength, courage and aspirations of a leader, able to persuade, motivate and inspire others. Her vision is clear: that she must serve her fellowmen. The memories and values imparted by the most influential woman in her life, her grandmother, have sustained her daily life.  Lana offers her friendship to all and those who have been touched by her presence in their lives have been inspired to follow her lead.

- Reme Grefalda
Asian Pacific American Collection
Asian Division
Program Chair
Asian Division Friends Society
Library of Congress

Svetlana Kim is an international businesswoman, remarkable author, and inspiring speaker. Her speeches deliver maximum value to business owners, corporate employees and international audiences. She speaks English and Russian.

Some of her signature speeches include:

My Russian-Korean Babushka's Secrets on How to Persevere in Tough Times and Achieve Ultimate Success How to Climb the Ladder to Success: What I Discovered While Going From Cleaning Lady to Presidential Fundraiser Giving Without Remembering, Taking Without Forgetting: How to Build Successful Relationships in Business and Life

For Svetlana's Bio [click here]

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It's not often you hear a speaker whose words are so hopeful and profound that you are somehow changed by them. Svetlana Kim often gets such a response from members of her audience when they hear her speak from the heart about her life experiences, or her motivation to write her autobiographical book, White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee. The wisdom and anecdotes she shares are inspiring and relevant to all Americans.

Svetlana credits her gift for storytelling to her paternal grandmother, White Pearl. Her grandmother's own life stories, shared with Lana as a young girl and throughout her life, had great influence in molding Lana's inner strength and character. Lana speaks with obvious love and admiration when relating a story or pearl of wisdom from her grandmother.

Lana has been a presenter or keynote speaker at several functions in Washington, DC., including: The Asian Leaders Association, the Library of Congress Asian Division Friends of Society, the Global Coalition for Korean War Reconciliation, Diversity and Women's Leadership Annual Conference, ICAS Fall Symposium: Humanity, Peace, and Security in the U.S. Senate, Georgetown University, and many others.


"Your speech was awesome. You are truly an inspiration." ~ Robert Shemin, The Wall Street Journal bestselling author of How Come THAT Idiot's Rich and I'm Not?

"Your story is amazing!" ~ Frank McKinney, five-time international bestselling author of The Tap and Make It Big!,

"The inimitable supernetworker and rags-to-riches memoiress author of White Pearl and I, Svetlana Kim." ~ John David Mann, co-author of The Go-Giver and Go-Givers Sell More

"This year's "challenge crusher" is Svetlana Kim who arrived in this country with a dollar in her pocket and a few words of English at her disposal." ~ Thom Scott, Creator and Host, Extreme Business Makeovers

What Extreme Business Makeovers conference participants are saying about Svetlana:

"Great book, extraordinary life and amazing future."
~ James Johnson, President, Life Strategies Solutions

"Hi, Lana. Your beauty, grace, courage, and wonderful sense of fun came through and blessed us all at the Extreme Business Makeovers conference. Thank you for spreading the power of living in a state of gratitude and for helping to make the XBM experience such a joyous and life-changing event." ~ Sandy Harper, creator and coach of Gratitude Boot Camp

"It was so nice meeting you at the XBM convention! I very much enjoyed what you shared about your life; it has inspired me to overcome some obstacles I am facing and take action! I particularly liked the idea of the dream board you talked about and have started gathering photos, etc., for it! Thank you so much—you are such an inspiration and an amazing woman!" ~ Laura Bird Miller

"[I'm] reading Svetlana Kim's book, White Pearl and I. An amazing woman with an even more amazing story. It makes me ashamed that I ever said 'it's too difficult.' Met her at Bob Burg's Extreme Business Makeovers in Orlando last weekend. Make sure you don't miss XBM 2011." ~Susan Somerset Webb,

"One dollar and one dream...I wouldn't ever tire of hearing your amazing story! You are such an inspiration, your energy is electric and your smile is contagious. You were so beautiful on stage at Extreme Business Makeovers." ~ Alisha Whiteway, president,

"Wow! What an amazing experience we all shared together this past few days! It seems like yesterday we were all meeting in 2009 and now here it is another year completed! I just want to THANK YOU for being who you are and for allowing us to catch a glimpse of your heart and life, your family and the sacrifice you made when you climbed on that plane so many years ago. I wish we could bottle you up and pour you out onto every human being who thinks they have no future! You have shown so many that with courage and resolve anything can happen. Lana, I so admire and respect you as a woman and a mentor and am grateful to know you and have the opportunity to learn so much from your life. I pray many rich blessings in your life and future." ~ Kathleen Smart, co-founder of IBAL,

"You helped make XBM extra-special this year, Lana! Hope to see you again in 2011! You are a beautiful and phenomenal human being!" ~ Jody Pfister Scott

"As you held my hand I felt your inner peace, strength and power. You are a warrior for change and I am honored to know you. You are my 'White Pearl.'" ~ Darien Hills

"Lana, you were fantastic at XBM, so masterfully weaving in key points of each speaker's story into yours. The room was on the edge of their seats as you touched their hearts." ~ Gary Loper

"You are a true inspiration, and wonderful to be around. I learned so much at the XBM conference. The energy in that conference room was unbelievable and inspired me to no end." ~ Doug Shelton

"Doug and I just spent an amazing weekend at XBM with friend and mentor, Bob Burg, author of The Go-Giver and Go-Givers Sell More, and my wonderful friend Svetlana Kim, author of White Pearl and I. Also got to see some of my great Go-Giver friends like Joe Vizi, Renee 'Supermom' Vizi, Gary Loper and Caryl Loper."

~ Stacy Shelton, two-time breast cancer survivor and author of Me, Crazy Woman, and Breast Cancer,

"What an amazing smile and laugh you have! With total lack of inhibition, the joy you feel is an aura of kindness and caring which touches anyone close enough to feel your energy. Every moment is precious, and it was my honor and my pleasure to have spent time with you." ~ Laura Sterling

"Thanks so much for sharing your incredible story with all of us at Extreme Business Makeovers." ~ Peg Duchesne

"Totally an honor to hear you speak at XBM. Wow! You're so authentic. Much love!" ~ Jeremy Bergeron

Dear Lana,

What a pleasure it was seeing you in action at the screening of the award-winning film Koryo Saram: The Unreliable People at the Library of Congress on October 9, 2008.

Director Y. David Chung must have been so pleased to have you honor his documentary by sharing your moving story with the audience there that night.

Everyone in the room was inspired by the incredible story of survival of your grandmother, her impact on you, and the little-known history of the Soviet-Korean immigrants in Russia who overcame such adversity.

The audience was absolutely still during your presentation, hanging on your every word. The response of the individuals who stood up to share their story or the story of their grandparents was testimony to the power of your influence and ability to connect.

I admire your courage and I'm glad you're revealing the private and dear stories of you and your grandmother to the public on the stage (through your speaking) and on the page (through your book White Pearl and I). Your passion, gratitude, enthusiasm and grace in sharing your lessons-learned and insights benefit everyone who hear them or read them.

I hope that meeting planners and program coordinators around the world are smart enough to arrange for you to address their group or conference. Attendees will benefit from hearing how an individual has overcome such daunting challenges and committed herself to serving others with integrity.

Best wishes to you - and thank you again for your eloquent and inspiring example. Sincerely, Sam Horn -Top-rated speaker at two International Platform Association conventions 16-time Emcee of the world-renowned Maui Writers Conference

Speech Topics

Some of her signature speeches include:

My Russian-Korean Babushka's Secrets on How to Persevere in Tough Times and Achieve Ultimate Success

How to Climb the Ladder to Success: What I Discovered While Going From Cleaning Lady to Presidential Fundraiser

Giving Without Remembering, Taking Without Forgetting: How to Build Successful Relationships in Business and Life

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