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Syed Ubaid Ali Jafri    

Head of Cyber Defense & Offensive Security

Syed Ubaid Ali Jafri is a highly accomplished and distinguished motivational speaker with an exceptional background in information security and risk management. His unique approach to presentations, combining real-life experiences with practical insights, has garnered him a reputation for being both entertaining and enlightening. As a motivational speaker, he seamlessly weaves his expert knowledge in cybersecurity with his own inspiring stories, making his presentations not only educational but also deeply engaging. Currently serving as the Head of Cyber Defense and Offensive Security at Habib Bank Limited (HBL), Jafri's industry leadership is further solidified by his past roles. He previously worked with FMCG and held a Senior Manager position at the global firm KPMG, where he led a technical team specializing in Cybersecurity & Forensic Technology in Pakistan. His broad range of skills encompasses Cyber Defense, Offensive Security, Red Teaming, Cyber Analytics, Internet of Things, Digital Forensics, Threat Intelligence, Security Operations Center, and many other critical aspects of modern cybersecurity.

With a Master of Science in Information Security (MS-IS) and over 12 years of experience in commercial banking and risk management consultancy, Jafri has established himself as a credible authority in the field. His early career focus on security assessment services related to network, infrastructure, and dynamic applications security has laid a strong foundation for his expertise.

One of Jafri's notable achievements is his impressive collection of 17+ globally renowned Cyber Security Certifications, highlighting his commitment to continuous learning and professional development. He has actively participated in numerous communication and cybersecurity intrusions, including penetration red-team attacks, across various sectors such as utilities, power, banking, financial institutions, and more. These exercises have consistently exposed critical vulnerabilities and helped organizations shore up their cybersecurity defenses.

Jafri's dedication to sharing his knowledge is evident through his involvement in delivering lectures, seminars, conferences, and global debates on various topics within the field of cybersecurity. His areas of expertise span a wide range, including Compromise Assessment, Cyber Warfare, Mobile Application Security, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Criminology, and much more. His extensive publication record, comprising over 60 contributions, underscores his significant contributions to the realm of Information Security & Forensic Technology.

Jafri's influence extends beyond his professional roles, as he has made considerable contributions to the academic community. He has delivered information security-related courses in over 10+ universities in Pakistan, Egypt, Sri Lanka thereby nurturing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

In addition to his work in various industries and academia, Jafri has shared his insights on the global stage. He has served as a speaker in esteemed events such as GISEC, GITEX, GRIMMCON 0x8, TEISS TALK, SCCS, and Rail Live, where he stands out for his distinctive approach to presenting cybersecurity concepts. His use of real-life examples, demonstrations, and simulations effectively communicates complex ideas to diverse audiences, making him an influential and captivating speaker.

Speech Topics

Reducing Threat Landscape by Demonizing Adversaries

TOP 10 Threats predicted in 2023 may reduce the threat landscape and allow adversaries to map the risk profile. The session helps an organization minimize the threat landscape from overall risk exposure. Workshop participants can ask questions and engage with the host in GRIMM Discord here:

TeissTalk: How much will your next breach cost?

  • Which data do you need to estimate financial loss from a breach?
  • Which risks should CISOs prioritize in a cyber security assessment? - Demonstrating the impact of your cyber security spend on mitigating cyber risk This episode is hosted by Thom Langford.

GISEC Keynote: 2023 -Deception on Data Leakage Technology ?

  • Why Data Leakage Prevention?.
  • DLP Implementation Failures.
  • DLP Technical MindMap.
  • Automated self assessment of DLP.
  • Quick wins for successful DLP Program implementation.

SCCS Cybersecurity Keynote: Combating against threat actor and attack vector in ICT/OT Network


  • Key issues highlighting in ICS/OT.
  • Common threat vector in ICS network.
  • Defeating intruders against threat vector.

GITEX Keynote 2022: Cyber attacks & risk of bank Failures. RISING RISK OF CYBER ATTACKS

Presenting how cyber crime are driving greater frequency and severity of cyber incidents, including data breaches.

  • Indicating key reasons on how banks are at risk.
  • The threats that may posses to breach privacy, confidentiality of an individual.


  • Demonstration explain how intruder used to trap an individual privacy using advanced phishing techniques.
  • List of vulnerable countries by threat actors and their attack vectors.

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