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T. Scott Gross  

Customer Service & Teamwork Expert

T. Scott Gross is a master at removing mystery. His ability to communicate complex ideas simply comes from years of hands-on training in the hospitality industry.

When not speaking at conferences and conventions, Gross handles the day-to-day operations of one of the nation's most unique service training companies. Best known for his high-energy platform skills, his gentle humor keeps audiences laughing while they learn handfuls of practical ideas. Whether speaking to a corporation or national association, Gross is a storyteller extraordinaire, comfortable with audiences of any size. He is most at home with professionals who have high customer contact.

Gross has helped some of America's best-run organizations design video-based training programs, intended mostly for employees with direct customer contact. Gross has discovered how to be the low cost provider of quality video training and marketing programs.

Gross has turned his skills as a script writer and platform performer into 12 fun-to-read books, including the original management classic Positively Outrageous Service now in its second edition. He considers Positively Outrageous Service to be the first in what he calls a trilogy, encompassing Why Service Stinks…and Exactly What to Do About It and When Customers Talk…Turn What They Tell You into Sales. His personal favorite, Borrowed Dreams, reads more like a novel but is packed with management secrets while he was in search of how to manage high performance teams.

Gross' newest book, MicroBranding, is about his latest ideas on how to create a powerful, personal brand that will stand out. MicroBranding is perfect for organizations wanting to help individuals and teams focus their performance, single-unit operators who need to carve out a niche in competitive market, and anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. MicroBranding recognizes the fact that small personal or local brands sit on top of and often over-power brands considered to be global powerhouses. At the recent NSA Spring Workshop, MicroBranding was the top-selling tape. Gross is currently at work on another book entitled The Service Prescription, Healthcare the Way It Was Meant to Be. The book brings POS to healthcare with specifics on how it's already been done.

Not one to sit on the couch, Gross lives life to the fullest. A second term Councilman in Kerrville, Texas, Jacobs has instituted the first customer service metrics in local government. If he can get even government to recognize that responsive customer service means happier, satisfied constituents, he can kick-start companies who want their employees to be better.

Speech Topics

My Way, Right Away, Why Pay?

After an international corporation asked T. Scott Gross to predict the future of customer service for their clients, Gross found, hidden in the unemployment and foreclosures statistics, a fundamental change in the way the new consumer wants to be served and sold. The Great Recession was an event masking a trend—the vanguard of Generation I—as in ‘Invisible.’

The mantra of Gen I—My Way, Right Away, Why Pay?—is a barebones strategy for anyone who wants to attract and profit from today’s consumer. With extensive research and focus group input, T. Scott Gross will show how to efficiently and effectively sell ‘invisibly’ to today’s challenging consumers.

The Service Prescription (SRX)

What do you get when a dentist, a nurse, and a street medic co-author a book on patient care? You get step-by-step guidelines for building healthcare practices that deliver healthcare the way it was meant to be.

Based on original research by BIGresearch, the answers to tough, never-before-asked questions will prove our point that healthcare—with a big dose of Positively Outrageous Service—is just what the doctor ordered!

Rated G: Good for healthcare practitioners of any kind!

Undercover Customer

If you could work more than a dozen unusual, sometimes dangerous jobs to learn how to better manage high performance teams, would you do it? Well, T. Scott Gross did!

His personal, one-on-one research resulted in unexpected discoveries about leading high performance teams, ideas you haven’t heard before, such as ‘The Lost Power of the First Day’ and ‘Why We Continue to Hire People We Don’t Want for Jobs They Don’t Want.’ Gross has a baker’s dozen of eye-opening tactics businesses are overlooking. A master storyteller, Gross will share his adventures through compelling stories that will captivate your audience while they learn the true secrets of making work feel good again.

Any audience in need of inspiration while still wanting solid, take-home ideas needs this presentation!


Most organizations fail to recognize that the least trained and least invested of their employees do the heavy lifting of building their biggest asset—their brand. Gross defines a brand as an expectation and brand building is a simple matter of managing expectations. It’s simple, just not easy.

Once you master Gross’s simple steps to MicroBranding, you’ll be on your way to building a powerful personal or local brand to beat your competition!

Positively Outrageous Service

Start treating your service for what it is—a one-of-a-kind, in-the-moment transaction. T. Scott Gross shares personal examples of how he built his business when he created Positively Outrageous Service and used its principles on his customers.

Scott’s POS principles work because they are simple, practical, and fun! Audiences learn how to multiply their marketing efforts by creating POS experiences that build their brand… and benefit the bottom line.

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