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Tamar Geller  

Dog Trainer, New York Times Bestselling Author who developed "The Loved Dog" a revolutionary method of dog training

Tamar Geller is the founder of The Loved Dog method of dog training and bestselling author of a book by the same name. She is a renowned life coach for dogs and the people who love them. Known for her insight, enthusiasm and celebrity clients, Tamar rejects both the notion that a dog needs to be submissive as well as the usage of painful prong collars and choke chains that have been common tools of dog trainers for decades.

Tamar became interested in dogs as she watched their training while serving as an Intelligence Officer with the elite Israeli Army Special Forces. After finishing her service, she had the extraordinary opportunity to study wolves in their natural habitat, observing that they taught their young primarily through games. Concluding that a dog possesses aspects of both wolf and human toddler, Geller created her innovative and revolutionary approach to dog training-an approach that is light-years ahead of the typical dog trainer pack.

"Dogs are amazingly sensitive and intuitive creatures," Tamar says. If you use stress-free, game-based behavior training (such as what we use with children) to teach them to communicate with you, you can coach (train) them not only to do what you want, but also to anticipate what you want. This is a much more successful method than using fear and aggression to force a dog to obey your command or submit to your will."

Preferring the term "life coach" to "dog trainer," and "well-mannered" to "obedient," she provides insight to millions of dog enthusiasts nationwide as the resident dog expert on "The Today Show." Tamar has also appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" (while training Oprah's three Golden Retriever puppies), Animal Planet's "Who Gets the Dog," CNN"s Larry King, 20/20, Regis & Kelly, Fox News, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, E!, "Good Morning Britain," as well as in the pages of USA Today, NY Times magazine, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, US Weekly, GQ, Mens' Health, among others.

She is the go-to dog coach (trainer) for celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Ben Affleck, Hilary Swank, Natalie Portman, Larry King, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Nicollette Sheridan, Owen Wilson, Brad Paisley and Kim Williams, Mark Concuelos and Kelly Ripa, Ali Larter, Perry Reeves, Jenna Elfman, Goldie Hawn, Nicolas Cage, Rosanna Arquette, Issak Mizrahi, Whoopie Goldberg, Mariska Hargitay, Rosie O'Donnell and many others.

An active humanitarian and doggytarian, Tamar has an uncanny ability to give a voice to dogs and represent the people who love them. She created two outreach programs that help many shelter dogs as well as wounded members of the armed forces and juvenile prisoners. Tamar is also serving as an advisor for the Humane Society of the United States and Best Friends Animal Society.

Her extraordinary vision led her to open The Loved Dog, Southern California's first cage-free doggie daycare and boarding facility, in 1996, a concept that was ridiculed at the time, and now can be found at any major cities in the United States.

Tamar's bestseller book, "The Loved Dog: The Playful Nonaggressive Way to Teach Your Dog Good Behavior" (Simon and Schuster) was launched by her client and mentor Oprah Winfrey, and forwarded by the CEO of The Humane Society of The United States. She also has a DVD, "The Loved Dog Way of Training," both are based on her innovative and revolutionary approach to dog training - one that is light-years ahead of the typical dog training method. They are now available on line, in book stores and Petsmart.

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