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Tamsen Webster    

CEO of Find the Red Thread

As the “Idea Whisperer,” Tamsen helps people find, build, and tell the stories of their ideas using their Red Thread™, the universal (but unique!) tie between how we see the world and what we do in it.

Tamsen’s own Red Thread weaves through her 20 years as a brand and message strategist, though she says she learned the most about inspiring change as a Weight Watchers leader.

As a TEDx Executive Producer, Tamsen coached experts, iconoclasts, and pioneers from around the world to build their Red Threads into Ideas Worth Spreading—and more than 9 million YouTube views.

Today, she’s a globe-hopping keynote speaker on storytelling, branding, change management, and idea development, and a go-to consultant for enterprise companies like Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, and State Street Bank who want to their big ideas to have an even bigger impact.

Tamsen lives in Boston with her other half/chief ballroom dancing partner, and two amazing boys with big ideas all their own.

Speech Topics

Find the Red Thread: How leaders drive the change they want, not just the action they need

Leadership is all about creating action — in our customers, in our team, in the market. But what if you could go beyond creating action? What if you could create permanent change, too? What would drive that? Your culture? Your story? Your brand? Actually, it’s something visible in all three...as long as you know where to look.

Your audience leaves this keynote knowing:

  • What links how you see with what you do (and your brand, story, and culture as a result)
  • The two things people won’t change short-term...and the one they will
  • A simple method for using that short-term shift to create long-term change

Irresistible Ideas: How to build the secret weapon of master marketers

At the heart of marketing lies one seemingly elusive goal: how can we actually get people to love our stuff as much as we do? Thankfully, there’s a surprisingly simple answer, and it lies in how we come up with our products and services in the first place.

During this highly interactive keynote your audience learns:

  • The three most common mistakes we make when communicating our ideas and what to do instead
  • The fastest way to overcome people’s natural resistance to change and how to use it in any format
  • The simple formula for making ideas irresistible
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The Building Blocks of Brand: How to find what drives your differentiation

So much these days relies on being seen and standing out. But when you and your competitors compete for the customers in the same markets (with seemingly similar products and services), how do you set yourself apart? As it turns out, the answer hides in plain sight, in every decision your company makes. When you find it, you have all you need to drive true differentiation — and results.

  • In this session attendees learn:
  • Why and how current approaches to differentiation don’t work
  • Why it's decisions that drive differentiation — and which ones matter most
  • A simple tool to reveal the unique way your organization does what it does

Lessons from TEDx: How to tell the story of your ideas

TED talks have changed people’s expectations — not just about what makes for a great idea, but how to talk and write about one. And those expectations? They’re fast becoming what your managers, colleagues, staff, and customers, expect from your presentations, too. But there’s good news: the principles that make great TED talks great can make your communications great, too.

After this session, your audience will understand:

  • The three levels on which TED talks — and successful communications — succeed.
  • The universal questions every presentation must answer — and why most miss the mark.
  • How to use a simple tool to identify your answers to those universal questions and reveal the key concepts of your message.

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