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Innovative Technology Speaker, CEO and Founder of Emotiv, One of the Most Influential Women in Technology

Tan is a technology entrepreneur.  Tan is co-Founder of Emotiv Systems. Prior to joining Emotiv, Tan co-founded and ran a telecommunication software company, SASme. The company grew from humble beginnings to employing a team of 35 people with offices in Australia, Europe and Asia.  SASme was a pioneer in providing SMPP platforms to telecommunication carriers and content aggregators in Australia.

Tan was named Young Australian of the Year in 1998 and was voted one of Australia's 30 Most Successful Women Under 30 in that same year. Tan graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) at the age of 21 from Monash University and has worked with one of Australia's leading law firms, Freehills.

Tan was a Special Visitor to the United Kingdom as a guest of the British High Commission and Foreign Commonwealth Office, a Goodwill Ambassador for Australia in Asia and is a Patron of the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development Program. She has also been an Ambassador for the Status of Women since 2001. Tan has been appointed to a number of prominent Boards including Plan International Australia, Australian Citizenship Council, National Committee for Human Rights Education in Australia, RMIT Business in Entrepreneurship, the Centre for the Mind.

A much in-demand speaker, Tan's tenacity and spirit resonate when she discusses the future for young Australians in the new millennium.

Speech Topics

You Think, Therefore You Can

The Future is Closer than You Think

A Headset that Reads Your Brainwaves

Tan Le’s astonishing new computer interface reads its user’s brainwaves, making it possible to control virtual objects, and even physical electronics, with mere thoughts (and a little concentration). She demos the headset, and talks about its far-reaching applications.

My Immigration Story

In this captivating and inspirational keynote, Tan Le recalls her early childhood fleeing war torn Vietnam – boarding a tugboat in search of a new life, four-year-old Tan Le’s mother was clutching one precious possession: a vial of poison. In the highly possible circumstance of a pirate boarding the vessel, she would feed it to her two daughters and her mother, before taking it herself.

Against all odds, Tan Le and her family washed ashore Australia’s coast to begin a new life in a foreign country. She worked hard, and it became clear from an early age that she had immense potential. At just 16, after intense studying, she was accepted to college. Just a couple of years later she was named ‘Young Australian Of The Year.’

Le goes on to humbly discuss her accomplishments, and how she became a spokesperson, activist, and eventually moves to the US to become CEO of Emotiv- a leading neuroscience technology company that helps individuals all over the world with groundbreaking innovations.


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Tan Le is the co-founder and president of Emotiv Systems, a company that develops digital devices and media controlled by the user's brain, bypassing the mouse and keyboard.

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