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Marketing Leader & Award-Winning Entrepreneur, and Author of "Flex Your Communication"

Terra L. Fletcher is an author, consultant, and award-winning entrepreneur. She founded Fletcher Consulting and wrote "Flex Your Communication: 47 Tips for Every Day Success at Work" and "Flex the Freelance: An Unconventional Guide to Quit Your Day Job".

Fletcher has been a business builder since 2007 and today works as a Fractional CMO. Her strategies benefit individuals, nonprofits, and public and private companies. Fletcher has spoken to the International Spa Association, Smart Customer Service 2018, the National Association of Broadcasters, and Associated Bank.

Fletcher can write a letter that will make you cry, design social media graphics in under five minutes, confidently speak to a crowd, and spot typos from a mile away.

Speech Topics

Flex Your Communication: How to Overcome Generation Gaps in the Workplace

Most of us understand the importance and value of a diverse workforce. Yet seven in ten employers struggle to find the right mix of employees. Does your crew have a generation gap? Join Terra L. Fletcher, the author of Flex Your Communication: 47 Tips for Every Day Success at Work, as she explains how and why we communicate differently. By the end of this session, you’ll be able to identify commonalities and differences between generations and how they work. Attendees will discover the signposts and life laws that lead to generation-specific reactions and behaviors. Terra will answer if there is one best way to communicate at work. She’ll share practical ways to express our ideas and feelings in various settings. Everyone will leave this session ready to build more productive work relationships as they understand how each generation works.

Flex Your Recruiting: How to Attract Talent and Improve Your Employer Brand

As HR pros, we love where we work and want to attract the best people to join our team. Yet, seven in ten employers struggle to find workers with the right technical skills and human capabilities. Couple that with the silver tsunami of older workers retiring and high turnover rates, and you have the perfect storm of talent issues. Do you struggle to recruit and retain the right talent? You’re certainly not alone.

In this session, we’ll consider the core strategies of talent attraction: employer branding, recruitment marketing, and organizational culture. Then, we’ll discuss how generational differences, economic conditions, and competition impact talent acquisition. We’ll show you how to find and attract people with interpersonal skills like leadership, empathy, adaptability, and advanced cognitive skills like critical thinking, project management, and decision-making. You’ll leave this session with a fresh talent attraction plan.

M&A during M&A (Marketing and Advertising during Mergers and Acquisitions)

Communicating through a transition is crucial; you need to tell employees, vendors, customers, and the community that a company is changing hands. You must answer "What’s next"?, allay fears, and create relationships. How do you minimize employee anxiety, convey the new vision for the future, and build enthusiasm for the path ahead for all stakeholders?

In this session, you’ll learn to control the narrative using a structured communication plan. Fractional CMO, Terra L. Fletcher has guided several companies through ownership changes and complete rebrands. She’ll show how to communicate authentically and transparently without giving away too much or making anyone unsure of the company’s future. Together we’ll review the best ways to respond to FAQs about M&As and follow a logical communication timeline. From internal memos to press releases, you’ll learn how to communicate every step of the transition. You’ll get to share the strategy and vision the right way, laying the foundation for long-term success.

7 Important Workplace Communication Trends for 2024

Communication is dynamic and systemic. The way we work and communicate is ever-changing. Generational differences, economic conditions, and talent competition impact how we express our ideas and feelings in various professional settings. In this up-to-the-moment session, we’ll discuss the best tips for communicating through change and applying our communication tools in hybrid or virtual environments. We’ll cover the types of communication, hone our listening skills, and learn how to give and take feedback.

We’ll practice nonverbals and check how others perceive our communication style. We’ll practice conflict and accountability skills and learn to collaborate and empower. Attendees can use these real-life practical techniques to respond to difficult workplace situations. Participants will leave this session ready to build more productive business relationships.

24 Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategies for 2024

Sure, you’ve been in business for generations, but are you the first gen social media user? Do you know what’s next in marketing online? In this session, a Fractional CMO Terra L. Fletcher will show you what’s new and next in the ever-changing social media and digital marketing world. She’ll present case studies from real companies. You’ll get to analyze your strategy, implement new techniques, build your business, and even recruit more talent by implementing Terra’s tips. Discover tools that make it easy to create content that meets your objectives in less time.

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