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Terri Norvell is a noted expert and consultant on Leadership and Performance. Thousands of people have dramatically increased their business results through Terri’s practical and inspirational bottom-line impacting methodologies. Through keynote speaki


Practical Solutions to Your Greatest Leadership & Management Challenges!


Leading a team to greater results can be extremely challenging for everyone at this economic time. So this professional development and responsibility program provides tools to assist leaders and managers with:  

*Managing through change

*Creating buy-in for results

*Establishing shared visions

*Determining breakthrough profitability strategies

*Resolving conflict between people and teamsThere are perspective shifting experiences and much participation built in throughout the program. Here's an overview of the flow.


  1. Premise:   The solutions to all your challenges lay within YOU.  We’ll tie into your company core Values as a foundation.  And then delve into a discussion of their perceived leadership and management challenges...so that solutions can be created & found in this program.


  1. Model of Forward Focus:   They’ll learn that goals & results are achieved by moving forward and ‘what you can do’ vs looking backwards and staying stuck in what didn't happen. We’ll delve into what it takes to be proactive thinkers vs. reactive thinkers.


  1. Proactive Questions:

 Reinforcing that leaders don’t have to know all the answers, but do need to ask the right questions.  We’ll explore and practice the use of powerful leadership questions in obtaining desired results throughout their team.  


  1. 5-Step Framework:   We’ll use this successful framework to reinforce individual accountability for themselves and with their team members in achieving their profit plan/budget goals.


    a. What's already working? What success do we have?:   It's proactive to build on success and we’ll be building positive momentum that they can take back to the property teams!


    b. What makes this work?  What caused our success?:   We will be looking for best practices that they can share in moving forward.  


    c. What are we trying to accomplish?:  We’ll be clarifying goals and objectives that align with their profit plans/budgets. 


    d. What are the benefits of accomplishing goals & objectives?:   We'll explore the     powerful WIIFM reality for each stakeholder group that propels action!


     e. What can I/we do more, better or differently?:  

We'll take a look at what they individually and as a team can do to raise the bar on performance.  The foundation ideas for an action plan will be established.


5.  Breakthrough Experience:   They will have a grand finale, very empowering board breaking experience.  Each person will have the opportunity to physically & symbolically breakthrough whatever they perceive as holding them back from more effective performance and leadership. This experience provides powerful proof that they can truly achieve whatever they focus on! 


  1. Commitment Contract:   They will commit to start doing something, stop doing something and have a Big Ask regarding a need or some assistance that is desired. Each will sign a Commitment Contract to take action within 24 hours.


This is a VERY full agenda packed with participation and learning fun!  I will flow with the group to make sure that their needs and concerns are met so that each leaves with tools to assist them individually.  There will also be homework as follow-up to the session. 


I’m thrilled to offer your team members this whole-brain learning with a focus on forward action to achieve results!



SESSION LENGTH: This program can be expanded or abbreviated depending upon our discussions of the needs of your managers.  The timing can range from 5-6 hours for an advanced program or 10-12 hours for a comprehensive focus.  Due to the experiential and participatory structure, I allow the flow and expressed needs of the group to determine the pacing (as much as possible).


SUPPLIES: We will need one wooden board per participant along with flip chart paper and markers to record the interaction conversations.


OUTCOME: The managers will be set-up for success with new tools and a fresh attitude toward taking action and achieving results…personally, professionally and with their teams. They will leave the session inspired and motivated! You will gain an immense understanding of your manager’s thought processes and their level of commitment to success.




Co-author with Canfield and Blanchard of the book ‘Masters of Success’, Terri Norvell is a noted expert and consultant on Leadership and Performance. Thousands of people have dramatically increased their business results through Terri’s practical and inspirational bottom-line impacting methodologies.  Using her background as VP of a $1.2b property management & development company, and over 20 years of performance research, Terri gives proof that greater results are possible.  Through keynote speaking, corporate workshops and professional coaching, she assists teams in increasing effectiveness and results.  Founder of the Further Performance Group, reach Terri at 303-439-0077 or[[email protected]]().


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