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Digital Disruptor, Author & Venture Capitalist

Best known for founding Travelocity.com and serving as founding Chairman of Kayak.com, Terry Jones has become a powerful voice in the world of entrepreneurship through his numerous speaking engagements and the publication of his book, ON Innovation. His career path has established him as a thought leader on innovation in our increasingly digital world. A graduate of Denison University in Granville, Ohio, Jones, began his career as a travel agent, spent 24 years at American Airlines in marketing and information technology, capping his career as Chief Information Officer of its SABRE division. While at SABRE he led a team of six working on a project that became Travelocity.com.

Jones served as CEO of Travelocity for seven years transforming it to a public company with three billion dollars in travel sales. He left Travelocity when the company was taken private and became part of the founding team at Kayak.com, a company that yet again revolutionized how travel was purchased. He served as Chairman of the company from its founding until it was sold to Priceline for $1.8 billion dollars in 2013.

Today he is the managing principal of ON Inc, a consultancy he founded to help companies in their transition to the digital economy. He has served on over 13 boards and currently serves on the boards of Boingo, Sonicwall and Camping and Education Foundation.

He is a venture capitalist with General Catalyst and Sierra Angels, is the author of the best selling book, ON Innovation, and the holder of several patents.

Speech Topics

Building Digital Relationships with your Customer

Disruption post covid

Disruption - the 10 Technological Disruptions Coming for Your Company and What You Can Do About It

Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur?

Online research will soon influence over $1 trillion in offline sales, yet many companies are still optimized to deal with customers only over the phone or in the store.

Terry will show your audience the importance of adding digital relationships to your company's strategies. At companies such as Travelocity, Kayak.com, La Quinta Hotels and Earthlink, Terry has been involved in creating, leading and implementing CRM strategies that leverage the digital world.

Leadership In A Wired World

It's a new world out there...A world where 'the office' is anywhere and communication is constant; where the pace of change is staggering and the 'wired generation' is entering the work force. In this new world, how do you lead? The basic principles of good leadership haven't changed in hundreds of years; but, in this new world, how we APPLY them MUST change. Today's new worker has been raised in the digital age, has been multi-tasking since the age of 3 and has been online for most of their life. How can companies most effectively communicate with, lead, and leverage this very different employee base?

Terry Jones has led both large corporations and small startup companies. As a CEO, a board member, and a consultant, his innovative leadership style has helped reshape the travel industry. In this program, he offers concise and actionable insights into how leadership is changing in this new technology-driven world.

The Business of Innovation

Growth. Every company has to have it. But in today's hyper competitive environment and difficult economy how do you get it? Terry Jones, master of innovation took a team of 10 and built a multi-billion dollar enterprise based on an innovative idea that most of his colleagues thought would fail. Terry created a culture of innovation where new ideas were celebrated, mistakes became fast learning loops, and employees learned that anyone can innovate.

Terry will take your audience through the steps to nurture new ideas and the organizational structures, funding policies, and team members required for success. Many speakers talk about the future, Terry gives audiences step by step plans to create it.

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Building Digital Relationships

How will your customer contact you today? In the store, via the phone, on your web site, read a tweet, friend you on Facebook? There is no way to know. Building Digital Relationships gives your audience the keys to unlock the mystery of how to connect with customers online. While face to face isn’t going away, businesses that don’t have an effective online relationship strategy are being left behind.Terry can educate your audience in all phases of the digital conversation from search to social media, using real world examples drawn from his long experience in the on-line world.

You can't just demand people's money! You have to carefully build a relationship with a prospect to turn them into a customer and then a long term customer. Terry's keynote takes audiences through the stages of digital relationships so they can redesign their customer processes for the digital age.

*Social Media *

Is key to building digital relationships. Terry will explain

  • Now that I have 5,000 friends, what do i do with them?
  • What are companies working on in Social and what should they be working on?
  • How to compare social and mobile commerce
  • How the social feedback loop improves produce consideration
  • How social has made very sales channel a service channel
  • How twitter will change your customer service rules
  • How twitter and facebook can revolutionize your product research
  • How you should organize for social media
  • Why you should do the "DUH" stuff first!

Stages of digital relationships

  • Attraction - Search, Facebook, Twitter are today what Network TV advertising used to be.
  • Terry explains how to be 'found' via these new media, and how to think like a customer to be an expert in search.
  • Curiosity - Giving people what they can't get in the physical world will make them curious to see your site. Travelocity invented seat maps and farewatcher emails which created tremendous buzz and visits.
  • Exploration - Make it easy for customers to explore your site. Keep it simple. Look at Kayak vs Travelocity!
  • Learning - People come to the web first to learn. Make it easy for them, give them bite sized peices of product information, just in time. Show them comparisons, photos and simple videos.
  • Trust - Building trust is key in the digital age. Big brands are great, but customers today trust people they haven't met on the web more than they trust a brand. Get reviewed! Put up testimonials. Get your Facebook friends to talk about your company.
  • Return - Once they are a customer now you can get them to return. Email is stil the most effective means. Terry gives great examples of how to craft your email campaigns.
  • Deepen - Make your product part of the customer's process. HP has done that with automatic ink reording when your printer runs out. Amazon has subscription diapers. Southwest airlines has 'DING"
  • Rekindle - Your database should tell you when your customer hasn't shown up for a while. Reach out to them via email and the phone and bring them back, it is so much cheaper than finding another customer.

Terry will also cover:

  • How to listen to the customer in a new way
  • How to experiment and fail fast
  • How to organize for success in a multi channel world
  • How to do more with less

The Business of Innovation

The business of innovation explains real world innovation. This is not an academic exercise but a keynote filled with real world examples drawn from Terry's long experience with innovation in companies large and small.

Terry will cover:

  • Where the best ideas originate in a company.
  • How to create a culture of innovation.
  • How to experiment and be ok with failure.
  • How to kill a project not a person.
  • How to fail fast and adapt.
  • How to play to your strengths.
  • How to build a 21st century team.
  • What are two pizza teams?
  • How to listen in a new way.
  • How to do more with less.
  • How to look beyond what is immediatly apparent.
  • Why there is more than one right answer.
  • How to review ideas effectively.
  • Can you go with your gut?

If the audience is composed of a large company (or companies) Terry will add his section on "Innovation in a large corporation". Drawn from his experience in building Travelocity.com inside American Airlines, Terry will cover:

  • Building a separate organization to keep the idea alive.
  • Providing effective air cover for a new idea.
  • Building the right team and mixing internal and external staff.
  • "Thinking outside the building" is moving out the right idea?
  • Funding to keep the vultures away.
  • If you can't have Venture Capitalists, how do you use their ideas?
  • "The spirit of small, the power of all"

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