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Texts From Last Night  

Lauren Leto and Ben Bator, Co-Founders, Texts From Last Night

Ever since the first text message was delivered, we've laughed and cried privately and among friends over the mishaps and misfires created by pressing the "send" button a little too liberally.

Enter Texts From Last Night (TFLN), a website founded in 2009 by Lauren Leto and Ben Bator, two college friends who wanted to share the exploits of their friends a bit more publicly. They decided to open the site to anyone with a text to share and quickly redefined the art of the late night text.

Currently getting 3-5 million hits a day, TFLN has been called a "living document of twentysomething life". It shares private conversations between friends, family, lovers, potential lovers and enemies via 30-40 posts of the day's best submissions, identified only by area code. With the messages posted "as is" complete with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, TFLN provides a unique glimpse into the lives of a gadget-obsessed nation.

The texts show how we interact with each other, the cause and effect of last night's party and the real-time weighing of these actions. Its popularity has grown into a book, Texts From Last Night: All the Texts No One Remembers Sending, mobile applications for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android platforms and a television show is currently in production.

From our lexicon to our decision making, TFLN has altered the way we text and communicate with one another-especially when it's last call and you can't bring your drink home with you.


LAUREN LETO In addition to co-founding the website Texts From Last Night (TFLN), Lauren Leto co-authored (with Ben Bator) the book Texts From Last Night: All the Texts No One Remembers Sending. She also wrote Judging a Book By Its Lover, her first solo project, and is creating another start up, Bnter (pronounced "Banter") which will center around how people communicate, will include user profiles, and social components.

BEN BATOR Ben deferred a scholarship to law school to start Texts From Last Night after perfecting his texting skills at Michigan State University. He admits that he is no stranger to: breaking up via text message, having "phantom vibrations" in the absence of his phone, typing on computer keyboards with his thumbs and waking up in a bathtub on a holiday. He co-founded the website Texts From Last Night (TFLN) and co-authored (with Lauren Leto) the book of the same name. He is currently involved in the production of the television series based on Texts From Last Night.


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From Blog To Book (And Beyond)

Even Lauren Leto and Ben Bator were surprised when their website reached 5 million hits a day, but clearly they had struck a chord with a huge (and growing) fan base. In their lively, funny and interactive presentation, Lauren and Ben discuss the phenomenon that is Texts From Last Night and are happy to field any and all questions, guaranteeing a time that stays in the audience’s memories a lot longer than the evenings their followers typically text about!


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