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Thorsten J. Pattberg    

German Writer, Scholar, and Cultural Critic

Thorsten J. Pattberg is a German writer, scholar, and cultural critic. He received his PhD in Comparative Studies and World Literature from Peking University. Dr. Pattberg is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo; and a former Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies, Peking University. He has published four monographs.

His articles have been published in Asia Times, Global Times, China Daily, China Today, Shanghai Daily, Korea Herald, The Korea Times, Taipei Times, South China Morning Post, Southern Weekly, Japan Times, People’s Daily, Global Research, Asia Pacific World, Diplomacy Post, Corbett Report, Big Think, RT Russia, and the German Times (Die Zeit); he has given public talks at leading universities in eight countries, and is a member of several academic associations such as the International Association of Comparative Mythology (IACM), the International Association for Comparative Study of China and The West (IACSCW), and the German East Asiatic Society (OAG),

He is an alumnus of Edinburgh University, Fudan University, Harvard University, Tokyo University, and Peking University.

Speech Topics

The Future of Global Language and the Rise of Chinese Terminologies

The Coming of Post-Translational Society and The Rise of Chinese Terminologies

Shengren - A New Un-European Archetype of Wisdom

European Confucianism

Chinese Universities Vs Western Universities: The Current State of China's Higher Education

West wants to know what China dreams (Zhongguo Meng)

Future will bring more Chinese words and concepts

On Hanban and the Confucius Institute Headquarters

Zero Translation: Chinese Names, Companies, and Brands

Academia, Language, and Imperialism in China

Die Weisen und die Weisheit

On Sages and Sageness

Holy Confucius!

No Country for Sages

Cultures compete for terminologies

The Intellectual Property Rights of Culture

Dialogue among Civilizations, Not a Western Monologue

The Problem of Western Asia Studies

Comparing East and West: Lofty Pragmatism, Confucian Love for Learning, and a New Humanism

What is 'Translation History'? A new discipline in Cultural Studies Explained

Gold, Reformen: Wird China den Dollar vom Thron stossen?

On German Basic Music Education


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