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Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Successful Businessman, Oil & Gas Expert, Actor, Author & Survivor

Tiki Davis is a father, child of God, award-winning entrepreneur, successful businessman, oil and gas expert, actor, author, visionary, but most importantly, a survivor with a captivating story to share. Tiki’s story matters because it traces triumph over tragedy, achievement despite overwhelming odds, and more importantly than the rags-to-riches reality he has attained, the ongoing example he strives to establish: living life freely and successfully in a spiritual partnership with his creator.

Tiki grew up in Odessa, a dusty West Texas city between El Paso and Dallas, best known for oil and high school football. “Friday Night Lights,” a best-selling book about Odessa Permian High School football, also became a blockbuster movie and the source of a TV series, but these facts serve as mere background noise in the midst of challenging circumstances in Tiki’s life.

Tiki, like many of us, has faced numerous obstacles that could have derailed and destroyed him. These conditions threatened a repeat the cycle of behavior that could have turned Tiki Davis into just another statistic. God promises that no weapon formed against a believer shall prosper, but Satan continues to wield those weapons in the never-ending clash of good versus evil. From almost losing his life at 9 to a madman brandishing a screwdriver, to being shuttled around to group homes after his mother went to prison, all the way to incarceration due to false accusation at age 17, these weapons were employed.

Through his own determination and support of people who recognized his potential, Tiki realized a goal of playing collegiate football that would serve as a stepping stone to greater achievements. He earned both his Bachelor’s degree in communications (2003) and Master’s degree (2005) from Sul Ross State University. In the midst of his studies, Tiki also gained attention on the big screen. He was hired for a non-speaking role in the movie version of “Friday Night Lights” during filming in Odessa. Later, an impromptu audition gained him a speaking role and appropriate credits. While on set rehearsing his role as a captain of the Dallas Carter football team in the Texas state championship game, he met Julius Tennon, who would become a close friend and mentor.

After dabbling in the acting scene for a few years, Tiki saw possibilities waiting for him the in expanding Permian Basin oilfields. When he was terminated by the company he worked as part of downsizing, Tiki turned an obstacle into an opportunity. He used his on-the-job experience to become an independent consultant, forming his own company, TDC Frac Solutions and Equipment Inc. He worked and formed relationships with wildcatter-businessman Clayton Williams, Jr and numerous other oil companies throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and New Mexico, establishing a solid reputation for honesty and efficiency in the industry. In short order, Tiki became an innovator, as the services he was providing never existed before he found his niche saving the oil companies millions of dollars over time.

Mr. Davis was the only quality control engineer used by Clayton Williams’ company, CWI, which in itself would be a remarkable accomplishment for anyone, let alone an African American from the Odessa “flats.” For a seven-year period, from 2009-2016, Tiki was responsible for all of quality control activity in Permian Basin for CWI. To put that into context, CWI would sell in 2017 for a then-record $2.7 billion.

Through his success during this massive growth period, Tiki was now able to look into other endeavors. Seeking to do more in his community and expand his interests beyond oil and gas, Tiki entered the real estate business. Growing up without the proverbial pot or window, he understood the importance of home ownership and sought to build affordable dwellings in his neighborhood in the midst of a housing shortage. At the same time Tiki purchased Sam’s BBQ, a traditionally black-owned establishment, expanded the restaurant’s catering business and turned it into one of the most successful oilfield catering companies in the area. Accomplishing all of this earned him multiple business/entrepreneur of the year awards and the freedom to live life on his own terms.


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