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"Mr. Future of Work"; Co-Founder & CEO of Guide; Former Chief Evangelist at WeWork

Tim Salau, who has been dubbed "Mr. Future of Work," is the co-founder and CEO of Guide, which helps remote teams and knowledge workers learn the skills they need to succeed in their careers.

In addition to his work with Guide, Salau is an author, artist, keynote speaker, tech influencer, and globally recognized authority on the future of work. Salau helps C-suite executives and HR teams understand how to personalize employee experiences and adapt to shifting workplace norms in order to help their employees do their best work.

Salau has previously worked at Microsoft as an AI Product Manager and Design Program Manager, at WeWork as their Chief Evangelist, and at LinkedIn as a Campus Editor. He also interned as a UX designer at Google.

Salau has given keynote speeches, spoken on panels, and facilitated workshops at venues for SXSW, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Texas at Austin, and Microsoft, among others.

Salau holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Texas Tech University. He earned a master's of science degree in information science from the University of Texas at Austin, and today own's his own practice working with fortune 500 organizations, executives, and product teams.

Salau is available to speak on topics such as "Building the Workplace of the Future", "The 7 Habits of Zen Leadership", and "How to Thrive in the Future of Work". In addition to performing family-friendly and suitable for work singles from his burgeoning musical catalogue."

Speech Topics

Crafting the Workplace of the Future

The Future of Work is here and it's changing faster than most orgs can adapt or fathom, even for big tech. With the rapidly shifting technological landscape, every student, organization, and professional must find a way to adapt in a dynamic future where change will remain the only constant. A future in which technology, in fusion with human intellect, ingenuity, and potential becomes exponential and beyond. Most discussions about the Future of Work only discuss the role of AI and Automation. The power of human potential is often an afterthought or joke. It's time we discuss how we craft new working structures, conditions, and standards to effectively support and scale both within your organization and beyond.

Attendee Results:

  • Learn the key factors driving the Workplace of the Future
  • Learn essential skills needed to thrive in a dynamic future
  • Understand what talent and employees care about most in the workplace
  • Explore technology trends are redefining the relationship between talent, the employee, and the organization
  • Understand talent, employees, and organizations can remain adaptive in a dynamic future.

The 7 Habits of Zen Leadership

Your organization doesn't need more command and control. The leadership skills and habits necessary to lead a distributed workforce in a dynamic future are human skills, not technical skills. Leaders that want to build trust, inspire action, and nurture innovation must act as coaches and mentors, not dictators. Leaders are no longer leading in the Milton Friedman era, they are leading in an era of constant change. Being able to build community, show compassion, and nurture trust within your team and organization are the habits and skills of the future leader. The Future Leader is Dynamic. In order to be a dynamic leader, you must adopt the mindset of constant change and the willingness to lead with authenticity, not only a position title. In this talk, Tim Salau, Mr. Future of Work will share the 7 core habits of zen leaders and why you need to adopt them if you want to create a culture of innovation within your organization!

Attendee Results:

  • Gain the Skills & Mindset of Zen Leadership
  • Learn how leaders must embrace change
  • Learn how leaders create a culture of innovation
  • Understand why team intelligence (TQ) is more essential than individual intelligence (IQ)
  • Grasp how to manage a multi-generational workforce

Unleashing the Future of Education

In the last 50 years, traditional education hasn’t shifted to embrace new technologies or learning behaviors of the digital era. As corporations are now adapting their workforce for the future of work, educators are still exploring the best ways to prepare students with the skill-set to thrive in an ambiguous future. In this engaging talk, Tim will explore how the future of education and work will converge, why teachers will play a crucial role in the future of education, and why equipping students with a creator mindset is crucial to positioning them to thrive in a dynamic future.

Attendee Results:

  • Learn the most crucial skills for the modern student
  • Understand how adaptive education technologies, like Guide, are changing the future of education
  • Realize the importance of sponsorship for Young Students
  • Realize how teachers can develop future-ready students
  • Understand why life skills are fundamental to career success and professional development
  • How schools can bridge the gap between the future of work and the future of education

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