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Todd J. Duckett    

Former Running Back in the National Football League, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker & Transformation Coach

Todd Jeffrey (“T.J.”) Duckett, CEO of Duckett Enterprises, Founder of New World Flood, Co- Owner of Duckett Brothers Facilities Management and Co-Founder of The Black Success Network & Career Training Camp, from Kalamazoo, MI. is a former American football running back in the National Football League. He was a First Round draft pick by the Atlanta Falcons and also played for the Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, and Seattle Seahawks. He played college football at Michigan State University, where he studied Communications.

Today, simply known as Todd or The Reignmaker, he has transformed into a loving husband , a dedicated Father of five amazing children, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker and transformation coach. Todd is building a living legacy that will continue to provide opportunities for education and volunteerism for children and adults. In 2011, Duckett Enterprises was born with the mission to build businesses that would have a true and positive impact on the community, focused on “giving back.” In addition to establishing New World Flood and The Black Success Network in 2011, other organizations founded by Todd include The Printing King and District Eleven.

As a dynamic speaker, Todd presents to thousands of teens and adults each year about defining their identity vs role and how to transform through a transition.

Speech Topics

Reconnect, Rewire & Rewrite Your Life

Who am I? And why did I wake up today? That was a question I would ask myself 12 years ago and I didn’t have a real true answer. I didn’t have much direction in my life either. I was lost in a transition. That was 12 years ago. As a kid from Kalamazoo Michigan, I achieved my dream of becoming an NFL Star then had to start all over creating a new identity, a new role and a new passion for life. I will share my story along with some thoughts, tools and processes that I used to reignite my purpose. Starting with the importance of reconnecting to your true self, your roots. Then work up to how we are programmed and what we need to do to rewire our systems, thoughts and actions. Finally, rewriting our future; being who we want to become and living it out loud with strength, courage and a calm knowing. We have all been through a lot of transitions in these last few years, so now it's time to remember why we are here and reignite our purpose with hope and passion.

Learning Objectives

  • Inspiration to overcome adversity
  • Tools to transform through transitions
  • Questions to reconnect with your true self.
  • Methods to create rules & consistency to govern your life.

Volunteer On Purpose

What does it mean to VOLUNTEER? What does it mean to give back? I have learned that helping our community grow and thrive involves us getting out and getting our hands dirt. Getting active with people and places in your community. Give of our time, talents and treasures to make our world a better place.

Learning Objectives

  • Know the meaning of Giving & Serving.
  • Ways to get involved in the community.
  • Why Acts of Kindness are important?
  • Being able to see we are all one.

Student-Athlete & Beyond

Being a student-athlete gave me the tools and skills to be a success later in life. I learned how to overcome many forms of adversity while having success in both arenas. Understanding time management and how to be focused working hard on a task but still being able to be a kid, have fun and enjoy the process. I was the #1 High School recruit in the COUNTRY!! Let me share with you how I did it.

Learning Objectives

  • School is the number one focus.
  • How to balance a busy schedule.
  • Figure out who to spend your time with.
  • Committing to excellence on and off the field.

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